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SUGGESTION: Publish a HubPages e-magazine

  1. Living Well Now profile image74
    Living Well Nowposted 5 years ago

    Why not publish a HubPages e-magazine? It wouldn't have to be as slick as the new Huffington.

    http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/huffingt … 1550?mt=8/

    Sell ad space and split the revenue with Hubbers whose work is used.

    Offer it as a free, downloadable PDF similar to what Full Circle Magazine does.

    http://fullcirclemagazine.org/2012/05/2 … 1-out-now/

    Full Circle uses free, open source software to produce their publication. The Web site and publication have come a long way since their first issue. It's slick and accepts advertising. I'm not suggesting you use open source software to publish, I'm just pointing out what's been done. You could use standard publishing tools and software and have interactivity built into each issue like Huffington does. This would bring visitors to the HP Web site, which is what you want.

    HubPages could offer different types of e-magazines from cooking and recipes to fiction and photography or single e-magazine. Combine HubPage authors writing and Hubpage photography and graphics. Sell advertising space and split the revenue with Hubpage authors whose works were featured. Have the download available for iTunes like the HP podcast and make a lite version for Google Currents. That would help HP address revenue in the mobile space ;-)

  2. jacharless profile image81
    jacharlessposted 5 years ago

    Great Idea and possibly unite/partner with Flipboard, which is a brilliant Magazine App. Okay, okay, so I am shamelessly promoting a friends VC portfolio company here, but the app is just outstanding! And works on both android and apple platforms for mobile and tablet.


  3. BWD316 profile image85
    BWD316posted 5 years ago

    Awesome idea! I really like the idea of branching out to emagazines, apps and a mobile audience.  Maybe they could do a weekly issue with a variety of hub articles showing others what hubpages has to offer.  I know I would download it, especially if it were free!  It would be so much fun to read hub articles in a digital format other then the Internet.  It's a great way to expand hubpages while also encouraging better work and exposing Hubbers' work to a larger audience!

  4. MickiS profile image84
    MickiSposted 5 years ago

    Ok, I appreciate the suggestion. But, may I ask a dumb question? Whatever effort we put in to promoting an e-zine, why wouldn't we just keep putting that behind HubPages.com?

    We do already optimize the site for Mobile display.

    James, I know the folks at Flipboard well. The founder is a colleague of mine from Netscape. Small world. ;-)

    1. Living Well Now profile image74
      Living Well Nowposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Your question is hardly dumb...I appreciate your reply.

      Let me ask a dumb question or two. Wouldn't promoting an e-zine be the same as putting an effort behind HubPages.com? Wouldn't it be an extension and promotion of the HubPages brand?

      As BWD316 pointed out, it would be a different digital format showcasing Hubber's work in a spiffy, magazine-like layout that's difficult to do with a traditional Web page. And you could still read it offline.

      1. BWD316 profile image85
        BWD316posted 5 years agoin reply to this

        An e-magazine would also encourage more deep reading I stead of informational snacking that occurs on the Internet everyday.  A e-magazine would contain the articles allowing readers to read like they would a book or magazine.  This would be great for longer, more in depth articles.  I also think this format would reach a new audience, especially if offered on various e-readers like amazon kindle, the iPad and the Nook.  Some people would enjoy reading a magazine style format then the constant hyper linking of the Internet.

        1. Living Well Now profile image74
          Living Well Nowposted 5 years agoin reply to this

          If the RSS feeds were open, you could syndicate your content with Amazon and read it on the Kindle. Web page and blog feed subscription rates are $0.99/mo.

          How HubPages would generate revenue from something less dynamic than a Web page or Web site is the $64K question.

    2. jacharless profile image81
      jacharlessposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Yes, indeed-e smile
      Thanks Micki!

  5. prairieprincess profile image96
    prairieprincessposted 5 years ago

    This magazine is what Squidoo does and it seems like  a very attractive product.