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How to apply intuition into your Squidoo Lensmaking

Updated on September 13, 2014

Note from the author: This hub migrated from my Squidoo account is dedicated to the memory of my Squidoo Lensmaking.RIP.

My relationship with Squidoo has come to the higher state of devotion;Totally devoted to a prominent network means a lot of fun,suspense,anxiety ( how-to and what-to write...), and new inspirational journeys.

It's been stated that Squidoo Lensmastery is an easy game.

Maybe it is.

Only for inspired players,I admit.

Like all games someone has to become a good student before he becomes teacher.

My favorite Greek poet Constantine Kavafy in his poem Ithaca says that "What counts is the journey,not the destination".

I believe that's totally true as we come to know how to evolve on this life .

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Like all lenses of mine this one is constantly being updated.

So please bookmark it.

Thank you!

Your Wish Is Your Command, NEW, by Kevin Trudeau, Set of 14 CD's
Your Wish Is Your Command, NEW, by Kevin Trudeau, Set of 14 CD's

14 CD from the Global Information Network telling you how you can have, be or do anything - Using the Law of Attraction.

Note from the author of this hub:I have already listened to all cd over 6 times and still discover new principles applied in everyday life and my creative efforts.


Practice Intuition in everyday life (and beyond)

or simply "Look within"

My very first steps on the miraculous world of writing process began on 2003, when I got the Greek edition of a wonderful book entitled "Practical Intuition" by Laura Day.

The book itself underlines the fact that everybody is inherited by this G-d given gift.

Truthfully everybody has the ability to know without learning,but only a few people have eventually developed this magnificent gift.

Intuition is the way to "know out of learning".

It's the hidden knowledge that everybody acquires.

Trusting Intuition means trusting your feelings and inner voices.

Truly this is something I personally practice everyday.

A pick of my intuitive work is exposed on the introduction of my Squidoo dilemmas lens as well as my entire spiritual work posted on this network.

The appliance of Intuition on our Squidoo lensography is definately a powerful attitude to create the most effective and attractive artwork in a quite easy way.

Pratical Intuition - by Laura Day

This book is a practical guide to coincide with our Inner Force, to re-align with our Inner Light and understand our spiritual potential that supports every single particle of our existence.

The various exercises help a reader envision and comprehend aspects of a hidden self or even meet with his Higher Self.

Practical Intuition: How to Harness the Power of Your Instinct and Make It Work for You
Practical Intuition: How to Harness the Power of Your Instinct and Make It Work for You

Gut feeling. Sixth sense. Hunch. No matter what it's called, intuition plays a part in the decisions we make every day. In seminars around the world, Laura Day has taught business people, financial analysts, celebrities, homemakers, doctors, lawyers, and other professionals how to consciously tap this hidden ability. Now, through a step-by-step program, first-person accounts, and real-life examples, Day shows you how to unlock the remarkable power of your mind.

Practical Intuition will help you:

follow your hunches and control your enthusiasms

make better investment and business decisions

"read" other people more accurately

make more informed decisions about your health

know whether a partner is right for you

understand what you really want to do with the rest of your life

and much more


The Origin of the Milky Way by Tintoretto

The Origin of the Milky Way by Tintoretto
The Origin of the Milky Way by Tintoretto

Squidoo Love enhancement

*The potential of the Guestbook module

Like all great Social Networks, Squidoo helps lensmasters interconnect and exchange their ideas using the several apps, including the Guestbook module.

Interconnection and commenting is a really encouraging way to expand our interest and offer our love and care for the great work lensmasters have to make when creating their lenses.

My advice is that you should put some Love Energy on your commenting ,when visiting a guestbook or when you are creating your own lens.

Include this Love energy on the reviews upon your own guestbook .

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