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Making Money on the Internet

Updated on January 23, 2009

Server Crash Cash

We have all seen the websites with claims of unlimited income on the internet.I know that I dont have to go into all the different types of programs that claim they have the tools, knowlege and support to drag you into a lucritive internet profession. Many of us have watched these companies come and go, when they talked about the dot com bubble bursting they never thought it was just a reflection of things to come.

Money can be made on the internet if you are willing to put in the work yourself. I have spent years studing internet marketing, but my best discoveries have all happened mostly by accident.

Several years ago I created a small adsense network that paid for all of my internet expenses. This seemed like a good start but of course I wanted to eat also. I started to write a few e-books that I felt people would be interested in.

This added a little to the bank account but was pretty much an unreliable way to pay the bills. My marketing efforts were pretty shabby, I would advertise on free classifieds, I started to build an email list of people that had contacted me and people that were my customers.

I spent 100s of dollars on the latest programs to enhance your business. I think you get the picture, I feel like I tried almost everything. I even built down lines in MLM companies which no one can remember anymore.

If you are thinking that this is a sales letter for the next big wizz bang program its not. I just wanted to tell my story a bit and share with you one of my recent mis haps and how it turned into money for me. Well I had been buying domains that were highly searched keywords. I use google keyword external. It free.

Just a few domains and I would put a little keyword optimized website on it. I have a script that makes it easy and seamless. I have a web host that hosts unlimited domains so the new keyword websites are basically the cost of the domain. They all pay for themselves within a few months usually.

Nothing earth shattering but because of the cheap web host and low domain cost the sites do not have to make very much to become profitable. Well I had all my websites on my cheap host and they crashed. This was no surprise to me. Most of the sites were recoverable from my side.

But I started to think that the sites did not make enough $$ really. Even though once I have them up I spend very little time messing with them. The script I use makes adding content really easy. Just type a text file and upload it. Thats how easy it is. But how could I make it easier?

Then I remembered that you can redirect a website from where you bought it from. Plenty of people do it but how does this make you money. Redirecting your domain??? Yah if you have a domain that is getting traffic and isn't making money or maybe you just want to buy one and redirect it to a professional sales page.

Certainly you have heard the gurus saying that doing this is a waste of time. But think about it you do not even have to pay for hosting because the domain register allows you to forward your domain for free.

So research and buy a domain that people are actually searching for. Its a good idea to have a product or service in mind when doing this and already be a member of their affiliate program. That always helps.

After you buy the domain redirect it to your affiliate program using your affiliate link. Then go out and create some informative articles, hubs etc.

Then do it again. Get creative with it , since the little server crash killed my websites the redirect method has really paid off. I hope this gives you a few ideas of your own.

Heres one of the websites I recently made that pays for it self. 

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