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My Journey On Squidoo

Updated on June 29, 2013

My Journey on Squidoo

My journey on Squidoo has been an epic one. I have multiple trophies based on lenses, and I eventually hope to reach 1000 lenses. I am just like you. I wanted to share my content online and get a paycheck at the same time. That is when I found Squidoo, and I am working on donating to charities as well so that I am giving part of my earnings to a worthy cause. On Squidoo, I am passionate for success and love using Squidoo because it is a fun website that makes me money at the same time. I have always been writing online, but Squidoo was the first place that I found that could reward me for my actions without making me selfish at the same time. This is my journey on Squidoo.

Before I used Squidoo

The Whole Story

I started off as a baseball fan rooting for the Red Sox. Yes, this is how all of my Squidoo lenses eventually came to be. I had a passion for the Red Sox and watched almost all of their games (I still do). So, I thought, "What if I could write about the Red Sox?" It was a life changer. I opened an account on mlblogs and started writing away about the Red Sox. I learned new facts about my team because I did the research. Then, mlblogs decided to convert everyone to Wordpress. So, there I was at Wordpress, and then I realized that I could write about anything now, not just baseball. So, I attacked a few topics, but none came to be as good as my Yugioh Philosophy blog (it is still up and updated daily) that is right here. That blog gave me the power to realize that I could write about anything I wanted. There were times that I wrote 5 posts a day on that blog, and then an important question hit me, "What if I could actually make money for sharing my content?" I did my research on Google on how to make money, and then it began. I tried many websites, but they did not look like they were money earners. Then, I tried the keyword, how to make money from blogging. I found Squidoo, and I created an account on Valentine's Day. I had a natural instinct with creating accounts for a lot of different websites at the time, but when I took a look at Squidoo, I knew I made the right decision.

My First Lens

All About Yugioh Cards

The first lens I ever made was a lens about Yugioh Cards right here." This lens now rests at Tier 2 and is the second best lens in the Yugioh category (another one of my lenses is #1). I wrote about this lens because I knew a lot about Yugioh Cards from my own experience and Yugioh Philosophy, my other blog. At first, the modules popped out at me, and I had difficulty figuring out the advanced modules at first. So, I started with a simple Text Module. Then, I saw the Amazon Module sitting there saying, "Do you want to make money?" Oh, yes I did want to make money, so I tested the Amazon Module and found it was easy. I was shocked to realize that there was a limit of 20 Amazon Modules (my Lego Station lens has 20), but I managed to use links from that same module elsewhere in that lens instead.

This Yugioh lens went back and forth for me back when it was in Tier 3. Then, it had a dramatic drop because of a Squid Blessing. Whoever blessed this Yugioh lens at the time, I thank them because that lens had a lens rank now close to Tier 2. I couldn't let the blessing go in vain, so I worked my way to Tier 2, and now I am really happy with this lens' progress.

My Second Lens

When I made the lens about Yugioh Cards, I knew it was getting lonely. So, I created another lens about Legos, and that was a big lens for me on Squidoo. Right now, it goes back and forth of being a Tier 1 and a Tier 2. Hopefully it averages to be a Tier 1, but anyway, the Lego Station (I don't call it my Lego lens. I prefer to give it some character, so I call it the Lego Station) is worth over $300 on Squidutils and gives me a lot of visitors (for me, 20 visits a day is high). The Lego Station gave me the confidence to continue making good quality lenses.

My Bio Photo

The Dark Horse

The Dark Horse is my bio photo. It is my bio photo for almost everything I do online. It is there for nearly all of my lenses, wordpress, YouTube, Google+, and more that I might have forgotten. The Dark Horse somewhat reflects my character. I am a teen on Squidoo, and I could be making a lot of money by the time I get out of school. I update my lenses daily even when I get home late from school. I believe that I have great potential on Squidoo, and newbies definitely don't make as much money as pros, but I believe that I am the Dark Horse.


On Squidoo, now I am getting used to celebrating milestones. I created my 50th Lens yesterday, and it was about me reaching 50 lenses. It is right here, and I am happy to be the only one doing this...for now. I will create lenses celebrating my 100th lens, 500th lens, 1000th lens, and maybe lenses in between. I love Squidoo, and it is always good to celebrate a milestone on Squidoo.

How A Lens Master Could Be Making Over $500 in less than 6 months

mauros34 is a lens master here at Squidoo who thinks he can earn $500 from 1 month before 6 months have passed. This is one of the many success stories that I admire especially because mauros34 is new and has less than 1 year of experience. He has exactly 53 lenses (on 4/8/12) which was my total as well at the time. I hope he reaches $500, and I hope to join him soon and break the Squidoo record books.

I Learn on Squidoo!

Yes, by using Squidoo, I learn about various things that do not only concern Squidoo. I knew nothing about Clydesdale Horses until I started my lens about Clydesdale Horses. I was soon inspired to create a lens about turtles and hope to create even more educational lenses as well.

My Future Goal

1,000 lenses or more

Right now, I have slightly over 60 lenses (as of 4/10/12), but I have a goal of reaching 1,000 lenses. I have no idea how much money that will make me on Squidoo, but it is a goal that I hope to reach soon (I said 1,000, not 100). I have the potential of publishing 75 lenses within my first two months of fun duty on Squidoo. I hope to reach this goal and go far and beyond. Squidoo has been and still is a wonderful experience that taught me that building websites is fun and easy.

4 Amazon Sales

With the 4 new Amazon Sales, my Lego Station lens has over $24 pending. I am so excited that someone bought legos on that lens, and they were really expensive ones too. I write great reviews for the lego sets; I think that could have been the reason why I got 4 sales. Anyway, I'm happy and living large.

70th lens

I published my 70th lens awhile ago, and I hope to reach the 75th lens milestone. I will have a lens about that milestone shortly. I wonder how much money I will be able to make with my 70 lenses.

Some Shocking News

I realized that only 33 of my lenses are even getting paid anything. I was shocked to figure that out, so I am trying to get more Tier 3 lenses. I am going to work on my old lenses a lot more and only publish 5 lenses a week instead of the usual 10-20. On this day, my Tier 1 lens went to Tier 2, so I hope it returns to Tier 1.


Now over 40 of my lenses are Tier 3 or below! More will be following soon.

May's Payout

I can't wait for May's Payout because it will be my first one every as a member of Squidoo. I had 1 Tier 2 lens that made some sales in March as well as another Tier 2 lens, but I'm not sure if the average adds up to Tier 2. I had a couple of Tier 3 lenses, so I hope to make over $20 for my first payday. Fingers crossed as we head to the middle of May.

Squidoo 101

I Have 101 Lenses!

I am proud to say that I have over 100 lenses (101 at the moment, but that is growing), and it is time to celebrate. Ever since Day 1 on Squidoo, I was dedicated to creating lenses. Now, I have 101 lenses, and I am creating 5 lenses a week which will produce over 200 additional lenses before the end of the year (I usually publish more than 5). I am so excited about what is still to come as well as that May payout featured above.



Zujava is a website that gives you money for your content which is similar to Squidoo. However, with less competition, it is easier to get into Tier 1 for Zujava. I have a "leaf", or article on Zujava that has a ZQ (ranking) of under 500. One could only dream of doing that on Squidoo, especially a newbie. Zujava is a great place for low competition, and many lensmasters on Squidoo also write for Zujava, so you won't be lonely.

I'm on Zujava, and you should be too. If you can make a Squidoo lens, then you can definitely make a leaf on Zujava!

February 14, 2012

The Day I Found Squidoo

Happy Valentine's Day was the common phrase used on the day I found Squidoo. On February 14, 2012, Squidoo wanted to be my long term valentine. Now, with great opportunities lying ahead, how could I reject Squidoo? The simple answer is that I couldn't. Even though I was registering new accounts for site after site to earn money online, I saw something special on Squidoo and went to work creating lenses. It is May, but I still have a goal to create 1,000 lenses. I wasn't thinking about this goal at the beginning though. All I wanted to do was make money.

Donating To Charity

I'm working on different percentages of royalties that I give to different charities for each of my lenses. I started donating my royalties to charity when I had 70 lenses. It was that time when I read Bonnie's lens about how our lenses can change the world when thousands if not millions of lenses donate to different charities. I came here to make money on Squidoo, and I still am making money, but I needed to reach out to the less fortunate. I want to eventually have all of my lenses donate to charity, and I am eager to accomplish this goal. In fact, this lens now donates to the Squidoo Charity Fund, and I am proud that it does.

Look at those hands and imagine a lensmaster giving that money to charity. Now imagine the thousands of lenses and lensmasters that give this much to charity. It can make a big difference, and you can be a part of the action.

The Tier Payments Are In

Money Made From March

This is the first payout that I am going to be a part of, so listing the prices and remembering the moment would be key.

Tier 1 Total Payment: $46.09

Tier 2 Total Payment: $7.84

Tier 3 Total Payment: $0.40

I had no Tier 1 lenses in March, but I did in April, so I hope that $46.09 stays where it is or gets even better for June's payout. Even though I had no Tier 1 lenses, I did have 2 Tier 2 lenses that I am very excited about. Both of those lenses are making $7.84 each based on Tiers, but one of those lenses got $8.65 in sales as well, so I will get over $20 from Squidoo for my first month. I hope this is a new record because that would be amazing. I believe that I had 9 lenses that were created before March, so I will get higher payouts in the distant future.

I'm A Giant Squid

After getting denied on my first try, I tried again for Giant Squid in the middle of May. I got my results back quickly, and I was "sworn into" the Giant Squid community. I am proud to be a Giant Squid, and it has motivated me to work more on Squidoo because I have been using Twitter a lot more lately. It was a great moment.

Monster Giant Squid and Purple Star

I am now a monster giant squid with over 50 quality lenses, and as promised by the Squidoo Team, I got a Purple Star for my teens on squidoo lens. That lens got a dramatic turboboost in lensrank as it is closing in on Tier 1 right now. I saw everyone else with a Purple Star, but now I have my bragging rights.

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Wow! You have made me inspired to create more lens! I love squidoo too! Wish I would have made more of a effort when I first joined up.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Thank you very much for writing a little paragraph on me :)... I have doubled my goal in 8 months ....

    • flinnie lm profile image

      Gloria Freeman 

      6 years ago from Alabama USA

      WOW you have come a long way in such a short amount of time.I like your style.

    • DuaneJ profile image


      6 years ago

      All the best to you!


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