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Online Goal Setting Tools - Your 60 day Challenge Log - Day 1

Updated on June 17, 2011

60 day challenge- First set your Goal:

You got to be careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might not get there. - Yogi Berra

Open up your Hub challenge log with a statement of what your personal goal is out of your involvement in the challenge.

  • Do you want to increase your earnings n amount?
  • Do you want to learn new tricks and methods for promotion?
  • Do you want to prove to yourself that you can finish something you start?

There is of course no goal to big or small, but its best to conceive a realistic tangible goal and to point out your motivations. This way you are reminded daily as you make your hublog entry and the others that participate can help you stick to your goal.

The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it. - Michelangelo

My personal goal:

I want to successfully publish and promote 30 hubs minimum in the course of 60 days, In the course of these publications I hope to increase my eBay partner network earnings by 100%.

My motivation:

I want to ensure a more solid financial security for my incoming newborn

To will is to select a goal, determine a course of action that will bring one to that goal, and then hold to that action till the goal is reached. The key is action. - M. Hanson

Online Goal Setting- An image of your Motivation may help- For me its my 2 pets, fiance and baby to be

Is it a loved one? A dream vacation, a new car , personal satisfaction something that motivates you.
Is it a loved one? A dream vacation, a new car , personal satisfaction something that motivates you.

Before Beginning the Challenge

I will take further snapshots at 30 days and 60 days to see the visual comparison.
I will take further snapshots at 30 days and 60 days to see the visual comparison.

60 Day Challenge Tutorials

What is the Hubpages 60 day Challenge

After getting some initial interest via a question and forum thread, I figured it was necessary to outline the experiment

Online Goal Setting Tools: What is a HubLog

This very hub, supposedly serving a dual purpose of being an example of a hublog and being my own personal log tool. Most of the other team hubbers put mine to shame!

Goals Planning Success: The 60DC Official Team Spring 2010

This hub took Forever and is still a few hubbers short due to some late starts.

Creative Ways to make Money: Introduction to 60day Challenge Strategies

The first log of the principles behind why I think our group strategy will work, simply put, team building, related topics, interlinking, group encouragement and accountability and automation.

Easy ways to promote your site or Hub

I drafted this hub up while on a plane flying from NYC to California. It is intended as basic tutorial and hopefully points out just how natural the backlinking process can be. Leaving comments during the research process at related blogs and sites , being a member of forums in topics you are interested in, etc. I made an effort to include other 60 day Challengers as references as many are writing about promo methods and sites.

Finding your niche - Finding things to write about

Nearing week 4, I imagine it may become difficult to find new topics. But it really isnt! Put together a general list of ideas, concepts and tools that keeps me brimming with writing ideas at all times.

Week 1:

This first week will be complicated for me, in addition to writing and beginning promotions for the 30 hubs in 30 days phase of the 60 Day challenge,Im also writing and coordinating a series of challenge based hubs and most likely building a site or two for some of the private features and coordination of our challenge.

Im also flying to California for the weekend, the following weekend Im hosting a baby shower extravaganza which will include family and friends from all across the state of new york so alot of time is being spent coordinating travel, housing and event logistics.

My goals are based mostly on drawing the RIGHT kind of traffic, just numbers isnt desirable for me as general traffic that doesnt convert for my related advertisers seems to drop my earnings per click. So my goal is focused traffic with commercial intent funneled to ebay and adsense monetized pages and sites.

Hub 1:

Title: Buy iPad Keyboard



Using the iPad as a full function business device is completely unfeasable. As the iPad lacks a dedicated external keyboard, one will quickly tire of the decreased screen size and unreality of the iPads virtual keyboard. This is fully obvious to all, so a plethora of great keyboards exist. Including IR, bluetooth and iPad dock keyboards.


rss, fb,rg,x,stm

Hub 2:

Title: Buy iPad Accessories



The hunt to buy iPad accessories for reasonable prices is at full steam right now.The iPad craze is officially upon us, many lucky owners are actually holding an iPad in their fanboy pre-ordering hands. I have been personally following the iPad news as part of my research for iPad specific hub sites and have watched numerous videos and read many encounters relating to early testers and their feelings about the ipad and related iPad accessories.


rss, fb,rg,x,stm

Day 2:

Writing: Between a 2100 word intro hub and an emergency eye appointment to get new contacts before my trip to California, Im behind already in my own personal hubs. As I noticed that the Beatles were featured on a top American pop Music show and somehow I recently sold a $200 beatles boxed set via Amazon, I will be releasing my Beatles Rock band hub. Looks like this next morning, I should start the day with my log and fill in a section for the 3 HubChallenge hubs so far in this log and catch up my personal writings.

Promotion: Used feedburner to recreate custom 60dc feed into a unique rss with additional options. Will use said feed to quickly build some blog backlinks tomorrow.

Hub 3:

Title: The Beatles Rock Band Buying Guide



The Beatles Rockband is available for the Nintendo Wii console, the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. Bundle packs and eBay lots allow new gamers to purchase all necessary accessories in one shot.

Introduction to The Beatles RockBand:

The Beatles RockBand by Activision is undoubtedly the best Rock band game created to date in The Rock band series. Its just a stunning and perfect product. Visually the game has as an impressive dreamscape feel that engenders the feel and enthusiasm of The Beatles


rss, fb,rg,x,stm

Week 2

Day ?:

General update - long overdue

Its the 15th of the month, the first 60DC participation request was published on the first of April and the the first official Hub detailing the process was published on the 6th. So, when was the start date? It seems natural to aim for the 1st as a start date and just be a little flexible with myself about going over by a few days into May.

I have only 8 hubs published in the last 15 days, but most of the Hub challenge hubs are in excess of 2000 words. I also created a private forum for the challengers at an old unused domain. Between emails, forums and comments, communication has been the equivalent of writing an entire hub daily. I also have made an effort to read all my team mates challenge logs daily.

Looks like I need to bust out 3 a day for the next couple days, so I can focus on promotion with the rest of the team - May 1-2ndish (the 2nd is actually my birthday ) This upcoming weekend is a big baby shower/ family meetup - so I HAVE to do some all hub writing days to make up for the intense amount of family and general vacation days Ive been having (Its great to work online!)

Hub 4

Title: eHow Alternatives-Where to write now that eHow is closed



eHow recently closed its doors to new writers and is no longer accepting new submissions from its existing writers. The alternative is to apply for Demand Studios, which I enjoy, but I imagine will be quickly overrun with a lack of decent topics. The closing of eHow and a search for eHow alternatives may be a godsend for many writers who will now be forced to do some searching for viable alternatives. All in all, eHow was a rather foolish place to write for in the first place. This piece details some of your best eHow alternatives.


rss, fb

Hub 5

Title: Easy ways to promote your site or blog with natural backlink patterns



Getting backlinks doesnt have to be an arduous afterthought to your writing pattern. If you are looking for easy ways to promote your site, just keep in mind your purpose from the get go, after selecting your keywords, then reserve your URL, use that URL as your website as you do your research and enter the occasional comments - read about some more basic patterns in this article.


rss, fb, rg

Week 3

Title: Buy Ge Force 3D Vision Kit Online



The world of at home 3D viewing has leaped forward in recent months. In the wake of the success and visual intensity of the Avatar movie experience the possibilities of in home 3D viewing and Gaming has become more apparent to the people of the world. The Ge Force 3D vision kit makes the transition to home 3D theater and gaming incredibly easy with an simple to install and operate 3D viewing system that includes a shutter glasses based system. As long as your monitor is operating at 120hz or higher you are good to go!


rss, fb

General Progress Update:

Spent the majority of the past 3 days completely untethered from the online world. Had a massive baby shower with a turn out more in tune with a wedding event. Between housing and hosting dozens of people the internet world was inaccessable to me. In the true spirit of WHY I even pursued this form of income generation- I made exactly the same amount I would have if I had been sitting in front of my PC those 3 days! A couple of big commissions actually made the weekend more profitable than normal. With a 2 a day creation schedule I can still easily reach my 30 in 30.

Week 4

Hub 11- 3ish weeks in

Title: Buy LC Shutter Glasses Online



Watching 3D televison and movie at home is as easy as buying a compatible screen or monitor with an acceptable refresh rate (120mhz) and getting a pair of LC Shutter Glasses. Unlike anaglyph glasses, the two colored flimsy things, shutter glasses are a technical wonder that essentially "blink" in such a way as to cause the effect of 3D to your vision. Many of the top games and movies now have 3D compatible versions available for public release.



Hub 12

Title: Buy ipad Kickstands



The iPad is device thats great to watch media on. Its also a handheld device. Its unfortunate that its designed in such a way where it HAS to be a handheld device. Jumping onto this obvious design flaw many manufacturer have created kickstands intended for holding the iPad up while viewing videos, photos or whatever things you need to do.



Hub 13

Title: What should I write about - Finding your niche



It can be difficult to keep up a daily writing habit. It can seem difficult to find topics to write about. It isnt. It really isnt. Between the plethora of free tools available on the net and the real world around you, not finding things to write about is the difficult part! Find your niche, examine your expertise and write with commercial intent (if you so wish)



Conclusion of 60 Day Challenge

Did you achieve your goals?

What assets did you add to your online holdings?

This is just an example:

I suggest placing your goal out in the open for yourself and all to see but it isnt required,

What is required:

ALL of your hubs need a link and a small summary. The other participants and myself will need a way of seeing your progress in one place and most importantly a place to grab your links from as we help promote your work during phase 2.

Its also greatly appreciated if you add the tag "60DC-logs" and a visible rss capsule

with this feed:

Log Stats

Buy iPad Accessories

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