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A Message for this SOLSTICE from the Higher Beings, eternally watching over us.

Updated on June 21, 2010

Widen your vision of our world, as it is

A Message for this SOLSTICE from the Higher Beings, eternally watching over us.

Channelled at 11.30 a.m. June 21st 2010

Among us today are many who are belonging to the oldest families of souls that are in existence. We do not speak lightly of this. It is because of the enormity of the problems that have beset your planet that we gather in our greater numbers.

We do not give you news of great joy but news that will shock you to the very core. We do not give this lightly. We need to let you know that as things progress you will see many who cannot cope with what has befallen your population. It is as if the sky has opened up and decided that they cannot have the lives they had before. They are not trained to cope with such things. Many lives will be affected by the explosion in the Gulf. You will need to give all of your assistance to these people, they cannot deal with the changes which are upon them.

Many fear for their existence for they have felt that their existence was their profession, it was what they did each day. They have truly forgotten who they truly are. Their jobs were indeed important in the most basic of ways but things change and they must now learn to change with these tides of confusion. It is possible to move away from the area and still be in charge of all of your life. It is possible too to be assisted to change your profession and become someone elses way through to the other side by taking on counselling roles amongst your own populations. There will be a great need to help others traverse these many junctions which will be besetting the planet Earth.

Her time has come to be placed within the centre arena so that all beings are watching your journey into the next civilisational state. This new state will be one of great abundance and joy but first comes the unsettling times of readjustment, reassessing what is and what is not important during your lifetime. Everyday you will receive sustenance both on a physical level and an emotional and spiritual one. The problems are coming from the energy spent recompensing the mental atrocities which have gone on. If you were taught that your life was your job then you are going to have many problems with adjustment now that you see this is not truth since your job is gone but your life is still in full flow.

Do you understand what we are saying to you, amongst this field of pain and joy we see that many are standing by and enjoying the pain of disaster. They see that the new is beginning and the old has been and gone. They can adjust and will adjust, they have spirit in their bodies which will guide them and others. Take up this mission if it is yours. The one of helping others to adjust to the joys not the disaster of this equation. It is neither joy nor disaster in itself it is just change. Change in a gigantic form, one that will be relayed across the waters to many more countries as things begin to overflow into other areas. See how you cope with change. It is a disaster when you know that you can adjust but wont. It is only a disaster if you choose this route. There are many more routes for you to take. You are being opened up to accept the reality of the occasion and change everything that you CAN change not those things that you cannot. If you have remorse for the things that are unchangeable then you will stay still amongst the debris. Many did this in the Katrina Hurricane changes. Many were washed ashore when they did not move fast enough. Remember one thing - change is the name of this game. This is the end time game of resolutions on this planet which need to be changed. If we do not assist you during these changes then your world will indeed be upsidedown. This is not going to be literal but it will happen to you if you stay in the one position underneath the debris.

Lift yourselves up and carry yourselves across these waters of change. They are waters of change because these changes will carry you to your true destinations. The destinations of which we speak are greater than the sum of anything that you will be letting go of. Take up your spiritual mantles, your hopes, your glories and stay on path for the dawning will come. It will be a dawning of the new age of aquarius which has been spoken of so many times in your distant past and in the not so distance times. We are aiding and abetting you to be who you truly are. You are not tied to your occupations, you are tied to some mental atrocities which help you to destroy yourselves, destroy your familities and leave everything up to a worn out governmental power. They have nothing to give you. Work on your own or with small groups of people who are picking themselves up from these disasters. It is much more fulfilling to be your own masters. You have been the slaves of a society which controls and manipulates everything you have, own or are fighting for. They do not give you sustence they annoint you with debt and lack of ownership. It is a sin to be seen to be carrying on in this way but we cannot change their minds for them. They have owned you since time immemorial, they will own you again if you do not pick yourselves up.

These changes will carry you forward and allow you to build different lives, better lives when you are over the shock and the disemination stages. We can only adjust when you are asking us to adjust for you. Pick up your spiritual mantles, address us personally, we will be there with you, adjusting your spirits to fly free and deal with adversity. Do not speak of how bad it is, speak only of how you will deal with your personal amount of change that is within your reach now. This change will be given in order for you to move into action, you are the first of the actioneers as we will call you. You are the ones to walk the path first, you have chosen it to be so. Do not fight over why and when the next atrocities will occur, move yourselves to safer places if you wish. Stay if you feel it is right for you, there will be many needed in some of the areas to assist others to build smaller sustainable communities. Do not take the low road of disaster management, take the high road of building something good and true from the disaster.

We wish you the best of our assistance but will never cross over the edges of the fields of your will. We will asist when asked but not if we do not hear you calling. It is very easy to adjust your dials to hear our frequency. Adjust by hearing your higher mind, you will not hear this in the heat of discussion or in the heat of dismay and anger. You will hear this connection with us when you are still and breathing calmly on your own with your cords untangled and your breath easily given. Breath in and out in a cognisant way so that we may help clear your pathway and give you all of the asistance that you need. If you need us call us, we hear you say this many times to your colleagues - we are your best colleagues, be friends with us, be connected to us, we are your advisers and your benefactors. Benefactors will stand aside if they are not responded to.

We await your commands, do not tarry long, it is a personal journey not a public governmental one, they will not wait on you hand and foot as we will do when you ask us.

We come with our light beams turned on full volume for you to hear us today. Stand and look around you, do not adjust your sights on your horror visions from the mind. Look at the situation as you would a small situation in your own household. Adjust your dials so that you stand in peace and look over the sights you see, do not stand with an illusory vision going on from your mental perspecitive. The lies of the mental will spoil your radiance and your ability to adjust your senses to the reality of this equation.

Be at peace,



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    • kellydove profile image


      10 years ago

      great work its really help me

    • Green Lotus profile image


      10 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Thank you again Linda.

    • msorensson profile image


      10 years ago

      Thank you for this inspiring and uplifting hub, Universal Laws.


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