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Gulf of Mexico Spill - Be as one - channelled from 7th dimension

Updated on June 16, 2010

Asking for help from the higher realms

Linda Joslin channeller
Linda Joslin channeller

NEW Channelled Information from the 7th dimension June 2010

Be As One - channelled from 7th dimension

Our arguments with you are beyond your comprehension. We say this because there is much that can be accomplished now so that your planet will remain on her axis and not be so severely affected when the larger shifts from the universal planes begin here on earth.

What we request you to do is to be "As One". We cannot request you to be "As One" when you do not reach upto us and ask us for help. All of those that are reaching up to us are receiving this same information. If you are "As One" then the energy which is built around you has a quality of being protected and beyond damage. This way the earth has some protection from you as the beings of light which are inhabiting her energy fields. You are indeed the ones that you are waiting for. It is you as the light beings that can hold her fields in place as she ascends to the higher realms of the cosmic energy regions.

We cannot be present with you all unless you ask us to be there with you. We are asking that many, many more ask for our help. This is not something that requires much action it is just a desire to know other realms and realise that we can and will help you. We are at present held within the areas that are just outside your domains but we cannot cross these threshholds when we are not asked to do so. Some are aware that we are there but they still do not give us permission to come forward. We will come forward immediately that we are asked to do so.

We cannot "over step the mark" as it were. We are held into the freewill agreement which states that unless asked we have to allow each and everyone of you to become who you truly are by yourselves. We can asist when you ask us to do so. If we can make this very clear. The asking is the issue that we have a complaint about. It is not a hard task for you to put your intent on your asking and then allow us to play our parts.

Please ask us more often, with more intent so that we may assess the needs of your population. When you ask then you are connecting to our vibrations which allows the conduit of energy to pass through us and down to you. In this way we are then energising you as participants in this energetic transference. We cannot come without this conduit which allows the transference.

Be as One in your every thought and action, Be as One in your daily chores and in your hearts. If you act as one then Holy Order will be the tone of which you experience your own energies and those of the others around you. This in itself promotes more energy collection and higher energy frequencies to exist around you. If you were not energy then you would be truly on your own. You are not on your own and never will be as you are One with us and all other beings in the Universe.

QUESTION - Can you tell us what is currently going on with the black ops and the shadow governments and what we need to be doing about this.

ANSWER - Those that work against the Oneness will be sacrificing themselves and anyone that they can take down with them to the lower regions of galactic space time reality. If you put your intentions on these matters then they are working their 'magic'. This is not the magic of which we speak but of a denser kind. This kind of black magic is not very pleasant and will not give you the enlightenment where you can rise up and allow yourselves to heighten your awareness and be who you truly are.

QUESTION - How shall we deal with the enormous problems that ensuing from their operations like the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?

ANSWER - Where they use their magic a energy of corruption will be displayed and then they wait for the fear and the negative response from the generations of beings that have been struggling to keep the planet pure. You are the ones that they are attempting to draw into forgetfulness. This is why they have struck at the very core of your belief systems by attempting to cause a mass environmental catastrophe. This catastrophe will not be allowed, we are already in control of this operation. We will not allow this leak to seep into certain streams of the oceans currents, for if it did so then the waters of your world would be completely swamped with the negativity. We have control of what they are attempting to do. Do not feel that you cannot do anything. You have the power in your own energetic systems to assist us to curtail this explosion. When you keep your spirits high and condense your thoughts to the fact that this will not go into mass extinction levels then it will be so. If you join in with mass hysteria then you are adding to the problem. We can only reiterate to you again and again that as you think and express yourselves then so it is. What do you require from this situation? Do you require that it is allowed to continue and that many more areas will be exposed to the oil leak or do you require that it stop now. If you require that it is stopped then use your own power of thought and allow us to come to your rescue by calling us in to assist you. We will come, we will add our power of light and dissipation to the equation.

Those that are calling for help have been answered. Do not wait a minute more, hold your group consciousness on awakening and clearance not on what those masters of decadence are hoping you will hold it on. Do you know understand that your clearance is what is needed, stay above and beyond any of these indiscrepencies. The earth and her waters have an incredibly natural power of clearance but you are all hampering this when you hold the thoughts of fear and indiscretians.

When your world first heard of the Universal Law of Attraction as a vehicle to turn their fortunes around then people used this to their advantage. This is now the time to use this same law to the advantage of a supreme clean-up operation. Do not wait for your media to give you any information. Begin now with your visualisations just like when you visualise your new car or all of those bank notes appearing in your specific accounts. This is the account of the waterways, see them clearing, imagine pure clean water sparkling in the sun shine of the day and in the sparkle of the light of the moon. Do not cause this water to stay black and murky. You have all of the information that you require. Keep the separation of the oil and the water by visualising it as so. You have received much information of what the qualities of this water are. This information was going mainstream in your society before this occasion of malpractice of your corporate power. It has not changed, the truth is still that water holds a memory and you are the dictators of that memory information. Keep your sights on the stillness, the clearness and the purity of the oceans of the world. You are more powerful then any of the corporate powers if you remember who you truly are.

We must also remind you that when you remember who you really are you will also remember that you are part of a huge conglomerate of energetic beings who you can ask to help you in visualising and transmuting any of these actions of your shadow governments and those who work against the light reality.

They are obliged to give you all of the information but it is not that they are not doing so but that you are not acting from this information. It is all to do with the degree to which you are sleeping partners and not acting alive ones. We are waiting now for our energies to be drawn down more and more to your planet to assist you in your endeavours. If you make this a daily intent then we can be with you always. It is only your ego's and split dimensional personalities that do not allow you more contact with us. Throw off these false ego's and become at One and allow us to intervene on your behalf with those that have not got the interests of goodwill at their core.

QUESTION - Are you saying that we can do nothing but use our energetic forces to help in this situation?

ANSWER - Yes and even before you had finished the question you had integrated the answer. When you begin to use your higher faculties you are immediately aware of the uselessness of moaning or crying out in pain when you have another side of your energetic self that can take over and heal the situation. All of those that continue to express disgust and menial words of retribution are not healing the situation. All of those who ask for guidance and help are giving their light to this situation in order to heal the waters.

Because of the situation that you as normal members of the public find yourselves in, you cannot be responsible for the physical clearance of the water. You do not have the opportunity to assist because you are still held by control and decadence of those who are in positions above and beyond your physical access. This is why you can only assist on an energetic level. Do not bemoan the lack of access that you have physically, grasp the access that you have energetically. Remember always to promote what you want not what you do not have. We will be adjusting the physical access that you have later, but we cannot do this at this moment in the time trail that we are operating within. Bring us into the equation by asking us to come, we have a direct line to you but you must first ring the bell so that we have the permission that is required.

All will be well upon your earth but not until we have an even fifith of the population who can activate their energetic bodies in order to stop the backward flow of energy into the streams that are turning this planet into an apocoliptic disaster.

We have permission to spin her on her axis at the right time in order to balance out her motions and her energetic fields. We cannot do this until we have your support as the energetic population that is responsible for her.

They will have control over you until you decide that you do not require it any longer. You are all hanging onto some of the death star values which do not serve you well as energetic life forms. These death star values are ones that take you round and round the wheel of death never to return to source. Is this the answer to your problems, no it is only the answer to the cycle of death which enables those of the darker masses to live in their glory fields. These are not glory fields of which you would want to play a consenting part. You are not aware yet of what and who is controlling this death star ray. It is not pleasant and does not serve your energetic frequencies. We cannot change this for it is your challange. We are here as the facilitators of your new energetic lives but only if you wish to enjoy this path of evolution.

Please stay conscious every minute of your waking day and before you go into your sleep state at night place an intent to be allowed to stay in an enlightened awareness even when you are sleeping and recuperating from the day time use of your energy.

In this way you will become more of who you really are and will not separate yourselves as easily from those that also follow the path of light both on your planet and around you in the cosmic space. It is together that we will make the big difference that is now needed.

QUESTION - Is there anything else we need to know about the times ahead of us on planet earth.

ANSWER - Yes, keep your minds in check, this is not easy for those who have not begun their journey back to owning their own selves. Mind control is where the beings that are sabotaging your planet are gaining their power. They have complete control over many of the occupants of your planet. Many do not think for themselves they are entrenched in the belief systems that were fed into your planet as a holographic system of control. These beings do not serve your planet they serve themselves. It is a question of educating those that do not believe that they can be themselves. More and more people are needed out in the forums of discussion who truly understand how to take mastery of themselves and teach it to others. The discussions that are held in many of the forums are non existent as being actively helping the situation. You cannot help any of the changes come about if you are still at the discussion stage. There is nothing to discuss now, it has gone beyond the point of this being an awakening weapon. The awakening weapon is personal action in order to achieve personal mastery. You cannot gather together in protest you can only be affective if you gather together in mastery of yourselves. This will indeed cause the necessary changes that need now to occur to stop the engines rolling the earth planet to a disasterious conclusion.

We are here, please call on us in order to carry out the necessary actions within your energetic fields which then have the most incredible affect on the energetic fields of your earth planet.

We are all one.


Linda Joslin preparing for 2012 Event Horizon

Linda Joslin being interviewed at Beyond 2012 Conference


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    • profile image


      10 years ago


      Inspiring, voted up, thank you.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Some useful advice to put into practice

    • couponalbum profile image


      10 years ago from Sunnyvale, CA

      This is an awesome write up. Voted up! Liked your other hubs too. Joining your fanclub and would like to invite you to join mine. :)

    • Green Lotus profile image


      10 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Voted up and awesome Linda. This is one of your clearest, most inspiring channels. The words you have written are sage advice whether one wants to believe this is a message from the Universe or a message from Linda. I refer in particular to the advice on how to react to the oil spill in the Gulf... "Do not bemoan the lack of access that you have physically, grasp the access that you have energetically."

      Thanks for putting this out there. Namaste.


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