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What is the Artistic Theme in Your Life? Unconventional Esoteric Test Reveals Mystery

Updated on April 6, 2014

We Walk With Ourselves; why don't we know?

Cosmic Dance Steps
Cosmic Dance Steps | Source

Esoteric Psychology: MODE of Cosmic Therapy

Various artistic themes run throughout a person’s life. These unique themes generate a designated pattern, conciliatory cycle and regulatory menu of which to choose, digest, participate and assimilate.

Unless, you are tuned into the ‘specific’ colored theme filtering your path, you will experience unimaginable boredom, ambiguous dissatisfaction and persistent restlessness.

Tis’ true a certain amount of boredom is attached to mortal life, but the amount you will experience by an obvious disconnection to your innate artistic theme will speak for itself. How can such a ‘themed’ force be recognized and gauged?

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology may be able to play a significant role in revealing where such talent hides.

By the level of genuine interest you possess for delving into self-exploration. How much significance do you place in investigating You ? It all depends how much you want to know and how receptive you are in discovering, receiving, incorporating and ‘toiling the soil’ to produce, for yourself certain artful/musical/dramatic facets on your blank canvassed life.

Do you care?

Unless you are predisposed to growing, evolving, (being opened up) and eventually getting a diploma in self-liberty, don’t set out on a course of esoteric self-study. Many various shade/tint/hue coded aspects contribute to your particular life’s theme.

They are not difficult to recognize although some of them may be blatantly surprising. The delineating will require of you to go back a bit and categorize/prioritize several layers in your journey thus far.

Although some of the information will be distorted, other information will be more than thoroughly diffused. {Also known as preferred memory} For this experiment to be accurate (in as much as humanly possible), you will have to work at being objective and unbiased in delivery. Agreed? OK, Let us begin.

There are several things involved in this ‘themed’ artistic scavenger hunt. It will require some time, effort and thought. Except for Number 1 and 5, where the answers have to be exact and conclusive or leave blank the rest are to be filled in with the current information available to you. [Begin ONLY when you are ready.] A list of 25 explicit mini assignments will be required. Some of the items are simply questions you answer to the best of your ability. It is vital to the composition of this MODE of Cosmic Therapy esoteric exercise to be thoroughly invested. Have fun!

1. You will have to retrieve a picture of you at 5 years of age. [Just one] Determine the year. IF for any reason, you can not locate one at 5 years of age, it must be one as close to that age as is possible. IF that is still not feasible, leave it blank. Do not try to fill that hole. The fact you can’t find a picture is significant in itself. What are doing in the photograph? Where are you located? Subtract 5 years from your date of birth. What year is it? Who do you know born in THAT year? How is he/she connected to you?

2. You must find a significant/relative news paper article posted in the town you were born in on the day of your birth. Highlight key elements. Record.

3. Add 9 years to your birth year. Whatever that date is, you must find a picture of a car for the year. The make and model is your choice; color too.

4. You must write down the name of your best friend at the age of 13. (Full name, please) Describe him or her in as much as you can honestly remember.

5. At the age of 17, what was one of your most favorite songs? {Do not make something up! Leave it blank if you don’t know.}Who sung it?

6. During the first 21 years of your life, when were you the sickest? What age? What was wrong with you? Be specific.

7. Who was your first true love? (Entire name) Where is he or she now? Occupation/career?

8. *How old were you when you had your first sexual experience? *{IF, you don’t answer this question truthfully, it renders the rest of the experiment null and void.} What was the season of the year? Weather? Night or day? Physical circumstances? Emotional barometer? Mental conditions? Who with? Pleasure or pain? Safe or violated?

9. Up until the age of 30, where was the ‘furtherest’ place you had traveled from the origin of your birth? Name the place and for what reason did you go? This must be a destination you traveled to before 30 years of age.

10. What is your grandfather’s whole name on your mother’s side? {Entire name. What does/did he do for a living?} What is your least appealing food?

11. Describe in full detail the exact clothes you have on this moment. (From head to toe. Must include color, texture and style.) Shoes are the most important feature! How long you’ve had the various articles and where did you acquire them?

12. In your most favorite restaurant, describe a piece of art work that you are familiar with. Where does it hang? Who is the artist? And, what are the closest words that can be visibly seen in the vicinity of the painting or sculpture?

13. What is you all time favorite movie? Who are the female and male stars?

14. When is the first time you ever went to a beach? Where? How old were you? Who went with you? Describe you most favorite bathing suit you ever owned.

15. When was the first time you ever saw a dead person? How old were you? Who was it? What was the name of the Funeral Home? On what street was it located?

16. What is the scariest thing that ever happened to you when you were with someone else? No more than one other person but it has to be at least one other than you.

17. Name your favorite or worst 7th grade teacher’s name. What did she do that made such an impact on you?

18. What is your father’s mother’s maiden name? Was she the oldest in her family. If not, who was; the name. What did he/she (the oldest) do for a living? What color was her hair and eyes? Her temperament?

19. You may choose one from five jewels: diamond, ruby, emerald, pearl, or sapphire. What hurricane are you personally familiar with? Name your favorite planet.

20. Make up an entire name at random: first, last, middle. You can not know this person, or have ever heard the name to the best of your recollection. It matters not if the name is male of female. Choose an instrument this person plays from the following: piano, saxophone, or guitar.

21. Name your favorite book or sport. [Favorite team or author.] Where is the residence?

22. When I say the word MONEY; write the first word that comes to mind. When I say RAIN: how do you feel?

23. How much did your mother weigh at 22 years of age? What time of day were you born?

24. If you were to drive exactly 5. 7 miles to the west of your home what will be the first words you see?

25. What Christmas/Birthday present did you get when you were 15 years old that you really wanted and where were you living at the time? [The specific address] What is the year when you turned 15? Who was the governor of your state? How far do you live from school? Did you ride a bus? Who do you believe lied, disappointed, embarrassed or betrayed you in that year? {During the 12 months covering your 15th birthday until your next birthday} What grade are you in at school? What is your favorite subject? What two year period of time does it cover? What’s important to you at this time of your life that no one knows about? (The secret) IF you didn’t get what you really wanted, name the item. Did you ever get it? If so, what happened to it?

By compiling this pertinent information, you will sense a certain theme arising out of what appears to be mish mash. The remainder of the test involves your placing the information in a story type form.

Starting from the bottom up, you will title your story from the words located on the bill board or whatever displays them and end with the picture of the five year old. You can not skip one single question in succession (meaning: you can’t skip around) unless it was left blank.

In that case, you must write the words: “There is a huge gap, here.” Afterwards, read the story aloud until you see/hear the theme glaring/blaring at you. This M.O.D.E. of Cosmic Therapy esoteric recovery experiment, although very entertaining and amusing, is not just a game.

The information you compile is relevant and vital to your creative purpose for being alive, while fulfilling your soul’s intent. Self-study is the most valuable research you will ever invest yourself in. You are an artist in search of his/her art. Find it where you sit/stand.

Forest of Esoteric Sound
Forest of Esoteric Sound


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