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Angels or Aliens Pt 2

Updated on December 29, 2010


Some people think that as Fallen Angels were reported to be the first to be seen on Earth, then the “good” Angels, it could be likened to a mutiny.

Envisage this: A passing Starship has a mutiny. The leader of the mutineers [Satan] brings his followers [Demons] to Earth. The “Fallen Angels” Endeavour to integrate with earthlings, influencing their lives.

The Starship captain [God], believes Satan and his ways to be evil and he should not be allowed to influence other beings. He sends members of his loyal crew [Angels] to earth to combat the influence of Satan.

Given that time has a different relevance to different species, meaning aliens could live for hundreds, if not, thousands of years, could this theory make sense? What proof is there, if any, that this theory cannot be true?

This theory could at least explain how our ancient ancestors depict seeing flying machines. It could also explain many of the explained in our history.

If this theory were true, would that be a problem? After all it would still be a continuing fight between good and evil, right from wrong.


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    • InkThoughts profile image

      InkThoughts 6 years ago from Monroe, Ga

      So funny i read this after writing a blog on "religion". Your theory doesn't fall short of one my theories. I don't know if i would go with "good" aliens, "bad" aliens. My theory is quite simple. We see how man is with out guidance. In my theory maybe religion was put here to keep us in order. And maybe that higher power is just that, its in the sky and it has power, but possibly not on a "heaven" like stereotype we all know. Maybe that "God" we fear, ignore, love and some don't believe, isn't a God but maybe several. Doesn't fall short from Mythology when you think about it, as they believed in many Gods.

      An interesting movie to watch not for the plot but at the end is "Knowing". The aliens have angelic like qualities. This opens a whole new idea, that maybe Americans arent ready to accept and definitely religion as a whole WILL NOT accept.

    • Abbasangel profile image

      Abbasangel 7 years ago from Australia - The land down under

      Some Christians actually do believe that demonic activity is what people for alien abduction and other "UFO" activity... I don't put much weight in it so I forget the full ins and outs of the theory but they would argue that they aren't aliens but demons in their own right.

    • profile image

      Druid Dude 7 years ago

      A newly discovered site in S. Turkey has blown Sumer outta the water for #1city, doubling how long we've been building cities. It's level of advancement is astounding, and proximity to Ararat...strange. Further, it was just announced that Homo Sapien teeth have been found that are two hundred thousand years older than the next oldest. If the occurrences of the bible were studied in today's terms, they would be considered close encounters of the third kind. Further yet, a close examination of certain biblical texts indicate knowledge on an equal footing with today's technology. It becomes clear, once all of the data is corelated, that something (someone) plays with the flow of spatial time, locally AND on a universal scale. Whatever, or whomever it is, is millions if not billions of years ahead of us. Peace

    • AcharneScribe profile image

      AcharneScribe 7 years ago from Richmond Hill, Ga

      Markbennis, what will blow your mind, if you want to prove aliens are real, you must also ask the question is bigfoot real, are ghost sightings real, telepathic communication real? And the kudegra, if aliens are the master of the universe and have monitored Earth for thousands of years, are there also aliens2 of the aliens1 who have monitored the aliens1 for millions of years…. Ok who created aliens2… In creation, you don’t have a destination to prove your existence, for the one who created matter and energy is not of matter and energy… simple right?

    • profile image

      markbennis 7 years ago

      The extraterrestrial connection is an obvious one in my opinion; I think we will learn so much more over the coming years about them.