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Apply to Indian River State College

Updated on September 17, 2012

Indian River State College


Indian River State College

Indian River State College (IRSC) has long been an academic institution of excellence. It has perhaps the most challenging curriculum for a small college in the state of Florida. It has most recently branched out to start its own medical school. IRSC has held firm it is commitments to academic excellence while providing a student centered education. Students are steered by academic advisors and the graduation and success rate of students at IRSC is very high as they are educated to be competitive in the job market.

But IRSC isn't just about the academics. It is also a wholesome caring community for students to develop, mature and transition to adulthood and subsequently their careers.

Located in the old historical town of Fort Pierce, Florida, IRSC provides all of its students with the opportunity for successful careers.

Need More Reasons to Apply

IRSC not only grants admission into adulthood but also prepares each student for the rigorous challenges of international employment.

And when a student has difficulty in course work IRSC offers on site labs to assist each and every student who wants to succeed. They merely need to have the ambition, drive and maturity to accomplish their goals and graduate.

They also offer online course work which enables students to spend more time working in their communities while pursing their academic goals. IRSC has always prepared it graduates to be successful at four year institutions, employment and life.


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