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Are Alien Android Servants Watching Us?

Updated on August 29, 2011
Grey Alien
Grey Alien
Anunnaki Android
Anunnaki Android

Sumerians and Nibiru

We have heard descriptions of so called aliens or we have probably seen artists’ impressions. The most common of these is called the “grey alien”.

Probably the most detailed records of an alien visit, is that of the ancient Sumerians. According to the translations of these writings the aliens came from a planet named Nibiru (also referred to as planet X), and they called themselves the Anunnaki.

According to these translations by Zecharia Sitchin and Lloyd Pye, the Annunaki told the Sumerians that they had mixed their genes with that of primitive humans which created the modern man. (The Bible says – The Gods made man in their own image and in their likeness).

Nibiru is said to be a planet in our solar system that orbits the Sun in the opposite direction from other planets and has an elliptical orbit that takes it, at its furthest point, 30,000,000,000 miles away from us.

What does this have to do with robots?

The Sumerians had figurines that looked similar to the “grey alien”. However these were not likenesses of the Anunnaki, rather they were the likeness of what the Anunnaki called their “Android Beings”.

The Anunnaki told the Sumerians that these were their helpers who assisting them in driving and other matters and that they were not “alive”.

Is it possible that we are a biological experiment of the Anunnaki? If so, then they would want to keep track of our progress. This would be difficult as their planet slipped away into the far reaches of its orbit. Unless of course, they had androids that they could leave behind, close to Earth, to keep a watch on us.

If this were the case, have the many so called sightings of aliens really been sightings of these robots?

We know that NASA has looked for signs of life on the Moon and Mars but have they looked for signs of android bases?


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    • profile image

      mike 6 years ago

      I think the insectoid and reptilian aliens created biological robot servants we call the greys and unfortunately,i think the greys are animated with human souls...

    • profile image

      Sparkster 6 years ago

      US Air Force text book, Introductory Space Sciences, claims that there are at least four extraterrestrial species monitoring planet Earth.

      John Lear claims there are 18 extraterrestrial races monitoring us and Sgt FC Cliff Stone claims they had catalogued 57 species of humanoid extraterrestrial by 1989.

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 6 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      According to my research there are 14 different species of Aliens watching us as we are a mix of their DNA. The Grey's or Bootes as they are from that star system are the abductors, having made agreements with Worldwide Governments to harvest our DNA in an effort to create hybrids so as to continue their species as it is dying off, due to too much cloning.

      The Moon used to be the Annunaki base for their settlements on Earth, but was lost in the War with Lyreans and is now in control by another species entirely.

      Evidently the control for our planet has been going on for millions of years and the coming Apocalypse is really an effort to give control to the current species of humans living on the surface as well as raising their consciousness to the next dimension.

    • sparkster profile image

      Sparkster Publishing 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      It's certainly interesting how many abductees describing the alien greys they incur to seem as though they have been programmed and they act robotic. From what I gather there are three different types of alien grey, the smaller ones seem to be the programmed android servants.