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Are Pyramids Really Egyptian?

Updated on March 3, 2013
The Great Pyramid of Khufu
The Great Pyramid of Khufu | Source

The Last Secret Door

A company from the UK, Scoutek UK, that was using a robot to film behind a previously secret door in one of the chambers of the Great Pyramid of Khufu, had to stop their work because of the Egyptian uprising. They now believe though, that they should be able to continue their work in 2012. They also believe that 2012 will be the year that they are allowed to actually open the shaft.

It is believed that the shaft about 8” wide may lead to yet another unknown chamber.

My confusion is though: if they think that there may yet be another chamber, how can they tout this as being the last final secret of the Great Pyramid?

Egyptian Hieroglphs
Egyptian Hieroglphs | Source

Ancient Egyptians

What we know about Pyramids is only what so called experts have told us. What is that?

OK, they say that they were built by the ancient Egyptians about 4500 years ago. They tell us that the Great Pyramid of Khufu contains about two and a half million stones and that these stones weigh about two and a half tons each. They tell us that these Pyramids were built to be tombs for the Pharaohs and that it took between 14 to 20 years to build the largest, the Great Pyramid of Khufu.

Let us look at these so called “facts”.

If there were two and a half million stones, taking 20 years means, one stone, each weighing two and a half tons, was accurately aligned, placed and set every four and a half minutes. That is not allowing any time for pauses, rest, darkness and bad weather. That is all without any machinery, not to mention that in the same time, each stone had to be accurately cut, transported and placed in position. This feat, even today with lasers to cut and align, probably could not be repeated.

Next they tell us that the Pyramids were used as tombs for the Pharaohs. I believe that no actual Pharaoh has been found in a Pyramid though. Yes a Sarcophagus is found but it is always empty. Experts tell us that this must be due to grave robbers. These Sarcophagi are heavy with very heavy lids. Why would the robber replace the lids?

Lastly, the experts talk of hieroglyphs [Ancient Egyptian writing]. As I understand it, although hieroglyphs have been found in the Valley of the Kings, no hieroglyphs have actually been found inside of Pyramids. Why is it that, although the Ancient Egyptians are renowned for writing everything down, they left no written reference to the building of the Pyramids?

Egyptian Sarcophagus
Egyptian Sarcophagus | Source

The Truth

Will we ever know the truth about the Pyramids?

Are the Egyptologists just misleading us or are they misleading themselves?

If the Egyptians did not build the Pyramids, then who did and for what purpose?

Is it possible that who ever built the Pyramids, promised the Pharaohs that they could use them as their tombs on their deaths, thereby gaining their favor and an abundant workforce to have at their disposal?

Of course, if this were true, then after the Pharaoh died, his body could be disposed of in any fashion.

Will 2012 reveal yet another hidden chamber and if it does, will it provide us with any of the answers?


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    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 6 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      It seems very interesting indeed that you have only had two other commentors, did you post this yesterday?

      Also have you ever read, The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock or The Stargate Conspiracy by Picknett and Prince?

      I suspect the Pyramids serve many purposes none of which are a tomb. I suspect that they are at least 10,000 years old if not older and that they are part of a World wide energy source. That they are also a puzzle for those that attain the wisdom to decipher them will know their purpose.

    • Rob S profile image

      Rob S 6 years ago

      The pyramids where more than likely there before the time of the Pharaohs. Even if they do find some kind of evidence that doesn’t coincide with the accepted historical point of view, it won’t be made public. Technology that helped build all those structures we can’t reproduce today, has been lost or (as conspiracy theorist say) simply made unavailable to the common population.

    • profile image

      gogogo 6 years ago

      As usual very interesting questions, hope we get the answers someday