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Are We Getting What We Ask For?

Updated on December 20, 2012

Shooting, Murders, Rapes, Violence!

Interesting times we are living in. Before you bash me for the title, I have no intention on getting people angry and seem insensitive after the shooting in CT. The reason for me writing this piece is to wake the world up and possibly prevent further problems.

Now, I am not an expert on this subject, but I sure can see it in action on small scales in my life and other people's lives. I believe the theory expands to the world at large.

This is the law of attraction. In it's simplest definition, you get what you think about the most. The Bible puts it "As A man thinketh, so is he". More importantly, it is what we think about the most and have the most emotion poured into that we can manifest.

My basic theory is that we, as human beings, have allowed our brains to become garbage dumps. Here are the dumpers:

The Boob Tube!

How many hours does the average person spend in front of it? Recently it has been said that kids spend an average of MORE than 32 hours per week watching TV. What are they watching? Death, drugs, abortion, rape, murder, sex, violence. I remember when an R rated movie was made only for adults! However, the adults are programming their minds as well! With mostly negative things. Why do you think they call it TV "programming".

We watch the news when we get up. What a way to start your day! The news beats the drum of all of the items mentioned above! Then we watch the news before we go to bed and let that sink in overnight.

You may say, oh, I do not think about these things. You may not be thinking of the consciously, but your subconscious is working 24/7 and you are slowly baking your brain in these ideas.

Radio - Music

This is probably worse for our young people. You can hardly see a kid withOUT earphones in these days. They are constantly listening to music. We, as adults, also have it on in our cars.

What is the significance? Look at the lyrics! Sex, drugs, violence. Over and over and over. My 16 year old listens constantly! Oh, she doesn't listen to the lyrics! The beat is so good. Sound familiar??

You may be just listening to the beat, but your subconscious is listening to the lyrics. Over and over and over. Ask any 16 year old to name 3 Presidents and they will most likely be unable to do it. However, they can repeat and song you ask!

What is sad is that the song by Kesha has been pulled off the air now. Why? Because it is inappropriate! See the article below! Oh, and she claims she was forced to sing it! JOKE! Tell her to give back all the money then!

What's your kid listening to EVERY day?

Video Games

Remember when the most violent video game was Atari Tank?

How about now? Kids spending literally hours playing Call of Duty (COD). My daughter told me of a friend who pulled an all nighter playing this game. Shooting up everything in sight. I wonder why kids snap when they have played this for hours?

I could spend hours on this subject, but the bottom line is that when you play these games repeatedly, you will become violent!


Are we getting what we ask for?

Drug Problems?





What you think about, you bring about!

What you put in your mind, you think about.

What are you putting in your mind?


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