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The dangers of consuming GMO foods. If bugs won't eat them should humans?

Updated on February 11, 2018

Intellect vs.instinct


the power of "knowing" as distinguished from the power of 'feel', and the power to 'will'. The capacity for rational and intelligent thought [Webster's dictionary]



a largely inheritable and unalterable tendency by an organism to make a complete and specific response to environmental stimuli without involving reason and for the purpose of removing somatic tension.

Behavior that is mediated by reactions below the conscious level. [Webster's dictionary]

Brain Power or Instinct

The distinctions between intellect and instinct are both originated in the brain, but each use a different method
The distinctions between intellect and instinct are both originated in the brain, but each use a different method | Source

Humans vs. bugs

First of all, bugs have survived on this planet long before the dawn of man, thereby having the first leg up on humans.

While both have evolved over the vast millenia to adapt to their environments; both have taken different directions in their interactions with nature.

Man today exploits 'nature' to the point of destruction; bringing it to the brink of no return. And in some cases beyond the event horizon; when they exploit plants and animals into extinction.

Insects need "nature" to survive; and they actually enhance it rather than destroy it.

The oldest species on our planet

The invincible cockroach
The invincible cockroach | Source

Mutual relationships

Man makes a conscious decision to alter what nature has provided; without any forethought to the permanent damages being done to nature's gifts.

Gifts that support human life with a symbiosis that man can never surpass.

Mankind has evolved to dependency on a necessary symbiotic relationship between man and nature in which the intimate 'living together' is a mutually beneficial one. [plants provide necessary nutrition for man's survival and man harvests and protects plants to provide that needed nutrition].

Insects make no demands on nature beyond their basic needs; and certainly have no conscious intention to change what mother nature has provided for their survival.

Insects are needed to pollinate plants to ensure their survival, so the symbiotic relationship between the two are both obvious and relevant..

Plant pollinators


Adapting to change

Man makes a conscious choice to attempt to improve on mother nature.

When those attempts go beyond the acceptable limits everything suffers and mankind pays a high price for this arrogant tampering with nature.

Unilateral decisions to change the "nature" of the foods we eat is foolhardy, careless, reckless, and dangerous.

Especially when considering why these changes are being made. They are strictly for monetary profits and ultimately the total control over the world's food supply.

It is unclear whether man, as a species, can survive this kind of food supply tampering without total annihilation of the human race.

And yet, here we are today, in the midst of a dangerous experiment on human beings, that is sanctioned by an ignorant and greedy government that that has no regard for the real potential for disastrous consequences beyond our wildest imaginations.

Insects simply adapt to these absurd changes by humans.

In man's attempt to control insects and weeds by permanently modifying the plants we eat with poisonous chemicals on a genetic level; the insects simply "evolve" and morph into a new, larger, and more dangerous species.

This tampering by a minority for financial gain produces unknown dangers and unforeseen consequences to mankind and nature itself.

Perhaps one day in the future when it is discovered that this process is detrimental to the survival of the human species as we know it today, this will be viewed in our history books as the largest genocidal blunder in the history of man.

Time travelers from the future? Perhaps the product of genetic shifting caused by GMO foods

Making choices

Insects do not have to "make choices". They simply evolve and adapt to their environments as we see with the development of super-weeds and super-bugs coming into existence.

Most insects as we know them today, will not eat the poisonous new G.M.O. foods by instinct. They "adapt" by evolution to become a new species that can tolerate the poisons in the new foods they find themselves faced with.

But what of mankind? Will man also simply evolve and adapt? And if so, adapt into what? --the small greys that occasionally abduct humans for experiments?

The possibilities of man's progression is boundless and restricted only by our imaginations, education, and desire to grow into a species that will one day be an active part of the extra terrestrial environment.

Perhaps one day when mankind grows, and develops the use of our brain power from 10% to 100% such things as travel beyond the speed of light and time, will become a reality and common place.

If that is so, and comes to pass in the future, then we must face the fact today that the future is already written and the 'greys' are visiting the past to find out why humans managed to destroy humanity for the sake of greed and power.

We can never know if this is reality or not. But we must ask ourselves if taking that chance is worth the price man will pay in the future to continue along the destructive path we are now on.

This unknown path that has the potential to change the genetic structure of man to evolve into a complete new species.

Do we think humanity is beyond genetic shifting in order to adapt to a more hostile environment as the insect world is doing all around us in response to man's reckless behavior today? If so, we must rethink the possibilities of the damage we are causing to future generations.

And will the next few generations be left to face these insults (assaults on nature) when the results of today's experimenting reaches its fruition? If our future is already written then there is no need to try to change it. Or, if our future is fluid and can be changed before it happens we must stop this assault on ourselves to insure that the human species remains as it is and as it should be in the future.

Only time will tell. And we living today will not be around to be affected by what we so foolishly do today. Our next generations do not deserve this kind of unrestrained assault.

by: Independent Mind 06/28/2014

© 2014 IndependentMind


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    • IndependentMind profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago


      My apologies for taking so long to respond to your comments. I have been away from HP for many months pursuing other interests and am guilty of neglecting this account.

      Thank you for reading and leaving your comments. I see this phenomenon in the U.S. (the proliferation of GMO products on our grocery shelves) as a crime against the people, perpetrated by the greedy food industries in their insatiable lust for money, and the politicians who are too ignorant to understand the potential harm they may be wreaking on the American people by selling their votes to protect the likes of Monsanto, et al, in order to make money off the exploitation of the general public's health and safety to which they were elected to protect.

    • Richard1988 profile image


      4 years ago from Hampshire - England

      This was superbly written and a really interesting read! I'm also intrigued about your comment about the GMO broccoli. Just goes to show we shouldn't be putting that stuff in our bodies doesn't it?!

    • IndependentMind profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago


      thanks for reading and leaving your comments. Perhaps i was too literal in my article. It was meant to show the bad side effects of genetically modifying our foods, and how bugs are smart enough to not eat those GMO foods when people are not.

      If you take pieces of genetically modified broccoli, and pieces of organic grown broccoli and put them outside on the ground, side by side, bugs will eat the organic broccoli but will not touch the GMO broccoli.

      I have done this experiment a few weeks ago, and the organic broccoli is long gone, but the GMO broccoli is still sitting on the ground untouched.

    • Thelma Alberts profile image

      Thelma Alberts 

      4 years ago from Germany and Philippines

      A thought provoking hub for me. I have never thought about this until now. I think we humans are smarter than bugs. Thanks for sharing this to us. Happy new week!

    • IndependentMind profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago


      thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments. When bugs bite us, or cause us harm we can just slap them out of existence.

      Unfortunately, we can not do that with some of our politicians, Monsanto, or some of our hate spreading religious leaders for that matter. (at least legally) l.0.l.

    • IndependentMind profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Thanks temptor94.

      Glad you found it interesting. Although insects feed on humans they do not deliberately set out to alter, manipulate, damage or destroy anything around them as man does for selfish and greedy reasons.

      So, it would be prudent to see bugs as more intelligent than man, or at least more inherently less destructive by their very nature.

      Besides, insects have many of the same attributes of humans (they live in family units, they hunt in packs, they reproduce, etc..), but they do not live their lives deliberately harming others for personal gains (with the exception, of course of cannibal instincts necessary for survival).

      And also comparing their mental capacities to those of our politicians, the bugs win every time.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      A wonderful insight to the intelligence of bugs and humans. I sometimes think bugs are smarter. ''Only time will tell.'' Voted up, useful and interesting.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Really interesting thoughts :) It could be possible, for their size, their proportionate intelligence could definitely be more, compared to the infinite stupidity that the much larger-sized humans display :)


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