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Atlantis Was on Mars

Updated on March 2, 2013

Egyptians and Martians


The Meeting

In 2009, in Bern Switzerland, at a meeting of reporters and scientists, Swiss scientists claimed they had proof that Atlantis, had been on Mars and that the inhabitants had traded with ancient Egypt.

They also claimed that they had proof that King Tut., had in fact died on a space shuttle belonging to Atlantis.

For the first part, Dr. Stephan Weisz said that the United States had secret photos, taken by their Martian probes, which clearly show the ruins of temples on the Martian landscape. He believed that the Martian civilization was destroyed when a meteorite hit the planet at a time when Egypt was still in its prime.

For the second part, an Egyptologist and colleague of Dr. Weisz, Conrad Vetsch said that they had recently deciphered some Egyptian scrolls. These scrolls clearly describe shuttles transporting human like extraterrestrials to a “mother ship”.

They stated that what had first been thought to be a glider, found in King Tut’s tomb, was in fact a replica of one of these shuttles. The scrolls also, supposedly say how King Tut died in a crash whilst in one of these shuttles.

Lastly, they believed Atlantis was on Mars because the scrolls tell of a civilization “in the vast, black ocean of space”.

Glider or Shuttle?

Found in Tomb
Found in Tomb

The Response

Surprisingly the scientists present did not reject this theory. In fact most supported the theory that ancient Egyptians were in contact and traded with extraterrestrials.

There was however some disagreement to Atlantis actually being on Mars.

Dr. Seth Rausch, a German historian said although he didn’t doubt that Egyptians were in contact with aliens, it was unfair to link Mars with Atlantis until the ruins on Mars could be properly investigated.

Norwegian astronomer Elling Gade agreed. However she did concede that Atlantis could have been the Earth base for the Martians.

In the Dark

How come none of these scientists were surprised about temples on Mars?

How come these scientists seemed to know of scripts that possibly prove the inter action of ancient Egypt and aliens?

What else is it that the scientific elite are aware of, that we are not?

Why is it that they think our history, and things that may determine who we are, are none of our concern?

Or, is it just that they think the more secrets they have, the more important they are?


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    • daskittlez69 profile image

      daskittlez69 5 years ago from midwest

      I have believed in Atlantis forever, and was always amazed by Edgar Cayce's insights into it. This is the 1st I have heard about the scientists' claims in 2009. I will have to look into it. Thanks for the HUb. Here is your up!

    • profile image

      PenMePretty 6 years ago from Franklin

      Bet we would be shocked if we knew the truths of what lies

      above us...great writing...

    • carcro profile image

      Paul Cronin 6 years ago from Winnipeg

      I love all this alien stuff, how could there not be life elsewhere? Real interesting, thanks for sharing...

    • Alastar Packer profile image

      Alastar Packer 6 years ago from North Carolina

      If real that is an intriguing enlargement. Hoaglands 'Dark Mission' is pretty good for anyone wanting to find out the evidence for an ancient civilization and artifacts on Mars. Nah, its no surprise any scientists' worth their salt would be surprised about it; and who knows, they may already know.

    • ThompsonPen profile image

      Nicola Thompson 6 years ago from Bellingham, WA

      well, Atlantis has to be somewhere :) I'm intrigued to see if this theory becomes widely popular. I love stuff like this. thanks for sharing friend!