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Book Review on the Book of Job, Part 1

Updated on August 27, 2013


One of the oldest books of the inspired Scriptures. A book that is held in the highest esteem and that is often quoted, yet one that is little understood by mankind.

Why was this book written, and what value does it have for us today? The answer is indicated in the meaning of Job’s name: “Object of Hostility.” Yes, this book takes up two important questions: Why do the innocent suffer? Why does God permit wickedness in the Earth? We have the record of Job’s suffering and his great endurance. It has all been written down, just as Job requested — Job 19:23,24.

This research paper has been planned for the purpose of satisfying man’s inquisitiveness about integrity. To give full assurance that any man can endure the hardest trial he may en­counter during his lifetime.



The researcher wish to express HIS sincere gratitude to Regildo F. Ramirez for the assistance extended to him.

To all HIS friends and classmates who in one way or another extended their support.

To all those who would appreciate this research work.



Title: Book of Job: An Interpretation

Researcher: ronytparagas

Type of Document: Research Paper

Accrediting Institution:

Address: Pangasinan, Region I, Philippines

This study entitled “Book of Job: An Interpretation” was conducted by ronytparagas and was presented to the faculty of ……… — the accrediting institution of this research paper for the school year …………….

This deals with the entire book of Job in the Holy Bible.

Job, who evidently lived in the period between the death of Joseph and the time of Moses as described as a man who had “proved to be blameless and upright, and fearing God and turning aside from bad.” (Job 1:1) That human integrity forms part of the issue between Jehovah God and Satan is clear from God’s question­ing his adversary about Job when Satan appeared during an angelic assembly in the courts of heaven. Satan imputed false motive to Job’s worship of God, alleging that Job served not out of pure devotion but for selfish benefits. He thereby placed in question Job’s integrity to God. Permitted to divest Job of his vast possessions and children as long as he could save his own skin. Thereafter stricken with a painful, consuming disease, subjected to dissuasion from his own wife and to disparaging criticism and slurs from companions who misrepresented God’s standards and purposes, Job’s response was: “Until I expire I shall not take away my integrity from myself! On my justness I have laid hold, and I shall not let it go; my heart will not taunt me for any of my days.” (Job 27:5,6) His maintaining integrity demonstrated that God’s adversary was a liar.

Satan’s challenging statements in Job’s case show he held the position that all persons could be drawn away from God’s side, that none served out of a purely unselfish motive. Thus humans, as well as God’s spirit sons, have the remarkable privi­lege of contributing to the vindication and sanctification of God’s name and demonstrating their support of Jehovah’s sover­eignty, doing so by a course of integrity. The ones “blameless in their way are a pleasure” to the Almighty God.

Integrity is possible for imperfect humans. Since all men are imperfect and unable to measure up perfectly to God’s stand­ards, it is evident that their integrity does not mean perfection of action or speech. Rather, the Scriptures show it means whole­ness or completeness of heart devotion.

Integrity is therefore not restricted to any one aspect of human conduct; it does not apply just to matters obviously “religious.” It is a way of life.


The researchers would like to dedicate their work to those who are facing hard trial; and to those who are determined to make their stumbling blocks as stepping stones.



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