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Book Review on the Book of Job, Part 2

Updated on August 27, 2013



This chapter contains the background, the importance, the scope and delimitation of the study, definition of terms, state­ment of the problem and the methodology.

Background of the Study

The book of Job is written by Moses, according to both Jewish and early Christian scholars. Its poetry, language, and style indicate that it was originally written in Hebrew. The many similarities to the Pentateuch in the prose portion of the book tend to point to Moses as the writer. During the 40-year stay in Midian, Moses could have had access to the facts about Job’s trial, and he likely learned of the outcome of Job’s life when Israel came near Uz on the way to the Promised Land, in 1473 B.C.E.

The book of Job is unique in that it consists largely of a debate between a true servant of Jehovah God and three others who claimed to serve God but who erred in doctrine in their attempts to correct Job. Job, they mistakenly thought, was being punished by God for some grievous hidden sin. Thus, arguing on this basis, they actually became Job’s persecutors. The debate consist of a series of three rounds of speeches, in which all four speakers participate, except that Zophar does not speak in the last round having been silenced by Job’s argument. Thereafter all are corrected by Jehovah’s spokesman Elihu and finally by God him­self.

Importance of the Study

In terms of academic, the Book of Job surpasses mythical records found in many books. The situations are written for all humans to understand the big issue facing every individual. An issue challenging each one of us to hold fast our integrity. Integrity to our Supreme creator, integrity to our parents, integrity to our employer, our teachers, integrity to our mate, and lastly integrity to oneself.

To study the book of Job is essential, in conjunction with Genesis 3:1-6 and other scriptures, in revealing the great issue of the righteousness of God in his exercise of sovereignty as well as the manner in which the integrity of God’s earthly serv­ants is involved in the issue. This issue Job did not understand, but he, nevertheless, did not allow his three companions to make him doubt that he had been a man of integrity. He did not under­stand why his calamity came upon him, since he was no practicer of sin. He was off balance on the matter of self-justification, no doubt being pushed farther in that direction by the constant charges of his three companions. He was also mistaken in insist­ing on receiving an answer from God as to why he was suffering, when he should realized that no one can rightly say to Jehovah: “Why did you make me this way?” Nevertheless, Jehovah mercifully answered Job, both through his servant Elihu and by speaking to Job from the windstorm. The book therefore strongly drives home the wrong-ness of attempting to justify oneself before God.


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    • profile image

      Mariane 3 years ago

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    • profile image

      Chunduru 3 years ago

      To be a Prime Minister, one need to have majority seats in the prnmialeat. It is not easy to secure more then 41 seats in next general election. It is better to go for the post of President. Mr Tan must make sure that you don't have any "black mark" in your career record. Otherwise those shamless people will dig it out and embrass you.

    • profile image

      Gabriela 3 years ago

      "I understand ONE of the critreia .... "Then he ended by saying: "I dont think there are ANY OTHER critreia."HUH???In any case, its for the three wise men to determine if the applicant receives the COE (certificate of eligibility). Besides the quantifiable qualifications, there are some critreia (such as man of integrity and of good character) which are pretty subjective.Best wishes.

    • Benbalsam Lee profile image

      Benbalsam Lee 6 years ago from Malaysia

      This is my penny thought on -quote "He did not understand why his calamity came upon him, since he was no practicer of sin"

      It is Job's belief. Following his arguments and defenses of his integrity,there was not a single word mention of Satan. He only believes or rather know in his world that there is only one deity- God.. He did not know that there is an anti-deity-Satan who is creating those havocs .Thank God we do! He did not have a chance to read chapter 1:6-12 or chapter 2: 1-7.This is a case of lack of knowledge even if he held his head high with a clear tone- I did nothing wrong..

      He did not have a chance to read

    • profile image

      orlan 7 years ago

      I really like studying and reading the bible, for this reason I appreciated the effort behind this article for it gives me additional knowledge about the book of Job.