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Book Review on the Book of Job, Part 3

Updated on August 27, 2013

Scope and Delimitation of the Study

This study is concerned only with the entire book of Job from the Holy Bible.

Definition of Terms

Job [Object of Hostility]. A man living in the land of Uz, in what is now Arabia. This would indicate that Job lived in Uz at about the time that his distant cousins, the 12 tribes of Israel, were in slavery down in the land of Egypt. By then Joseph the son of Jacob (Israel) had died (1657 B.C.E.) after he had endured much unjust suffering but had kept his blamelessness toward Jehovah God.

Integrity Moral soundness, completeness, one’s being blameless and faultless. In few cases, it mean simply the idea of honest motive, innocence as to wrong intention.

Jehovah [He Causes to Become] The personal name of God. Though Scripturally designated by such descriptive titles as “God,” “Sovereign Lord,” “Creator,” “Father,” “the Almighty,” and “the Most High,” his personality and attributes—who and what he is — are fully summed up and expressed only in this personal name. “Jehovah” is the best know English pronunciation of the divine name, although “Yahweh” is favored by most Hebrew schol­ars.

Satan [Resister] the chief Adversary of God. He is a spirit person, not to an abstract principle of evil. He was once an angel of God; but he did not stand fast with his integri­ty hence he was later called Satan.

Statement of the Problem

This study attempted to interpret the entire book of Job in the Holy Bible. Specifically it attempts to answer the following questions:

1. Why can we say that the book of Job is a book of integ­rity?

2. What shows that the book of Job indicates that it is possible for an imperfect man to hold his integrity beyond any circumstances?

3. What benefit we can have by holding our integrity?

4. Why does upright people suffer?

5. What is the universal issue facing every individual between the Supreme Creator and Man?


The content analysis method of investigation was used in this study. The entire book of Job will be analyzed in the context of the values it contained.

The data and interpretation was presented in textual form. Parallel studies conducted by earlier generations and Bible scholars were also considered.

This study is not intended to preach. The manner in which the story is presented along with the interpretations is based solely from the researchers’ point of view. Any personal belief and understanding of the reader that may differ from the re­searchers interpretation is not at issue. What the researchers are trying to drive home is the universal benefit we can acquire from this particular piece of literature.


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    • Sun Pen 50 profile image

      Sun Pen 50 6 years ago from Srilanka

      Great. I do not believe in a creator. But Old testament was one of my all time favorites. Thanks for publishing your paper here so that more people can read it.Up/beautiful.