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Is There A Link Between Creativity and Depression

Updated on July 18, 2017

My personal experiences with creativity and depresson

When I first started to show signs of mental instability I often found it hard to be creative during the bad times. However I have always had a great overactive imagination and I soon found my self emerged in it as an escape from my state of mind. Over the years as I learned to write my feelings down I found a way to release my creativity onto the page and started to write more and more. As time passed I also found art to be a great healer and today I often create digital art work that I use within my stories.

A selection of my art work that spans my moods.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

The above images are just a small selection of what I have created over the years.

The poem to the left came out of a really bad day at work.

The Breakdown

I’m feeling sad

Slightly depressed

The smallest thing

May push me over the edge

Most people don’t see it

Until its to late

When I’ve snapped

My temper changed

Then they see me as a threat

But that’s not me

And some people see

That something is wrong

And offer their help

To pull me through

And make me strong

They believe in me

What come out of your head and flows onto paper or screen may be very dark imagery if you are in the grip of a depression episode. What appears on the page will be a visual manifestation of your thoughts and feelings. This is why it is good to put pen to paper when you are depressed.

Depression And Music

Another thing I often do when I feel down is pick up my Guitar and just play around with some cords and pick out some notes. When I was younger I would do the same with a keyboard as well.

Music is very therapeutic and if you play an instrument it can be another creative thing that can be driven by your mood.

In conclusion

You should never let depression get the better of you. Always write or even draw your feelings.

Lots of people feel unable to function while in the grip of a depressive episode but if you can take pen or pencil to paper you can change that and get your creativity flowing. This is a great therapy for depression sufferers and art classes are often used in hospitals to help with recovery.

So yes Depression can spur creativity as long as you don't let it get the better of you. Learn to control your depressive state of mind using your creativity and you may be surprised at what you can acheive.


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    • Wendy L Henderson profile image

      Wendy Henderson 2 years ago from PA

      This is very interesting. I find some of my best writing is when I am down. I can really get deep with my writings. I wish you all the best.

    • autoimmune profile image

      autoimmune 2 years ago from United Kingdom

      interesting write up. i like the tow lines in the middle.

      { Then they see me as a threat }

      { But that’s not me }

      to express my thoughts, I would say that's not you, that's the pills in you messing up your genes, disturbing your immune system from its natural state, so the nerve system letting you know something is wrong.