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Common Fears of Hypnosis

Updated on October 20, 2013

The Origins of Fear of Hypnosis

Many people have some underlying fears and reservations about Hypnotists, and Hypnosis. These fears often prevent people from ever using Hypnosis to their benefit for solving a problem or self improvement.

These fears have developed from a variety of misinformation, surrounding the subject of hypnosis.

Among these common fears:

  • I will be made to do something I do not want to do.
  • I will made to perform embarrassing tasks, quack like a duck, run down the street naked.
  • I will get stuck in trance.
  • I will be taken advantage of in trance.
  • I will not be in control of what happens to me in trance.
  • I willl not know what is going on in transe.

Most fears run along these lines, all listed above are false.

Office Space Trailer

The reality of Hypnosis

Hypnosis; simply put, is the process by which a subject is guided to a relaxed brain wave state in which the subconscious can be dealt with without the interruptions of the conscious mind. In this state suggestions are introduced to the subject with the objective to produce or modify an existing thought or behavior.

The Reality:

  • Under hypnosis and individual is completely aware of what is going on around them at all times.
  • An individual has the full capacity to choose in or out of being in hypnosis throughout the process.
  • An individual has the full capacity to choose to accept or not accept any suggestion being given in hypnosis.
  • If an emergency arises in trance a subject will react appropriately, you can not get stuck in trance.
  • An individual is fully capable of walking of stopping participation at any time during hypnosis.
  • An individual will do only those things that they are willing to do, things that do not go against their basic life governing values. If you see someone quacking like a duck under hypnosis it is because they are willing to do so.
  • An indidvidual willl only accept suggestions that align with their basic life governing values.

If this is true why have so many adopted such a skewed view of hypnosis?

Most people have only been exposed to hypnosis through stage hypnosis, or hearsay.

In stage hypnosis the intent of the hypnotists is to entertain by way of demonstrating that people will do what they say. The thing that stage hypnotists are very good at is weeding out those from the audience who are willing to do what they are asked, those from the audience that have an interest in entertaining also, those that are seen on stage have a willingness to be doing whatever it is that they are doing, yes they are choosing to participate in whatever ridiculous thing they may be doing.

Over time Hypnosis has also picked up some stereo types out of misuse and from misrepresentation in television and movies. The movie Office Space is a good current example of this. While being a highly entertaining film on many levels, it inaccurately depicts a man who gets stuck in hypnotic transe when his hypnotist dies mid session.

Hypnosis has a wide variety of beneficial applications. It is used for things such as, stopping smoking, weight loss, habit change, pain management, hypnobirthing, forensics, regression, stress management, and the list goes on. With so many beneficial applications it is a shame that so much irrational fear keeps people from utilizing the power of hypnosis.

There is no reason to be fearful of Hypnosis, if you are considering hypnosis treatment make sure that your hypnotist is properly certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists. The NGH is in place to enforce quality standards of treatment and ethics provided by Hypnotists. After that just make sure to choose a professional that you like, it is always easier to work with someone you like.


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