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7 Cool And Easy Experiments To Do At Home

Updated on April 5, 2016
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Preparing For An Easy Experiment

The keyword is EASY.

Let me see. You have a preschooler at home with you and right now, what you want is to be able to do an activity with him/her. An activity that's not only fun but also educational, right? You don't want to have to buy a science kit to get the activity started. All you really want is to get the items in your kitchen and get started.

Well, I've got you covered. Here are 7 easy science experiments that you can easily do at home right now.

1. The Oobleck Experiment

There's no easier and fun experiment than Oobleck. All you need are corn starch and water and ta dah! you've got yourself something that kids can both learn from and play with.

So what makes oobleck fun? Well, it becomes both liquid and solid depending on how you handle it! How can that not be fun?

You'll find that kids easily warm up to this experiment. Just remember that it is a very messy experiment so make sure you've got surfaces covered as the corn starch can really go everywhere and it takes a while to get rid of the "whiteness".

At the start, kids would just be content playing with it using their hands. But you can make it even more interesting by using some items to handle it like strainers. You can also make a few batches with different colors and make an art explosion.

What You Need:

  • corn starch
  • water

2. The Volcano Eruption Experiment

The Volcano eruption experiment is one of the most popular experiments that kids want to know online. In fact, it seems to be used a lot in many science fair projects.- Use the same concepts for many different kinds of experiments just to make it more fun. Freeze it. Use gelatin. Use etc

What's really going on here is a simple chemistry experiment. See what happens when you combine baking soda and vinegar -- add a little bit of red food coloring and you get yourself a mini volcano explosion.

Obviously, this isn't what lava is made of but it is fun to watch plus you can discuss how mixing different substances makes a completely new substance.

Note: Don't be limited to volcanos. Using the same mixture, you can make this even more fun for kids. For example, you can freeze a colored baking soda + water mixture and then spray it with vinegar!

What You Need:

  • small water bottle
  • baking soda
  • vinegar
  • Optional: paper mache volcano

3. Frozen Ice Powers Like Elsa

Ok. This isn't the easiest experiment. But it's so fun I thought you might want to give it a try. What's most important with this experiment is to make sure that the water is just at the right temperature in the freezer (and that you don't shake it too much) just before you start your freezing powers. It's really fun and your kids will surely enjoy it too.

Once you get the right temperature to get the water to behave like this, why not freeze a lot of them at the same time and have all the fun you can have for a whole hour?

What You Need:

  • a glass of mineral water
  • freezer

4. Mini Water Cycle Experiment

Here's a great way to teach water cycle to kids. This is best done on a hot summer's day so you can do the experiment outside where it takes a much quicker time to see the cycle. I find that i f you use a lamp (which some other instructions says), it takes a much longer time and young kids will just get bored of it.

What You Need:

  • a big glass bowl
  • small bowl
  • playdough
  • water
  • blue food coloring
  • the sun!

5. The Walking Water Experiment

The walking water experiment looks a great work of art. It is. But it's also a look at capillary action.

This experiment shows how water moves from the roots to the leaves in plants and trees. By doing this experiment, kids can easily see how this phenomenon happens.

Now remember, that the movement of the water doesn't happen very quickly. So bear this in mind if you have an impatient little child who just wants to see it all happen right now.

What you need:

  • drinking glasses
  • Kitchen paper
  • different food coloring

6.Sugar Water Density Experiment

If you've spent any amount of time watching science experiments on Youtube, you've probably come across the crazy Russian hacker. He does some fun experiments.

Here's one on the density of sugar.

This is what you do. In different containers, make a mixture of sugar and water. Each container should have different amounts of sugar. The first container will have no sugar at all, the second one will have a tablespoon, the third one, two tablespoons and so on.

Once you have your mixtures ready. You slowly pour them into one glass, starting with the mixture with the most amount of sugar. You'll soon find that the one with most sugar stays in the bottom and the one without any floats on top. This is because the mixture with the most sugar is more dense than the one without.

What you Will Need:

  • glasses
  • food coloring
  • sugar

7. Soda Geyser Car Rocket

How about a little Physics experiment? This is a pretty fun one that many kids love doing.

Ok. You'll be wasting quite a lot of soda- But who cares? It's full of sugar. So you probably don't need in their in your fridge anyway? :-)

You don't need this experiment to just be a car. You can use the same mentos + soda concept by simply putting mentos on a standing bottle of soda and all that soda will shoot off into the air - which is a fun thing to watch too! You can even expand your experiment by using different kinds of soda and see which ones goes the highest!

What You Will Need:

  • soda
  • toy car
  • mentos

What Do You Think Of These Simple Science Experiments For Kids?

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