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Costa Concordia or Polar Shift

Updated on August 24, 2013

Costa Concordia

Notice how close the ship was to shore, although cruise ships do come close to offer passengers good views this was done on purpose, or was it?
Notice how close the ship was to shore, although cruise ships do come close to offer passengers good views this was done on purpose, or was it? | Source

2011 Weather

Polar Shift?

The wreck of the cargo ship Rena off the coast of New Zealand.
The wreck of the cargo ship Rena off the coast of New Zealand. | Source

Straight Zeta Talk

Here is an excerpt straight from the pages of the Zeta Talk website, that explains the cover-up and how the Government intends to mislead the public during the ongoing Polar Shift.

Although this information is from channeled sources and is suspect only because every group has it's own agenda, the information has proofed incredible accurate.

Has the cover-up over the presence of Planet X decided to blind the public? There has been intense discussion over the past few months over what the US government is providing to the public that can prove ZetaTalk accuracy. We predicted, in late 2009, the 7 of 10 scenarios, whereby major plate movements would occur. The buoy data has been used to signal when the Pacific is compressing, when the Indo-Australian Plate is rising on the eastern end or sinking on the Pakistan side. Buoy data shows when there is activity along the spine of the Andes, or in the Caribbean, and it certainly would be used to signal to the people of Europe that a tsunami was heading their way!

Why blind the public? Of course it is because they hope to make it difficult to track the plate movements, identifying where and when they occur. Reducing multiple programs that provide data to the public makes it easier to manipulate the data. The cover-up wants all data sources to be in step, flawlessly. That this is being put into place at the same time that the live seismographs all went blank, to accommodate new software, is not a mere coincidence. It has been noted in the past that the live seismographs have been dialed down, to be less sensitive, else they would be entirely black all the time, these days.

This is all too-little-too-late, of course, as the plate movements are no longer debatable, no longer needing statistics or sensitive instruments presenting graphs as proof. The plate movements are arriving in the homes of the snoozing public as moaning Earth, a Sun rising or setting in the wrong position, earthquakes that rattle their homes but are denied by the USGS. The public in general does not go to these US sites, such as buoy maps or live seismographs. They don't even know they exist. What they do is access the Internet, which the establishment would love to shut down, but as the SOPA disasters shows, cannot.

Not the Only Ship . . .

The Costa Concordia ran aground or capsized on Friday, January 13, 2012, but it is not the only Ocean going vessel that experienced disaster that weekend, just the only one well publicized. This was done to distract the public from the truth, because if they knew that many other ships in different parts of the World had experienced the same disaster, around the same time, they might begin to Connect The Dots . . . One World Disaster at a Time. Costa Concordia or Polar Shift reveals the disinformation being spread on a daily basis to keep the public in the dark about a growing trend that soon will be undeniable to all.

I do not ask one to believe anything in this article, only to make my readers aware of these events so that they make up their own minds. According to NASA the Earth's poles have been shifting at the gradual rate of 40 miles a year since 2003 and this shift is beginning to increase as the Earth's mantle is affected by a growing gravitational disturbance.

In previous articles I have noted this disturbance is due to the planet Nibiru, to much ridicule and disbelief. However this has not stopped my pursuit of the truth, only created a environment of more diligent research and motivation, so thank you!

Although the cruise ship accident happened on Friday, January 13, there is some confusion as to how and why it happened the way it did.

Why did the ship partially sink? Modern cruise ships are designed to remain afloat even after two of their water-tight compartments are breached, says Richard Pellew, who inspects cruise ships for the United Kingdom's Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

Why did the ship list or lean to the opposite side of the damage, if it was taking on water the side that was damaged would be the heaviest and would naturally lean in that direction?

Why would the Captain of the Costa Concordia feel the need to run his ship aground knowing that it might hinder the crews efforts to safely remove the passengers? There are far more questions than answers to this disaster, but what I find most interesting is that Captain Schettino only maneuvered the vessel into it's final resting spot after the initial impact. Meaning the Costa Concordia was damaged first then was run aground.

Maritime experts say it's unclear when information from the black box will be released because Italian prosecutors are pursuing criminal charges against Schettino. The criminal case must be resolved before any accident investigation begins.

So we may not know what really happened until after a criminal trial takes place, by that time many will have forgotten and moved on, Hmmm!

Sharjah: An oil tanker, belonging to a UAE-based diesel company sank early Sunday morning around 6:15 a.m. The ship was anchored 500 metres from Al Hamriya Port, north west of Sharjah city, a Coast Guard official told Gulf News.

This tanker name Lady Moon had dropped anchor close to port due to strong winds, according to the Captain of the vessel. An official who spoke on the condition of anonymity said that while waiting for the wind to subside the anchor was 'cut'. He went on to say that the crew then tried to drive the ship into the Al Hamriya port, but due to equipment failure and an unresponsive steering mechanism, they lost control of the vessel and it began to sink.

The Sierra Leone-flagged Edirne sank on early Sunday morning January 15, 2012 about five kilometres from a harbour in Durres. The incident is still under investigation and the cause for the disaster is unknown at this time. The Edirne was a fuel tanker and had just unloaded a cargo of fuel in the port city of Durres.

Witnesses say that they saw an explosion and shortly afterwards the smoking vessel sank. Two crew members are confirmed dead and twelve were rescued, although the captain still remains missing.

Grieving Egyptian Abdo Mohamad arrived in Union Hall, Co Cork, yesterday after being discharged from hospital and agonisingly watched the ongoing search for his brother, Wael, aged 32, and the other occupants of the trawler Tit Bonhomme which sank after hitting rocks in Glandore Bay around 6am last Sunday. By Sean O’Riordan, Glandore

This incident that occurred off the coast of Ireland was due to high winds and turbulent seas, the Tit Bonhomme was a fishing trawler with an experienced Captain that knew the area well.

Little is said or written about the incident which remains under investigation, but like the other vessels it hit rocks in the early morning hours of Sunday, January 15, 2012.

All four vessels experienced similar tragedies due to in-climate weather in different waters of the same general area of the World. The disasters all happened at about the same time, with three of the ships sinking early Sunday morning. Three of the four vessels supposedly hit rocks and sank or capsized quickly. The fourth exploded, burned and sank within thirty minutes.

To understand how this could have happened to four different ships almost simultaneously, we must consider what happens when the Earth Wobbles.

This is explained in detail on the site Zeta Talk and is part of the 7 of 10 scenario, but suffice to say the North Pole is being tossed about sometimes abruptly due to the nearness of Nibiru. All of the plates in the Earth's crust are now in movement as is evident from the groaning sounds heard World wide, the stretching of the Earth's mantle and the numerous earthquakes and seismic activity.

Pockets of methane gas are being released on land and in the Oceans, rivers and lakes all over the World killing schools of fish and flocks of birds.

The wobbling that is now effecting the Earth on a regular basis cannot be felt physically by humans, although we may experience some dizziness or a feeling that something isn't quite right.

What happened early Sunday morning in the area that affected the three of the four ships that sank is that the Earth's crust moved violently South very quickly. This creates severe weather, such as wind and can changed the level of the seas bottom very quickly. Those on land may experience a small earthquake depending on the scale of movement.

The Captains of these vessels are not to blame for the Ocean bottoms changing abruptly, however to maintain the World wide cover up that is taking place, they will be blamed.

Almost everyday one can go to You Tube and watch videos pop up of various unexplained weather related phenomenon. Odd shapes of clouds , bizarre sunsets, whirl pools in bodies of water never seen before, or listen to eerie Earth moaning or 'trumpets'. All of these phenomenon's are due to the continuing Polar Shift, that has been going on in earnest since 2003.

All anyone needs to do is to look at the wide variety of water related disasters happening globally, from flooding in Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines to the Ring of Fire and the Western coast of South America north to Mexico. All coastal areas World wide are experiencing these events, rivers backing up and water rising. So far the media black out of these events has kept most of humanity in the dark, unable or unwilling to connect the dots.

However as these incidents increase in frequency and severity leading up to the three days of darkness and permanent Polar Shift, the truth will be undeniable.

As I understand the Wobble scenario this will continue in twelve hour shifts up until the complete Polar shift, which by that time it will be obvious to all that Nibiru is near and may be seen by all.

Still Want to Go On a Cruise?

Why Hasn't the Mainstream Media made the Connection

Are all of these events related by the continuing Polar Shift or just a coincidence?

See results

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