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Philippine Flooding . . . Wake Up and Smell the Swamp Water

Updated on December 3, 2013

Show Me the Rain?

Hate to be a party pooper, but show me the rain baby!
Hate to be a party pooper, but show me the rain baby! | Source

Again with the Heavy Rains?

Is that blue sky I see in the background and calm placid flood water, what gives?
Is that blue sky I see in the background and calm placid flood water, what gives? | Source

Flood Water Receding?

So when did it flood in Australia . . . oh yeah almost a year ago and the water still hasn't receded?
So when did it flood in Australia . . . oh yeah almost a year ago and the water still hasn't receded? | Source

Most Recent Update . . . but No Pictures of Rain?

Yahoo News just published an article confirming what the ABC News claimed earlier that Flash Floods due to heavy rain wiped out many coastal villages.

What I found interesting in that article was the fact that many bodies and survivors had been swept out to sea? Let me get this straight Flash Floods swept much debris and humans out to sea?

This makes me wonder what happens when huge waves from the Ocean come far inland? Well in my experience when that destructive force recedes the debris is taken back out to sea where the wave originated from.

While certainly swollen river water will wash debris out into the mouth of the river, the debris along the coast is washed along the coast as the water rises, not out to sea. Again they tell us that Heavy rain in the mountains miles away prevented those on the coast from anticipating the danger. However they go on to say that the impacted areas were due to a tropical storm that hit the region . . . so which is it?

Either it was flash floods in the mountains due to heavy rain or it was due to a tropical storm on the coast, or was it both? If it was a tropical storm on the coast why would so many people get caught unprepared as those don't happen suddenly and can easily be anticipated.

Hell even heavy rain in the mountains causing flash floods can be anticipated, something smells fishy here . . .

. . . and what confirms most of my suspicions is that the links too many of these stories are being pulled after just one day! Some have been around for months and yet when folks start questioning the official stories they get yanked?

Wake Up and Smell the Swamp Water folks cause if that ain't a sign I don't know what is . . .!

What's Wrong with These Pictures . . . ?

Not Connecting the Dots . . ?

Here is a recent News flash for those of you not able to connect the dots, just three hours ago there was a 4.9 earthquake in Moro Gulf, Mindanao, Philippines!

The Ring O' Fire has been experiencing over 200 earthquakes daily from the middle of October on, it don't take a Rocket Surgeon to figure out what is happening!

However for those of you needing others to spell it out for you, here it is in a nutshell (cocoanut)! Because Governments worldwide don't want the public to become aware of the obvious Polar Shift occurring even as I type these words, they are claiming all of these floods are due to heavy rains and storms.

These floods are happening because earthquakes due to Polar Shift are causing Ocean levels to rise as coastlines sink. Because the Ocean levels are rising rivers no longer are able to dump there water into the Ocean and back up. Any rain or storms in the area exacerbate the problem causing even more flooding and help to feed the disinformation.

Why are Governments doing this?

HELLO, they don't want a massive migration inland away from coastlines where 90 percent of all the World's population currently lives!

They don't want to be overwhelmed by refugees leaving jobs for higher ground!

They would rather deal with the aftermath than safe guard millions, this is known as population control!

These events are going to happen anyway why not reduce the population now rather than try to feed the millions later!

It is only a matter of time before these events begin to happen in your neighborhood, the Polar Shift is a Worldwide event, not something that is just going to affect Island countries.

The amount of information on the Polar Shift is staggering but as long as the Sheeple are convinced that it is just bad luck or can't happen to them, then the disinformation story continues unabated!

Yahoo News Censorship

I have recently tried repeatedly to make people aware of the earthquakes being ignored in mainstream media articles by leaving engaging comments on these articles and Yahoo News is censoring them.

This to me is a clear indication of a link to the earthquakes in the Bay of Mindanoa before and after this supposed storm hit. Also no mention of any warnings were given to the Philippino people in the affected area.

Obvious BS

Did anyone read the recent article on ABC news online entitled Flash Floods Kill More Than 400 in Philippines, what a bunch of BS! The Philippine Flooding was reported at first to be due to flash floods from swollen rivers and rain in the mountains, then from a typhoon on the coast and more recently from tsunami like waves! People wake up and smell the swamp water, what they didn't say is that the Philippines have been experiencing numerous large earthquakes and off-shore tsunamis.

After reading the article, that is obvious disinformation, and reading the requirements for commenting I got the impression they don't want folks to comment on it and guess what no one has. Of the millions of people on this Planet that have internet access, does anyone else find it suspicious that no one has commented on it?

In the article they said and I quote " . . . killing more than 400 people while they slept, rousting hundreds of others to their rooftops and turning two coastal cities into muddy, debris-filled waterways . . ."

The key to the above statement is highlighted in bold, these two cities are on the coast, but were surprised by flood waters from the mountains and 12 hours of rain. How is anyone surprised by flood waters if it has been raining for 12 hours, but leaving that comment aside for now, let's look at what happens to coastal cities when rivers close by start to rise.

Here is the next paragraph in the article, which doesn't make sense but shouldn't be any surprise . . .

Most of the victims were asleep Friday night when raging floodwaters cascaded from the mountains after 12 hours of rain from a late-season tropical storm in the southern Mindanao region. The region is unaccustomed to the typhoons that are common elsewhere in the nation of islands.

Do Typhoons happen in the mountains or on the coast?

The statement is absurd, first it is flash floods from the mountains, but now it is due to typhoons, make up your mind.

Benito Ramos, chief of the government's Civil Defense Office, attributed the high casualties in Mindanao "partly to the complacency of people because they are not in the usual path of storms" despite four days of warnings by officials that one was approaching.

Does this sound like flash floods from mountain rain or something else, supposedly these folks had four days of warning and yet were caught by surprise, things that make you go Hmmm!

What is not being said is much more important than the disinformation that is. The Philippines have been rocked by earthquakes almost daily since the middle of October, both on land and in the surrounding Ocean. However nothing is even mentioned about this, anybody wonder why?

Perhaps the Philippine flooding is because as Ocean levels begin to rise due to EQ's any significant rain creating rising river levels creates a situation where the water cannot drain into the Ocean and begins to back up. This cause and effect, creates instant flash flooding along coastal cities.

It doesn't sound like they got any warning let alone four days of it. But incase you think this is just an isolated incident let's look at some more stories from the disinformation masters at ABC news, shall we!

A crucial period is the next 48 hours as flood waters cascade south from the northern part of the country towards the low lying city of Bangkok at the mouth of the Gulf of Thailand at the same time that high tide is expected.

Does anyone else find it interesting that all of the towns being threatened are on the coast? I guess we are calling rising Ocean levels high tides now . . . gimme a break!

Get real folks this is due to rising Ocean levels, not rain. Picture after picture of the flooded sections of the city and no rain at all. Wake up and smell the swamp water, these storms may have added to the flooding but is not the real reason these people were caught suddenly unaware. This kind of flooding happen quickly due to small tsunamis or high tidal waves.

Oh but there is more . . . this from an article published in October on a BBC online site.

The sudden flooding caught residents by surprise, officials said, contributing to the high death toll.

Homes washed away

"We are still searching for dozens of missing people. The chance of survival for the missing people is slim," Papua search and rescue official Mochamad Arifin told the AFP news agency.

Many parts of the country had been badly hit by heavy rains, winds and high waves this year, meteorologists said.

More disinformation? High Waves? If it is raining all the time as all these articles are claiming how come all the residents are being caught by surprise.

When the Tsunami hit Indonesia back in 2005 and killed over 250,000 people, do ya reckon those folks got caught by surprise?

We are talking large amounts of BS, disinformation and outright lies and it is all for you the sheeple as I doubt the folks in Indonesia, the Philippines or Thailand are hanging around watching much TV nowadays. It is time to wake up and smell the swamp water which is my way of saying BS.

How many people live on the coast in America and Europe do ya reckon, 10, 20, 30, 40 million people?

Of the world's 33 major river deltas, 24 are sinking due to flood-control efforts and other human-caused changes to the river systems.

The combination of sinking deltas and rising seas will increase the damages caused by hurricanes and other flooding events, according to the study, published in the current issue of Nature Geoscience.

An estimated 500 Million People live on River Deltas World Wide, oh gee no cause for alarm there . . .

If it can happen there, why can't it happen here?

FEMA is gearing up for a major disaster by implementing The National Quick Response Team in case your not paying any attention, and their concern seems to be located around the NMFZ or New Madrid Fault Zone, what most folks call the Mississippi Delta.

Hey is that on the coast?

This is your chance folks to leave a comment without giving me your birthday, street address and telephone number.

But in case your shy, I'll start things off by saying all the disinformation these sites are feeding you is because they don't want you to start a mass migration inland, away from coastal areas. They would much rather feed you good old fashioned BS now and after your neck deep in water or a floating corpse what difference will it make, you won't be watching much TV anyway!

What I can't believe is that so many sheeple buy this crap and don't take the time to actually think about what is being said and not being said!

Hey maybe their counting on Darwinism and just want to keep the ignorant sheep from breeding?

If that is the case then by all means keep your heads in the sand, it will just mean more food and water for those of us that do survive . . . baa, baa! Wake up and smell the swamp water folks, because if it can happen there it can happen anywhere.

This Is A Chance To Get Your Vote Heard

Is the Flooding World Wide just Heavy Rains and Flash Floods or is it Due to Polar Shift and earthquakes

See results

Listen to this guys BS and tell me if you believe it?


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    • profile image

      A WATCHER 

      6 years ago

      This is happening we ,some will survive. The thing that needs to get out is that Obama has pencil wiped AGENDA 22. EVERYBODY is talking about agenda 21 passed back in 69. Get this into the light so we can see what we are up against. Marshall law turns us (US) INTO a communist state

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      That is exactly my point and the disinformation campaign continues regardless of the cause.

    • DON BALDERAS profile image


      8 years ago

      This is really something that is disturbing people when inaccurate information is spread. It must be difficult to correct and to shift their attention from it.

      But yes, covering up is costly because it kills lives and properties. Perhaps, it is because the media does not like to promote panic and scare. But for the sake of preparedness, people have to be properly informed to make informed decisions and actions. This is needed in order to prevent lives and properties from destruction.

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Yes I will read them as I have read about four of your Hubs and enjoyed reading them.

      I'm not so much concerned with the Governments ability to predict or prepare it's citizens as much as reporting the facts to what caused them. The recent Philippine flooding has completely ignored a couple of large earthquakes before and after. At first the flooding was blamed on heavy rain in the mountains and then on a typhoon on the coast.

      However what is not being said is that due to rising Ocean levels rivers are not able to release the water into the Oceans, look at Bangkok. Also these earthquakes simple are not being addressed at all. Call it what you will but the underlying reason is to prevent people from leaving the coast lines, jobs, infrastructure and creating panicked refugees needing to be fed.

      This is understandable, but still disinformation and censorship. I offer these hubs to allow folks to ponder and use critical thinking.

      I just watched an hour long video on a natural cure for cancer that is being withheld from the public due to money GREED! This cure can be had by anyone and the plant it is made from has been criminalized, supposedly for other reasons, it can be grown in five months and the processing takes less than a day.

      This is censorship and disinformation, shouldn't we all have the right to make our own decisions on our health, whether it is from disease or natural disaster?

      Information is Power, this is a fact, so when people tell me there is nothing you can do about mother nature and that we can't change the world . . . I say that we can at least be aware of what the symptoms are and how to deal with them effectively.

      I implore you, since you are such a good writer to get the word out! What people do with this information is their choice . . .

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Great rant. Well expressed and thought provoking.

      Coupla things..

      I live on the East Coast of Australia, 600metres flat inland from the beach, so I'm concerned about rising sea levels. (On the other hand, if / when the Ring of Fire reactivates Auckland, New Zealand, where I was born, a city whose greater area has a population of a million people, and which is built on the ‘dormant’ ie; resting, craters of over a dozen volcanoes, not only will I lose all my relatives, but the resulting Tsunami that will hit here will very quickly take my mind off long term sea level rise.)

      100kms away from my place, deep inland, about a year ago, people were killed and dispossessed by apocalyptic flooding in areas not known for severe flooding. (Google ‘inland tsunami’, to see an ocean of fast moving mud that you would not want to be in front of. Ever.) Warnings were too little, too late. The State capital City of Brisbane succumbed more gracefully over a period of many hours as the Brisbane River along which the city is built failed to channel the flood waters to the ocean, instead submerging massive areas of suburbia. Warnings were issued, but no avoidance actions were available. Residents pretty much had to sit and watch and hope and pray.

      My point is that Nature is always in charge. Always. We can postulate, predict, prepare, all we want but when Mother Nature says, “time to rain / shake / collapse / explode”, she gets to call all the shots. What. Where. When. How. And repeat at will.

      So, (perhaps like the people you wonder about who ‘didn’t get out of the way’), I’m choosing to be fatalistic about the whole thing.

      Second thing;

      I think you give Governments too much credit when you accuse them of disinformation. Disinformation pre-supposes a sufficiently clear understanding of situations to enable the development of strategic plans to promote an alternative.

      I personally believe that in most cases, politicians have next to no grasp of the reality of many of the issues they’re charged with managing; they’re not misinformed, just not smart enough to acknowledge what they don’t know. Or ethical enough to care. Instead they let speech writers put politically correct words in their mouths, and spin doctors promulgate the bullshit hard and strong and long enough that the population is beaten into acceptance. Worse, there are no consequences for this dumbness, just more and more pointless, self-aggrandaising international talkfests, accomplishing nothing, signifying even less. Bureaucrats, aides, hangers-on et al are besotted with the travel and the all-expenses paid junkets. Why stop the gravy train?

      I’ve written two hubs on this theme; one about climate change, and the vitriolic quasi- religious zeal surrounding it, and one about the fatal consequences of having dummies in charge. It’s called How Words Kill, and it’ shows the lethal power of the wrong words from the wrong mouths at the wrong time. The intellectually deficient George Bush and his Iraq Crusade are its centrepoint. I’d be very interested to have you read them, (and opine of course..)

      Meantime, Up and top marks all across the panels (except funny) from me.

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Not so much as any place East of the continental divide will endure a folding process, but it is difficult to tell.

      The best site for finding out more about the Polar Shift that I have found is Zeta Talk and their 7 of 10 scenario of which the first two scenario have already begun.

      One can also keep abreast of EQ'a on this site if you go there you will see that Indonesia which is really close to the Philippines have experienced two very large EQ's in less than two hours.

      These are NEVER mentioned in the mainstream media, but might make the back page or is mentioned weeks after they happen.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Way ahead of ya there.

      Yes Idaho is about 4 hours away although to get there you cross the Vantage bridge which maybe impossible in the event of the end of days, for when there are high winds you are at mother's nature's mercy and hope to god you don't get blown off, it has happened.

      I always visioned Wyoming to be also a safe haven, is it?

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      How do you prepare the millions for the coming Apocalypse?

      You don't!

      Soon flippers and floatation devices are going to sell like hot cakes, invest in survival gear now and it might be wise to buy a few seed packets, just in case you survive!

      I hear Idaho is going to be one of the safest regions in America, that is close to you isn't it?

      I'll meet you in Idaho in the spring, if we make it until then!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      See, this is why I refrain from watching the local and national news, I amp up my anger over such control the media has among the ill educated and easily convinced.

      It's like the media doesn't want create immediate panic, only for the simple reason they don't have the balls to ever admit they were inaccurate, yet at the same time for the ones (sheeple) that believe the load of shiite, they are like a giant dick tease of information just for their ratings. Sorry for the rant.

      I am the type of person who will talk back to my tv, and have commented on these issues although the corporate tyrants that control the forum board just keep deleting my comments....

      You know it would be nice to listen or watch some news station to tell it like it is.....

      "due to our ill mannered practices against our planet, we inform you that in less than 5 years you will literally be up a large creek with no paddle. The flooding will continue for our government is too concerned with their 4-ply ass wipe than providing a resolution to the earth destruction. So it would be advised to figure it out on your own how you are going to resource drinkable water out of the shleddy swamp water. ...."


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