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Could Electrical Transformers Have a Gravity Influence?

Updated on April 13, 2015

Gravitomagnetism: Mass and Motion

The gravitational equivalent of an electrical transformer could reveal bizarre new properties of space-time.
The gravitational equivalent of an electrical transformer could reveal bizarre new properties of space-time.
Warp Drive
Warp Drive

Gravity Warp Drive

Gravitomagnetism: What is it?

In relativity theory, gravitomagnetic effects are inertial or gravitational field effects that might be expected when there is relative motion between bodies. Some of these effects are currently included within standard "core" physics, some aren't.

We don't feel gravitomagnetism as we go about our everyday lives on Earth, but according to Einstein's theory of General Relativity it's real. When a planet (or a star or a black hole ... or anything massive) spins it pulls space and time around with it. This kind of thinking has led to a number of predictions such as the well-known frame-dragging effect in which space-time is dragged by a massive spinning object. The fabric of spacetime twists like a vortex. Einstein tells us that all gravitational forces correspond to a bending of spacetime; the "twist" is gravitomagnetism.

Gravitomagnetism is produced by stars and planets when they spin. "It's similar in form to the magnetic field produced by a spinning ball of charge," explains physicist Clifford Will of Washington University (St. Louis). Replace charge with mass, and magnetism becomes gravitomagnetism.

Here in our solar system gravitomagnetism is, at best, feeble. This raises the question, what do we do with gravitomagnetism once we've found it? The same question was posed, many times, in the 19th century when Maxwell, Faraday and others were exploring electromagnetism. What use could it be?

It might be possible to build a gravitational transformer that transfers kinetic energy just as an electrical transformer transfers electrical energy. The results from classical electrodynamics can be equally applied to general relativity. This allows astrophysicists to define electrogravitic and gravitomagnetic fields that are analogous to electric and magnetic fields.

Negative Mass

Under general relativity, gravity is the result of following a spatial geometry (change in the normal shape of space) caused by local mass-energy. This theory holds that it is the altered shape of space, deformed by massive objects, that causes 'gravity,' which is actually a property of deformed space rather than being a true force. Although the equations cannot produce a "negative geometry" normally, it is possible to do so using a "negative mass". The same equations do not, of themselves, rule out the existence of negative mass.

Warp Drives

General relativity does not constrain the geometry of spacetime unless outside constraints are placed on the stress-energy tensor. Warp-drive and traversable-wormhole geometries are well-behaved in most areas, but require regions of exotic matter; thus they are excluded as solutions if the stress-energy tensor is limited to known forms of matter. Dark matter and dark energy are not understood enough at this present time to make general statements regarding their applicability to a warp-drive. Many physicists such as Edmond S. Miksch of Harvard have theorized that dark matter has negative mass. There is considerable empirical evidence supporting this claim such as the results produced by Supernova Cosmology Project team in 1998.

Why is this Important?

Gravitomagnetism, and its after affect, frame dragging is important for theorist, for one in provides another test to check the validity of General Relativity so that we may learn more about the nature of the universe around us. Second the effect in one way or in other ties into metaphysics due the apparent relationship between Mach's principle and frame dragging. Lastly it also tells of a force that is neither strictly classical such as magnetic the magnetic force, nor does it describe a force that strictly arises due to mass as we are told by general relativity alone, it is a combination of the two physical philosophies. It also gives us clues to the possible structure behind the very basic building block of the entire universe painting a picture of the how the universe, matter, and energy may have formed, and what forces a responsible for the present nature of the universe.

Gravitomagnetism may also give clues as to various other possible behavior which matter and energy may take which are not known to present science. A prime example being a particle falling dangerously close to the event horizon of a black hole may split into two separate particle, one escapes, the other falls in, however the one that fall in is perceived to have a negative energy density to an outside observer (due to a violation of geodesic conservation) and forms the basis of what is known as Hawking radiation. It also may not be unreasonable to wage that gravitomagnetism may give some insight into the abundant nature of Dark Energy reported by cosmologist across the larger scale universe and why it appears to be practically nonexistent on Earth.

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    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 7 years ago from Bakersfield, CA


      Cornbread R squared.

    • GusTheRedneck profile image

      Gustave Kilthau 7 years ago from USA

      Hello again, dallas - No, it is the arithmetic that causes one's head to spin, like "Pie r square" stuff, when everyone knows that "Pie r round."

      Gus :-)))

    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 7 years ago from Bakersfield, CA


      Several times you may have experienced a severe bout of head spinning that may have caused you to lose balance and fall. Many people who feel this just lay on the ground and wait for the whole episode to pass. This may have occurred suddenly when you moved suddenly, or looked down from a tall building or hill, leading to a loss of balance. While head spinning itself may be a symptom of vertigo or another underlying problem, there are other symptoms of vertigo that accompany this dizzy feeling:

      •You may feel lightheaded and faint before, after or during your experience of head spinning.

      •A sense of weakness usually accompanies head spinning.

      •While turning your head quickly, you may experience blurred vision.

      •A loss of balance and unsteadiness are other symptoms of head spinning.

      •With your head spinning, you may also feel nauseous because of the rapid sensation of movement.

      •Difficulty in concentration is a common symptom associated with head spinning.

      Since none of the above fits your "arithmetic," maybe it just does not add up! Cozy up to the arithmetic and count your blessing..!

    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 7 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      Darlene Sabella,

      I believe the "black hole" travels to many houses!

      Don't worry:

      Stephen Hawking came up with theoretical arguments showing that black holes are not really entirely black: due to quantum-mechanical effects, they emit radiation. The energy that produces the radiation comes from the mass of the black hole. Consequently, the black hole gradually shrinks. It turns out that the rate of radiation increases as the mass decreases, so the black hole continues to radiate more and more intensely and to shrink more and more rapidly until it presumably vanishes entirely.

      Perhaps you may stop losing things when the black hole "evaporates!

    • GusTheRedneck profile image

      Gustave Kilthau 7 years ago from USA

      Hey dallas - You have my head spinning now, so I warn everyone to not come too close, or I will have to throw all of that arithmetic stuff at you. :)

      Gus :-)))

    • Darlene Sabella profile image

      Darlene Sabella 7 years ago from Hello, my name is Toast and Jam, I live in the forest with my dog named Sam ...

      Very cool hub, love it and I love Einstein. I think there is a black hole in my house, at my age I keep losing things. great hub rate up peace & love darski