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Crazy Laws from Pennsylvania and Maryland

Updated on July 8, 2013

One of my all-time favorite things to do is read about the crazy laws that reside in just about every state. Some may surprise you and as far as I can tell these are all still on the books for each state.


o No more than two packages of beer at a time may be purchased, unless you are buying from an official "beer distributor"

o No motorized vehicles are to be sold on Sundays

o You cannot catch a fish with your hands (No hillbilly handfishin round here!)

o Fireworks stores in Pa are not allowed to sell fireworks to Pa residence

o It is against the law to have 16 women live in a house together, it is considered a brothel, but you can have up to 120 men live together and you break no laws.

o Any motorist who is driving along a country road during the night hours must stop every mile and set off a rocket signal then wait 10 minutes while the road is cleared of livestock then continue on. (Who thinks up this stuff?)

o It is illegal for all housewives to hide dirt under a rug

o Fire hydrants must be checked an hour before a fire (ummm….what?)

o It is illegal to sleep on top of a refrigerator (Thanks for letting us know)

o It is a misdemeanor to barter, buy or sell an infant (dang it!)

o The wearing of lead nipple shields is illegal (well I guess I better pack mine away then)

o A fortuneteller may not reveal where buried treasure is, it is a crime

o It is a crime to misuse a shopping cart ( guess I’ll have to find another way to move the bodies)

o A gallon of ice cream must weigh 4 and ½ pounds (we need this law!)

o Cleaning those fish you just caught on your boat is against the law

o It is illegal to polish your silverware with cyanide (why is this again?)

There are oh so many more but I think these would have to be the top one’s that I could find, I really think we should insist on the 4 and ½ pound of ice cream per gallon law that should be mandatory. Don’t think that it is only Pennsylvania that has such crazy laws, here’s some more:


It is against the law for a woman to go through her sleeping husbands pants pockets

· It is illegal to sell condoms in a vending machine unless alcohol is sold on the premises

· There is no swearing within the city limits of Baltimore (What the ****!)

· You cannot eat and swim in the ocean

· It is illegal to take a lion to the movies in Baltimore (ahhhh, now that sucks)

· It's illegal to play professional croquet before 2 p.m. on Sunday in Baltimore

· It is illegal to wash a sink no matter how dirty it gets in Baltimore (Sweet!)

· It is a violation to be in a public park with a sleeveless shirt on

· In the entire state of Maryland it is illegal to receive or give oral sex (enforcing this law would require many many man hours….ha-ha)

· Kisses lasting longer than one second are illegal

· There is to be no selling of chicks or ducks one week prior to Easter

· It is illegal to throw anything out a second story window

· It is a crime to mistreat oysters

· Clotheslines are banned but you can throw your drawers over the fence

· Men are prohibited from going topless on the boardwalk in Ocean City

I hope you have enjoyed reading through these silly laws and regulations from Pennsylvania and Maryland, I know I have had fun finding them.

Do you think we should enforce any of these crazy laws?

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