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Government Debt Ceiling 2011

Updated on August 28, 2011


Clapping for More Money!!
Clapping for More Money!! | Source

Debt Ceiling Really?

The debt ceiling is really what everyone is arguing about in DC? Really? I would think treasury would be more responsible and understand economic policy and trends well in advance of a debt ceiling having to be raised. The interest payments to certain countries is well not so important as it may be to one strategic allies. And allies can be enemies in this new world order.

If I were in DC I would be more worried about the fact I gave away 500 billion dollars to Pakistan a country that news services have reported harbored Osama Bin Laden. I think I would be a little embarrassed that I had just up and given that kind of cash away while constituents and citizens were just struggling to stay in their homes, put food on the table and find jobs. How much more has been given of the nations treasure in the name of diplomacy and when is Washington, DC going to realize they just can't spend like drunken sailors on Sabbatical? I support the troops just not when they are wasted.

The people of this country have been left to be tibetan monks in such poverty even the Dali Lama would be offended. Love the Dali Lama:)))

So while the debt ceiling argument is well entertaining it is really not an argument. Inside DC is only concerned about people inside the beltway and not the rest of us. To even claim to care for any of us is an insult to the people of this country. We know better. We just use to have hope that with all the bad politicians do, that the people's work endured. And it hasn't. 500 billion dollars is 1/28 of the debt ceiling to Pakistan. We could have knocked the debt ceiling down by not paying Pakistan. I would suggest all foreign aid be suspended until the debt ceiling is paid off. We have no business in other countries if we can't run our own.

I knew Obama was the seventh sign for the Democratic Party. I am just surprised they figured it out so fast. I have a renewed respect for Democrats that are suffering under his weight.

Debt Ceiling Crisis


Foreign Aid and Missions

Do you believe all foreign aid and missions should be suspended untilt he debt ceiling is paid off and every American has a job?

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State vs. DOD

Economic and Foreign Aid subsidiaries have been so great during Obama's presidency I am not surprised he was elected. And I would hesitate to ever have another president with the ability to give foreign and economic aid to another country besides the one he represents.

Foreign Aid, Diplomacy and Humanitarian Missions have been the bright spot in American History but have had a very negative impact globally since 9/11. In most instances American occupational forces ie; force protection have been viewed as invasive, intrusive, unwarranted and a declaration of war. Our federal government needs to go back to a sit and wait posture to foreign aid. Eventually every country needs assistance and they always ask the USA for money. We are the bankers of the world. And it is this very behavior that has been bent and used against us in this time. I would submit respectfully, withdrawal from foreign sovereigns. Take the economic, humanitarian and diplomacy out. You would not believe how much money the USA would save by doing this one budget cut.

When state out paces DOD for funding there is a serious power struggle in DC that should have never occurred in the first place. State and DOD are very different agencies with joint tasks sometimes but very different approaches. As a matter of fact I don't believe state department officials make good DOD officials and vice versa. Cut state and DOD funding and then look at the economic horizon.

It is important that federal government reduce redundancies to be more economically efficient for the country. State and DOD have become unto themselves redundant just by fighting over funding. Get the scissors because the rest of us have felt the pain for a very long time. It is time to make cuts to those agencies.

If you really want the country to have a shared sacrifice then you will have to get all the ex-patriots off the payroll. I am not suggesting the elimination of the state department but a very very limited budget with perhaps Peace Corp volunteers. DOD's budget is going to get cut here not matter what I write I just thought that in the interest of fairness that the State Department take equal cuts to help eliminate the Debt Ceiling. State Department influence is marginalized if realized at all at this point. No one in this country should go hungry while "diplomats" prosper in other countries.

I mean if people in DC are really going to the mat over Budget then cut State and eliminate the supplemental bills that are the 800 lb gorillas in government..


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