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Bachmann's Intelligence

Updated on April 22, 2013

Bachmann's Sanity


Bachmann's Intelligence/Sanity

I have to question the sanity of any public representative that takes on the demanding commitment of running for president without the intelligence to asses their own ability be win. Does Bachmann understand she in on big gaff machine embarrassing herself and everyone associated with her? And the outrageous claims she makes, doesn't she understand that they strip what little credibility, away from herself and her Tea Party Movement. I feel for people like Marco Rubio who truly want things to change in Washington but run into people like Palin and Bachmann who steal the spot light with sensationalism instead of speaking on substantive issues.

Truth is Bachmann doesn't want things to go back to the way they use to be when the founding father's established this country because Bachmann is paid to well by the corrupt system. And instead of tossing off the corrupt way of doing business in DC Bachmann embraces corruption and shifts attention from her inexperience and complete lack of credibility to her bikini picture pin up or hate speech to the president. Bachmann is nothing more than a uneducated joke and the persons who will find it the least funny in the end is Bachmann's constituents. I have the feeling she is in trouble in Minnesota and she is only running for the Tea Party Movement money and to try and protect her seat.

If Bachman cared about the Tea Party Movement at all she would resign and let someone more credible move to the fore front but she is a politician and one that claims to be a fiscal conservative but gave herself a raise in the worst economic times in the last 50 years. Who is she kidding she is the very corruption she denounces. Bachmann is the anti-establishment candidate that is collecting an establishment paycheck while she runs. She is winning either way and has absolutely no understanding of hard working Americans that are working two jobs and can't even make ends meat and put food on the table for their children because inflation is so high. And Bachmann has a long history of being subsidized by the government.

Bachmann isn't change she is just a non-substantive establishment candidateand isn't "Founding Fathers" a fictional bar in DC that is FOX television show "Bones"? Perhaps if Bachmann spent more time reading history and just reading in general instead of watching cable television she would be able to speak articulately and perhaps she might have an original idea of how to run the country. Because recycling old government policies that haven't worked and therefore have been changed isn't really a basis to run for president especially when you don't really know the old government policies let alone who the Founding Fathers are.

Bow out Bachmann and please dear God top embarrassing yourself, poor Marco Rubio, the Tea Party Movement and this country who has afford you so much off the taxpayers back. Yes, Bachmann is paid with taxpayers funds/ Chinese debt and her raise comes from the taxpayers as well and you thinks she is going to lower taxes?

What a hypocrite? Bachmann claims to be a fiscal conserative all while giving herself a pay raisie off the tax payers backs and from China? I guess we know how she will vote on the Debt Ceiling!!

Slavery and the Founding Fathers?

Is Bachmann a Racist?

One might infer that Michelle Bachmann is a racist from the things she es pounds. I will not make that blatant claim. I will say cautiously that there are red flags flying up around Michelle Bachmann that might make everyone think she is racist or perhaps a bit insane.

Racist Bachamnn is recieving farm subsidies.

Bachhmann's Hidden Mental Health Problems?

Please verifiy this on your own google.
Please verifiy this on your own google. | Source

Bachmann's Campaign Strategy?

Sensationalism is the only strategy I see. Besides tearing the President down. It will not be enough for the Tea Party to let everyone go hungry and blame the Democrats. The truth is neither party is completely trust worthy. Obama will keep the White House as long as Bachmann avoids the substantive issues, is over dependent upon gaffs and gimmicks to keep her name in the media, and continues her tirade that president Obama isn't an America, he isn't a Christian and he hangs out with terrorists. For goodness sakes, does this women not realize he went to Harvard. It is the worst political strategyI have ever heard of next to Theodore Rosevelt's Bull Moose Party which failed. The Tea Party will die soon but sadly it might take the Republican brand with it.

Politicians pick up more votes with positive speeches than with negativism and Michelle is all about the negativism.

It isn't very Christian to call impugn another Christian's faith. BTW, if Obama is a Muslin with terorist time like Bachmann claims then we shouldn't vote for her because she is hanging out with him now!!

Bachmann's Strategy

Why will you vote for Michelle Bachmann?

See results

In Closing

During a normal election cycle a 528 (Non-profiit organizations) are paid to put out attack ads. The candidates don't attack each other but have non-profits that do it for them. It is a political ideological practice. Michelle Bachmann is making 528 obsolete. Normally people like myself would be paid to write such things but it isn't even necessary as Michelle Bachmann freely makes these horrendous gafs left and right. At the rate she is going the Obama re-election campiagn will not even need to spend any money on 528.


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Sorry if your preception of my hub is that I am a woman basher. I just don't want anymore stupid or crazy people in government.

      If you admit that Barack's Mother in all probablity work for the CIA then why in the world would you question his citizenship? CIA agents have children all over the world that have USA citizenships.

      And criticism coming from you who has written articles with the fllowing titles...

      -Islam is Not a Peaceful Religion.

      -Manic Depression & Psychosis

      -Muslim Coup in the Oval Office

      -USA Impending Default; Economic Jihad which should be titled USA Impending Default caused by stupid and insane Tea Party Members.

      -Leon Panetta: High Security Risk? Communist Sympathizer?

      -Obama & Jihad

      Social Security Number of Barack Hussein Obama Belongs to...

      With all of your irresponsible and unstable comments, and your ignorant portrayal of Founding Father's Intentions to be a glowing endorsemnet of my hub.

      Stupid never rules. And there is a whole lot of stupid in the Tea Party Movement along with mental instability.

      And just to prove I am not a woman basher I totally approve of Michelle Obama.

      I will not worry for you when your mortgage goes throught the roof, along with your car payment and your credit card debt and when you are homeless and in soup lines because you are such a sage person of the Tea Party Movement.



      I like Katie Couric atleast she reads newspapers!! And we all know she can read while we all have doubts about the Tea party Movement crowd.

    • vrajavala profile image


      7 years ago from Port St. Lucie

      Typical woman basher a la' Katie Couric.

    • profile image

      Jt Walters 

      7 years ago

      Well Stu it is rather obvious you aren't thinking with your brain with Bachmann.

      1) Jesus Christ told her to run for office.

      2) She claimed Obama emptied the oil reserves? Not true!!

      3) She gave herself a 5% raise while claiming she is a fiscal conservative and she is about to vote to raise the debt ceiling to pay for her raise.

      4) She is government spending as the subsidies she is receiving now are from taxpayers and the federal governemnt. There isn't a social security check or welfare benefit that Michelle Bachmann is draining in the name of her own paycheck right now. She can't complain about big federal spending when she is getting abig good check from the government and voted herself a raise that we will have to borrow money from Chia to pay.

      5)How do you know Bachmann raised children no one esle wanted. As i understand the foster care system the children are very wanted by their parents but the state pays crazy people like Bachmann to raise them instead. Those foster children probably really missed their homes and their mom's and Dad's terribly. Bachmann is a monster!!

      6) Founding Father's didn't abolish slavery. They couldn't have they were dead when slavery was finally abolished during world war II? Stu you need a history lesson.

      7) John Quincy Adams isn't a Founding Father.

      8) Why does Bachmann go after the Blach Father's of Pigford? I didn't put the video up but I could.

      9) Founding Father's didn't abolished slavery but continued it and that is racists.

      10) There is Youtube video of Bachmann claiming that slaves were better off being owned and that the children were better off becaue "Not all cultures are Equal". She attacks Muslims and she attacks Blacks. She seems to be a trrible facist but one who says the most ignorant thiings.

      11) Let see Bachmann also couldn't find her way in New Hampshire. I have that clip as well.

      12) Demonizing the President isn't going to win any votes. And you are right his academic records rae classified but that is not unusual at all for presidents to do. Obama is president. And you had better suck that one up for a while longer. And so should Bachmann who hangs out with him and claims he is a terrorist. Adn we shouldn't voet her based on this very behavior.

      13) Bachman has two advanced degrees and she doesn't know the founding father's didn't liberate slaves? Really are you certain? Now I am pretty certain thrid graders do know that one and Bachmann the genious of graduate school doesn't. It makes you wonder how she got to congress at all?

      14) John McCain wasn't born in the USA but he is still a USA citizen. But you have no proof Obama wasn't born here and he has released his birth certificate.

      15) I think you shouldn't question the leadership fo the president unless it is done so in the polls. Bachmann is following Obama so why in the world can't you?

      16) Becuase you don't knwo anyone from Islam you really don't understand that Islam is not the problem but more over the bigotry they receive from certain USA citizens that make them dangerous to the USA. IF you oppress any group of people for long enough they will rise up. The mroe Bachmann and the Tea Party Movement complain about Islam the longer we will be at war with them.

      17) And if Obama is the evil infiltartor you claim him to be that hate s America os much then why hasn't he taken Bachmann out of the equation? Why does he let her run around the country making really horrific claims? If Palin or Bachmann were to be PResident they would silence all their critics just like Palin got that Officier fired over child custody with ehr sister. That was officier Wooten and she did it when she was governor and she Plead NO Contest to that charge. There is a book by her aide coming out soon.

      Stu you rae blinded by hatred and ideology. You really think a person who believes slavery ended with the Founding Father's and doesn't understand the civil war should be president?

      How could government ever be smaller if Palin were in the executive branch. She is the most ignorant needy thing on the planet. She would need so many people on her staff just to attempt to maintain any credibility for the executve branch at all. And therefore government wouldn't be smaller but bigger.

      Atleast Obama doesn't say stupid thinsg right and left. And let's face it has been very charitiable of me to take my time out and to write bout this person who doesn't stand a chance t winning the GOP nomination. If I didn't write negative thinsg then Bachmann would get any publicity at all. EVeryone in the world knows she is not credible but you and her!!

      I believe the name of the article is "Going Insane" and it is about Bachmann and if she is such a swell attorney like you say she would have required the ability to sign off on the article. She did and that brings her sanity into question. That and Jesus Christ speaking to her and all the misspoke statements that she has said.

      Stu, finally you can't collect a governemnt paycheck and claim to eb an outsider. It juts can't be done as it is she is two timing her seat as a Minnesota Congress person while running around with the delusion she has a shot at the presidency. Can't be representing the people too well when you are out campaigning for presidency.

      Ad when Bachmann votes to raise the debt ceiling she will be a hypocrit. She will be increasing our fiscal debt for her own personal gan and it isn't good enough tht "everyone does it" because that is conservative by your own measure. That is just more liberal government selling itself to China and selling the rest of us as well.

      No offense Stu but You have to have a realistic assesmnet of whether Bachmann can actually ever win this election and she has fumbled through the announcement of her candidancy and doesn't stand a chance with a team of Harvadian Historians. You can't turn back time in this country.

      It is time for originality in the Executive branch which leaves out about everyone in Congress right now. This country desperately needs new ideas and not old ones.

      It is unrealistic to believe Bachmann has any credibility for the office of the Presidency.

      Say what you will about Obama. He will tolerate you saying it. The Tea Party Movement people aren't so tolerant and they would readly shut down your first amendent right to criticze them. They would also end freedom of press. They are al insiders who are fooling you and others and laughing all the way to the bank while they do it to you. And I mean that in a nice way. No personal attacks from me. BUt if you are getting a paycheck from government and a riase at that and raising the debt ceiling with China to enable your raise then you are NOT a fiscal conservative.

      And it is really scary the things Bachmann says. She can't get her words right and she wants to be president? How embarrassing. If hse has those advanced degrees which I doubt then perhaps she can go back to school and get an adavnced degree in history and public speaking so she actually has the credituals to run for the office of the presidency.

      No more ignorant people in DC.


    • profile image

      Stu From VT 

      7 years ago

      Hi JT,

      I have to take issue with your entire post.

      You say Michele is corrupt, but I see no evidence offered.

      You say she is inexperienced, but she has two advanced degrees in tax law, and is a three term Congresswoman.

      You say she is trying to protect her seat by embracing the TPM, but the TPM association costs her all special interest money, and well as RNC support.

      You say she is not credible, but is one of the very few in Congress who NEVER waivers on her platform, no matter how much flack she takes from the establishment.

      So she gave herself a 5% raise; that to you is "corruption?" What Congressman didn't vote for the same raise, except for maybe a few.

      Bachmann's "subsidy" from the government was to take care of foster children (23 of them) that were psychologically damaged that nobody else would care for.

      If Bachmann was "establishment" as you say, why does corporate America and the RNC want nothing to do with her? Her SOLE source of campaign money is grassroots.

      Recycling old government policies IS the answer to our problems, but when I say old, I mean OLD. 230 years old. That's why we need Michele. The progressive experiment of the past 120 years has failed, and left us broke, and without state or individual liberty. It's time for someone like Michele to pick up Jefferson's torch.

      Yes, Michele muffed her slavery history in her SOTUA rebuttal, but it was irrelevant, as her main points were about the national debt. I also note that all Obama did was a pep rally, and all Ryan did was complain that Obama offered no solutions without offering any himself. Michele did offer solutions (massive federal operating and entitlement cuts) - she was the only one with any balls on that day.

      You have demonstrated no "red flags" of either racism or insanity.

      The Gaff video contained about a dozen Bachmann statements, but only about two were actual mistakes (the others were only "mistakes" if you disagree with her ideology).

      Bachmann is not avoiding the substantive issues; Obama is. Bachmann wants to slash spending to fix our debt problem, and put an end to legal activism. Obama is the bad guy in these critical areas.

      Obama is not a natural born American citizen, he isn't a Christian, and he does hang out with terrorists. It's no tirade, it's the truth. Why is he hiding his birth records? Why is he letting radical Islamics into the Admin in sensitive posts? How do we know Obama went to Harvard? He sealed his academic records.

      No offense, but on a factual basis, your entire thesis is wrong. You let ideological bias keep you from seeing the facts.


    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida


      I thought I presented a fair and accurate portrait of Ms. Bachmann's candidacy. If anything I tried to go easy on her. I imagine my Demcratic friends could bury her.

      Your response made me smile though. Thanks for the Vote Up and the useful. I am following you now as well.

      All My Best,


    • junko profile image


      7 years ago

      JT Walters, You just wrote all those negative and unkind things about MS Bachman because they are true. All she can do is tell untruths about President Obama and liberals, she really can't tell the truth. Keep on telling the truth, do it again, Vote Up & useful

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Don't I know it Peter. And they are defending someone who is shooting them and herself in the foot and blaming me for observing.

      Thanks for reading, commenting and providing feedback.


    • PETER LUMETTA profile image


      7 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

      Well JT it looks like another "attack" on MS Bachman. I just think that telling the truth should not be called an attack but rather a truth or revalation. That is all. She is the one who is really attacking herself by being so stupid. Isn't that reffered to as "shooting youself in the foot"? Good observation and boy are you gonna hear from the Wingnuts.


    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Thnnks Stump and it is really scary.

      Thanks for commenting, rating and providing feedback.


    • Stump Parrish profile image

      Stump Parrish 

      7 years ago from Don't have a clue, I'm lost.

      Considering the candidates that keep making their way to the front of the GOP hopefuls, I have to wonder if the republican party is seriously trying to commit suicide. If they weren't so dead set against assisted suicide, I would already be making the claim. The worst indicator of how far this country has fallen is the number of people who support this type of idiot. Posting videos that show a candidate making ignorant remarks is now seen as attacking the candidate. I don't think anyone other than a professional comedy writer could make up anything as bad as what comes out of these people's mouth. If this is the best the GOP can do, it appears the GOP will soon just be a footnote in history. No wonder they hate Obama so much, he still shows that he retains some common sense and was well educated. Nothing scares the conservative republican like intelligence does. Voted up and interesting. I would have voted it funny if it wasn't so scary that this woman id taken seriously by so many.


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