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USA Caught Spying On Chinese Military

Updated on August 2, 2011

What is Missing from the News?

A USA spy plane has crashed in China. China has USA intelligence officials in custody and they are awaiting trial. Undoubtedly, this is a point of leverage for the Chinese to force the USA into raising the debt ceiling. And supposedly, China is a peace loving society" but if they execute USA citizens then are they as peaceful as they want the world to think they are? What will it do to China's public relations if in fact they execute American military personnel. As a strategic point, intelligence agents who get caught aren't negotiated for. And besides China will not only lose the good will of the world when they execute USA prisoner but in all probability will force the USA to default on the debt. And while China's military power is growing it is by no means capable of taking on the USA. But it would be interesting for them to attempt to do so. I could imagine that Europe and Russia would not be too fond of China making such aggressive moves towards the USA.

Holding a few spies hostage for debt isn't going to keep the Chinese economy going. Nor is it going to make China have a better human rights history for the USA or for China. It is a shame because I have very fond views of Chinese people. We have been allies for a very long time. But there is more than one way to skin the proverbial Chinese cat.

China's economy will collapse without USA payments and their military will fail. Who will subsidize the Chinese? No one because no one trust them not to take their country. Besides like I said before there is more than one way to skin the proverbial cat of China.

We don't pay for Hostages

It is a long standing policy of the United States of America not to pay for hostages. And for certain we have absolutely no reason to pay debt when our people are held prisoners. Holding USA citizens hostage is to call for war with the USA and then we will stop all debt payments. I have watched Chinese Congress and our congress is starting to look as dysfunctional as Chinese Congress. China wants to emerge as a growing peaceful power internationally with a good reputation then they will have to start acting like it.

It was Chinese Oil interests that made the war in Sudan. I believe the symbol on the stock exchange was NCOOP but i am not positive. Whether China wants to admit it or not they are accomplishes of the USA. So I find this hostage situation to be in very bad taste amongst allies.

USA Hostages in China

Do you find it in extraordinarily bad tatse for the Chinese to hold Americans Hostage?

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Bomb China Back to the Stone Age

Do you think the USA president should Nuke China to make them a bit more needy?

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    • rafken profile image

      rafken 6 years ago from The worlds my oyster

      You make it sound like the Chinese did something bad. What would the USA do to spies they caught? It was the US who were spying and although all countries do it, it isn't supposed to be done. The error is in the spies getting caught. The US has to accept the consequences. The Chinese certainly won't let them go until they have been fully interrogated. Lets just hope that, even though the USA uses torture, the Chinese will show more humane standards.

    • profile image

      jt walters 6 years ago

      USA doesn't do anything everyone else doesn't do. Let's see Chinese will have nothing to win and byt he way China is all over the USA spying as students. USA knows this but doesn't do anything to China nor their spies.

      If China is so wonderful as you clearly believe then why do their people flee to our country? Why are so many Chinese people living in America?

      I don't see USA citizens running to join China. And I have friends that ate Chinese. So don't kind yourself that China doesn't torture. Where do you think water torture came from and you still haven't addressed China's involvement in the humnaitarian crisis in Sudan?

      China may very much find itself facing Africa.

    • rafken profile image

      rafken 6 years ago from The worlds my oyster

      jt - It's not that I like China and I agree about them also spying. The fact is though if spies get caught, then there are consequences. Just because the US is the US, doesn't mean they won't have to face the consequences.

    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida


      If there were consequences imposed by the US against Chinese spies in the USA and particualy finacial sanctions then there would be no debt to China. China needs to have consequnces as well. What is good for the USa is also good for China. An even measure approach towards all spying world wide. So we agree no one should be held accountable for spying because China always spies on everyone and everyone winks and nodds and lets them get away with it. They have forged out currency as well. Do you think we should pay a country who has forged our currecny and artificial defelated its own to give itself a startegic advantage over the USA while holding our people hostage?

      How seriously do you take yourself that you believed China was a paceful nation when in fact it spies on everyond and has openly forged our currencies. Do you realize how much counterfeit money is floating around? And how about China making all those bad loans while being back by the USA taxpayer?

      Have you ever been to Chicago? Do you ealize how many Asians live in Chicago? And despite all of China's attacks on the USA and the pople of the USA we welcome them here to be apart of our family. And the smart ones get out. Becuase they realize making swords and weapons fo rconflicts all across Africa and profitting from it means Africa is on their way to invading China. Which is good if you have read Maoism. Sudan was poor without homes, communication and information structure and China came in and stole their oil and committed genocide. Really, China peaceful? What about China has made them appear peaceful in the past 100 years?

      We love the Chinese people and we welcme them to become a world power because the minute they are the world will see fit to marginalize them. China spies on everyone and ofrges everyone's currency. And you think they are great? Wow you really don't know the ature of the Cult of China.

      China is about to reap the consequences of manipualting currency markets, spying and stealing trade secrets (Which the USA never does to China)and for attempting to collapse the USA economy. That is not t mention all the really horrific things China does to its own people. I would suspect India to be a super power before China because they aren't engaged in all these really horrific behaviors. USA loves INdia as well and India does well in the USA because they are decent to their own people, the aren't trying to collapse the USA ecomony and they don't spy on the USA. India has much more potential for a great relationship with the USA than China because they can't put do The Art of War.

    • rafken profile image

      rafken 6 years ago from The worlds my oyster

      JT - Watch this space, i'll be writing a hub latter today. i'd appreciate your views, as always, keep hubing.

    • profile image

      jt walters 6 years ago

      As always I will.

    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 5 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      You have a good HUB here and I can see lots of reaction to it. Thanks for bringing my attention to it. I did not know about this at all. Well done and Up ONE.

    • profile image

      jt walters 5 years ago

      Thanks Reynold Jay,

      S. Korea was paid with all the proceeds from Iraq via Tony Blair. England is really angry about it. I would submit S. Korea's glowing economy was because of pay offs from the oil indsutry is going through S. Korean Energy Companies. Obama is having a bad time getting them to pay the kick packed the USA was due for England and the USA awarding South Korea.

      Thanks for payng attention to international affairs. Our government doesn't want this story to be told because they know the USA would default in Chinese debt immediately.

      All My Best and thans for the vote and the read.

      Jt Walters

    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 5 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      Holy crap! Tony Blair teaching at Yale! Iragi Oil to South Korea!?!?! This wilder than any fiction I could ever dream up... Totally messed up leaders are traiters to our coutnry. I'll post this response at your HUB!

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