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Does Apophis Spell Armageddon?

Updated on March 3, 2013
Path of Apophis
Path of Apophis | Source


Apophis is an asteroid that is 885 feet wide.

It is due to pass close to Earth in 2012 and again in 2029. First discovered in 2004, it is thought that this asteroid will pass close to, but not close enough, in 2012 and 2029. However it is estimated that it will return in 2036 and this time it will come a lot closer. Some are now speculating that it could even collide with Earth.

NASA has estimated that if Apophis did collide with us, it would cause a Tsunami large enough to kill millions of people.

In 2008 NASA was directed to track Apophis by U.S. Representative Mark Udall, in order that plans could be made if the asteroid did in fact pose a threat.

The Book of Revelations


The Bible

In Revelations 8:8, the Bible tells of a second Angel blowing a trumpet and a huge mountain being thrown into the sea.

In Luke 21:25, Jesus tells us there will be signs in the Heavens and man will be perplexed at the roaring of the seas.

I am certain that as 2036 or even 2029 come closer these passages will be repeated more and more often. The self proclaimed doomsday prophets will come out in force, blanketing the internet, newspapers, television and even the Churches with their predictions of doom and gloom, imploring us to repent and prepare to meet our maker.

Will these, would be prophets get their opportunity for seven minutes of fame or will they be deprived of this chance by the National Space Agencies?




Possible salvation may be at hand.

Anatoly Perminov, head of Russia’s Space Agency believes that Apophis will strike the Earth in 2036 if nothing is done to stop it.

He thinks though, that if the space agencies of Russia, America, Europe and China work together, they could build a spacecraft that would be capable of deflecting the asteroid.

He says that if the agencies were to start to work together on a project now, there would be time to successfully complete the task.

What are we waiting for?

These agencies should start working together on a plan now. They should not wait to see what happens in 2029.

Even if Apophis turns out not to be the threat that is suspected, scientists for years have been telling us that it is inevitable that, one day an asteroid will collide with Earth, so why not use this as the opportunity to work together to create a workable strategy.

Even if the spacecraft doesn’t have to be used prior to 2036, a plan in place for future asteroids could only be a good thing.

These days there seems to be more and more prophecies of an approaching doomsday. Let us at least try and eliminate one source of threat of an impeding doom.


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    • sharewhatuknow profile image

      sharewhatuknow 6 years ago from Western Washington

      Hi there Rafken, I enjoyed reading this hub about Apophis and do share concerns about it.

      Since there is an International Space Station, it is possible that one of its purposes is to study these types of asteroids and their trajectories, and possibly how to eliminate them. I hope!!

      Voted up and useful.