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Earth Mysteries: America's Stonehenge?

Updated on September 22, 2012

Just north of the city of Boston, Mass lies what appears to be one of North America’s oldest megalithic structures. Locals refer to it as “Mystery Hill” some others refer to it as “Americas Stonehenge” it has excited and yet puzzled many who have visited to unravel its unique mysteries.

Americas Stonehenge is very large it runs around twenty five to thirty acres. Along its border is a small hillside that runs a low level wall made from large stones. There are cave drawings and dwellings that look primitive in nature. There are small and large tunnels running under the ground that crisscross as well as end nowhere. An archeologist was once quoted in saying that “the caves are a gigantic confusion of childish disorder and deep cunning.”

It has been determined that the Stonehenge in England and the Stonehenge in America are similar but yet quite different. So as not to be confused the stones in England can weigh up to twenty tons each. The ones in Mystery hill the largest is about eleven tons. But, what has been discovered to be alike is that they seem to be used for the same purpose. They were both created to be observatories. Both have very precise and unique astronomical alignments that include the solstices in summer and fall as well as the equinoxes in the spring and winter. Most of all the biggest mystery is that neither of them have any known builders.

The largest feature of Mystery Hill is the large flat table that serves in the center of the ceremonial monument. Although no one knows exactly what types of ceremonies went on we do know they were held there. Underneath this stone is one that is hidden and leads to a large corridor underneath the table. This seems like the ideal place to conceal the voice of an god speaking through or some type of disembodied voice.

Along with the sacrificial stone on Mystery Hill has a number of other great areas. There are artificial caves and passages some have been determined to be there for drainage others are there so that the priest or people can come and go without being seen or heard. The other parts are there but there functions also remain a mystery only time will tell. Or not.

In more recent times people have their theories about where the hill may have come from. One person that they seem to point to is john Patee. John Patee was a farmer in the mid to late 1800’s and rumor has it they built these stones and passages with his sons to help the blacks escape slavery in the south, part of the Underground thing that is proven is that the slaves that were escaping did use johns basement as a hideaway.

Other rumors about who may have built the stone structures to form “Americas Stonehenge” is a gentlemen by the name of William Goodwin. He summarized that the structures were built as a sacrificial place for the local monks. He did extensive archeological work at the site and found thousands of artifacts. But, a lot of these were lost or destroyed because they did not fit his “theory”.

Carbon dating from the site has put the average age to almost the same time as England’s Stonehenge of about four to six thousand years. Who really built it is still in question and I invite you to come up with your own theories. What we do know is that the natives in the area didn’t build them; colonial settlers did not build them. The religious beliefs of both do not seem to fit the religions at the time. The caves are large and small some not even anything larger than a 5 yr. old child could fit into yet there they are.

The real truth is why it is one of the great yet unknown of earths mysteries and will continue to probably be so in the near future until history or archeology proves otherwise.


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    Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

    Thank you for sharing. It was very informative and in that way the ingternet is fantastic because we upload so many interesting subject.

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    Kadmiels 7 years ago from Florida

    this is quite interesting to learn about..

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    Peter Dickinson 7 years ago from South East Asia

    Very interesting. Thanks. I knew nothing about this before now.