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Earth Mysteries; Things That Go Boom In The Night

Updated on April 27, 2011

There are a lot of strange things on our planet. One of the most interesting ones are the ones that go bump in the night. No I’m not referring to the boogey man but to those loud sonic boom types noises then have been heard through the centuries.


There is one instance that comes to mind that happened near Modesto California. During the month of September in nineteen fifty there was a loud and startling explosion that rocked the country side for miles around. It was so loud that it ended up shattering glass and setting off the fire alarm in town. Reports dwindled in from the populace from as far away as twenty miles yet no one could offer an explanation.  

On the other side of the planet just two weeks after the Modesto California incident. Another loud trembling explosion rocked parts of Margate, England. Officials received call from as far away as Edmonton and called it the largest such explosion since the end of world war two. But again after a intense investigation they were left with more questions than answers.

Then again about two weeks later back in the northern hemisphere another violent sonic boom type sound rocked part of the St. Lawrence River just across the Canadian border. Thousands of people felt and heard it as far away as 20 miles. The authorities at the time advised that it was a plan that had engine trouble and had accidently dropped a large bomb. But, no bomb fragments or craters were ever offered up as positive.

Then it seemed all went quiet until 1952, just outside of orange county Los Angeles around two o’clock in the morning a violent boom again was heard setting off alarms and setting off a flurry of calls to the local police departments. But, while they were trying to figure out the first explosion or where it may have come from a second rocks the state to the north. Near the city of San Diego the thunderous sounds of the earth split the ears of the residents. Then surprisingly a third such boom was heard in down near the water way in Point Lorna less than an hour later.

After the police brought the results back from their investigation they were unable to pin point or prove any explosions ever happened. They handed the explanation over to the scientists who were studying the unknown explosions and they came up with meteorites exploding in the atmosphere yet none were seen or witnessed on the original night.

People have offered up tons of different explanations and still today reports of loud booms are a regular occurrence. Some people say that UFOs are coming in from another dimension, others say that it is the military doing exercises and they go Mach speed which creates the boom. Well that may explain some that live by the water since jets cannot go supersonic until over water. So what about the other reports of the same occurrence around the world?

It’s one of the earth’s mysteries that we may never find a reasonable explanation for. We can speculate all day but maybe we should start to listen and see if the earth is trying to warn us of something. No matter what the cause next time you hear the earth go boom and you’re not in a war or near a military base then take a listen and see if you can find the meaning of the Things That Go Boom In The Night


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  • Apostle Jack profile image

    Apostle Jack 

    7 years ago from Atlanta Ga

    Future times will uncover many supernatural events and occurrences that shall defy scientific and technical equations.Spiritual knowledge shall rule the roost.


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