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Earth Mysteries: Ice Falling from the Heavens

Updated on April 26, 2011

There is one type of unique and very strange occurrence that happens all over the world. This Earth mysteries still mystifies scientist and those that witness it. What earth mystery am I speaking of 5 ft chucks of ice randomly falling from a blue sky.


A lot of these Ice chucks can be explained away as Ice from aircraft or leaks from airplanes holding tanks for human waste. Yet this phenomenon has been reported all over the world by many people even in pre aircraft times. How can all of these be explained away as aircraft ice?

A lot of the Ice that seems to fall is clear and pure. There seems to be no chemicals as from bathroom airplane or any odd smells associated with it. What falls is Just very large chunks of Ice that are anywhere from one foot in diameter to five feet in diameter. They can range from a few inches thick to the largest over two feet thick.

The most recent report of random chunks of Ice falling from the sky was reported in October of two thousand and nine. The Federal Aviation authority received a report that a house near Chicago o hare airport was hit about 8pm with a large chunk of ice about 1 meter long. It ended up damaging the roof of their home. Paul Dewed heard a extremely loud thunk on their roof when they went out to investigate what caused it they found very large chunks of ice fragments all over the roof and driveway. Giving this was summer time it is hard to explain away. But, eventually the airport fixed there roof and settled the case as falling ice from airplanes passing over head. But, worldwide there are reports of random chunks of Ice falling and hitting homes, fields and sometimes people with no explanation.  

There are other unusual reports of different types of ice and shapes some look like small discs. Like what happened in the early nineteen seventies to W. Goodman in a small part of Australia. He was out playing golf one Sunday afternoon; the sky was blue and not a cloud in site. He was walking towards the eighth green and noticed a whitish circular disc descending in a spiral form. It landed about fifty feet away and resembles a child’s Frisbee there was no one in site and the nearest golfer was more than two hundred yards away. It resembled ice like you would see in a hailstorm but on a cool summer day where temperatures were more than 70 degrees and no clouds in the sky it was very unusual. He described the disc as having  a conglomerate of hailstones all bunched together on the top and the lower surface was smooth probably caused by the air friction as it descended.

Some have theorized they may be meteorite particles that have slipped through the atmosphere off of passing comets and meteors. But whether or not this is a terrestrial phenomenon or an extraterrestrial phenomenon we may never know it’s one of those earth mysteries that seems to defy a plausible explanation.


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  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 

    7 years ago from London, UK

    Wow, that is fascinating. Thank you for a great hub.


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