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The personality of rich people: What drives entrepreneurs like Henry Ford to success?

Updated on September 27, 2015


Dream big! If you want to build a new house then dream of building a MANSION. If you dream of having a car then dream of a stretch limousine with a swimming pool. Use your imagination. Wile away tiresome hours day-dreaming about your MASSIVE plans.


Believe in yourself. In your principles. In your ability. Tender the roots of your unshakable spirit. You are you - you have your soul - what ever happens that will survive. Have the confidence to take on your dreams. Self-esteem is an enormously powerful weapon.

Fact Vs. Opinion

Learn to seperate the two.People thought the world was flat. They laughed at anybody who thought it was different. They laughed at Henry Einstein, Charles Darwin, Henry Ford, Thomas Eddison...the list goes on. Question reality - can I do it? Are they right - or is it opinion? Just because everybody else believes something it does not make it so.


Work, work and work some more. When you're done working, you got it, work again. NOBODY gets rich overnight. Success at anything - business, relationships, spirituality, sports - takes work. It is a vital ingredient that translates ideas into a physical reality.

Financial success
Financial success


Commitment is a choice - you can put your whole body and mind into a task, a hobby, a job - or you can hold back. But without 100 per cent commitment there will be no success. Commitment means all of your concentration energy, effort and strength being dedicated to the subject.


There will be set-backs, there will be highs and lows. But those who remain focused on their goal and never stray too far from the path WILL achieve. When the wind of change blow and people throw insults, keep moving forward. Persevere until you reach your dream.


What goes around comes around. And a kind favour will help you along the way. Nurture the people around you which will bring
happiness into your life. It will improve the health of you and those around you. Kindness and understanding does not take a lot of energy. But it can have an impact and earn the favor and thanks of key people.


Everybody needs inspiration on their path to success. Nature, music, literature, the examples of others, and prayer are just a few of the sources. You will get tired. You will be wary. You will need ideas. When those times come you will need inspiration.


Do it online or offline but be sure to put yourself around successful people. They can be influential with your dreams. Find the other key players in your field. Take them out for a meal. Schmooze them over wine. Pick up their tips and tricks. Tell them yours. They will be your teachers and aides.


I'm doing this for the higher good of myself, my family, my community, my planet. This is my path and it is what I have been chosen to do. I am being helped along the way by a force greater than myself. These are just some of the firm beliefs and faith that you will be successful. This is a powerful, important and necessary force in life.

The Serendipity Phenomena

The breaks, opportunities and good luck of life come to everybody. Those moments when something appears just at the right time - that's serendipity. Ask the universe to bring them to you and cultivate the ability to recognise these opportunities. Develop the emotional and practical preparation for change so that you can take up these opportunities. Opportunities - however big or small - must be acted upon to achieve a goal.

Adapted from the book by Dexter Yager and Doug Wead


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      Rickrideshorses 7 years ago from England

      Thanks Michael!

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      Michael Shane 7 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

      Good hub Rick!