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Facts You've Never Known About Eye Colors!

Updated on January 21, 2015 | Source

Eye colors

It's interesting to get some facts about our body parts and how they function, today's article will be talking about the different amazing facts about our eye colors

Our Eye Colors Can Change!

With time and as we age, our eye colors can actually change! Not change in color but they can lighten up or darken a little bit according to how the pigment granules work, the more they increase the darker the eye color would get and vice verse.

Hazel eyes for example can get more golden like color and lines around the pupil.

Babies Eye Colors Are Not Theirs

Almost all Babies are usually born with this light blue color, the reason to why they would have this color is because the primary determinant of the eye colors " melanin " wouldn't be found in babies at their birth, not having this determinant means getting blue eyes! But wait, this is not permanent! As this color can change as soon as melanin starts to get produced and function, after that the color that the melanin decides according to the genetic combination would be the one color that will stay permanent.

The Rarest Eye Color Is Green

The rarest eye color is green, this is because the genes responsible to give this green color are very hard to find in most people.

As for which gender would have the higher possibility of having these genes and to become having green eyes, researches find that women have that more than men and the reasons to that are still not found.

People with redheads having a very high chance of getting green eyes.

Black Color

A lot of people mistaken the darkest shade of brown with " black " while there's actually no such color for the eyes! The only thing that makes this is because of the very high concentration of the melanin in the causing, as we now know that the more melanin gets produced the darker and more brownish the eye color would be. | Source

Blue-eyed Person Has The Same Ancestor

All people with blue eyes have the same ancestor according to researches. Originally, about 15,000 years ago everyone had brown eyes. Blue eyes occurred when there was a person who had his/her OCA2 gene mutated, this mutation led to have less melanin produced in the iris of the eyes which then made the eyes color blue.

Eye Colors Are Specific

Eye colors are always specific to an individual, you can never find two different people having the exact same color according to the fact that there are million of different genetic and chromosomal variations and the fact that melanin is produced differently in each and every person.

The Red Eye Color

The red eye color is real! And it can be found,however, this red/pink color is the rarest color to be found in individuals after green and this is due to the fact that the mutation which causes this would deprive the iris from its melanin causing the eyes to have no color at all, while the pink/red color that we would see is the color of the the red blood vessels.

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