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Facts You've Never Known About Your Skin!

Updated on November 19, 2014 | Source


The skin is our most exposed tissue to the surroundings, healthy skin means healthy insider organs and vice verse.

Here are some amazing facts that you've never known about your skin!

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Interesting Facts About Your Skin

Your Skin's Dead Cells:

Your skin gets rid of many of its dead cells each minute, about 35,000 dead skin cells get removed.

Dust Is Beneficial & Your Skin Made It!

The dust that you actually see is a result from accumulated dead skin cells along with other small particles, now I know you all would wonder about what might happen to this dust or why would it be beneficial, don't you? This dust is not useless as all, it's what helps us stay alive! How? Dust particles are the ones that actually make the basic gathering point for rain's vapor to gather upon and around and to make a rain drop as a result. | Source

Thinnest & Thickest Skin Layers?

Each body part has what it needs.

Your eyelids have the thinnest skin layers ever! Your eyelids are also more pigmented due to the fact that its skin has more pigment cells, that's why we see the skin color on our eyelids differing from our skin's color on our hands for example.

Now, what about the thickest skin layers? Where are they located?

The thickest skin layers are on your feet to allow them perform their tasks: ( walking, running, resisting sliding due to friction ...etc )

The hands also have thick skin layers but they're absolutely not as thick as those on our feet.

Your Eyes And Skin Use The Same Color Determinant

" Melanin " Is the color indicator and the primary determinant of skin and eyes color, The more melanin = the darker your skin and eyes colors are.

There's also a relation between melanin and wrinkles, people with dark skin colors have this primary color determinant produced more than those with lighter skin colors and in fact, melanin is not only used to determine your skin & eyes color! It has been also discovered that melanin can act an important role for protecting your skin against the sun's UV dangerous rays and we all know what bad things these UV rays can do to our skin, including a faster skin aging and more wrinkles exposure.

Skin Renewal

Snakes are known for changing & renewing their skin every now and then but guess what? Humans change their skin too! Well not literally " change " but a renewal procedure is done every 25-30 days.

What body parts facts are you interested to know about?

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    • dilipchandra12 profile image

      Dilip Chandra 3 years ago from India

      Some facts i never knew and now learnt from you hub. Good information, thank you :)