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Formula for Success for Young People

Updated on August 27, 2020
Joyette  Fabien profile image

Joyette is a champion for young people. She attempts, through her writing, to encourage them to aspire and to urge others to support them.

Young Leaders - 2015 National Youth Awards in Dominica

Get Your Road Map to Success

As young persons graduate from schools and colleges around the world and prepare to enter the world of work, many have grand ideas as to where they want to go and how quickly they want to achieve success. However, success is usually more achievable when people have a formula, plan, road map or some such thing to guide them and to keep them on the right track. Sometimes, young people grow up in homes or environments where there is not adequate guidance and no matter how ambitious and intelligent they are, they experience unnecessary roadblocks in their journey to success. It is therefore important that young people follow a formula for success. Here is a simple, useful formula:

1. Dream, Set Goals, Put in the Effort and Follow the Steps

Every young person should have a dream and should try, through honest means, to make that dream come true. This is usually referred to as ambition. The realization of your dream or fulfillment of your ambition will, to a large extent, depend on the goals you set, the soundness of your goals and the measures which you take to achieve them. It is a fact that greater value is placed on things that are hard earned than things that have come easily.

Your goals should be realistic and attainable. It would be pointless to set goals which are clearly unattainable for this would only bring about frustration and disillusionment. Additionally, long term goals can be broken up into mini/short term goals which will make fulfillment appear a lot easier and within your grasp. Let me say though, that long term or short term, no matter the goals; success and fulfillment will only come through effort and hard work.

2. Make Education, Training and Certification Your Priorities

The importance, in this day and age, of education, training and certification for successful attainment of ones goals cannot be over emphasized.

  • Education - Without a doubt, education is the key to a better future. Education enables and empowers; it positions you at the front of the queue.The expression, ‘education is key’ is probably becoming tired and worn, but its veracity is unquestionable. One may counter that there are some great people whose success was attained with little or no formal education. The percentage of such people would be low in comparison with the converse.
  • Training - This is organized activity geared at assisting persons in improving their competencies in a given area. The result of training should be enhanced capacity, productivity and performance. It is therefore a vital link between education and actual performance . Training can be pursued on the job or through workshops, seminars or other methods prior to or during one's employment. The important thing is that young people should embrace every opportunity for training for this will place them at an advantage for employment, promotions and other job related factors.
  • Certification - This is required for all well-paying forms of employment. Almost every job requires at least college level certification. It says to prospective employers that you have undergone training up to a specific level in your area of expertise. That slip of paper will help open doors to opportunities which will improve your quality of life. In the past, it might have been enough just to learn a skill for this would equip you with the means to earn an income and raise a family. Today, skill without certification is grossly inadequate!

3. Computer Skills are a Must!

Computer literacy is not an option in today’s world; it is essential! - to getting a job, to keeping the job, to beating your competitors. Think of it; if you are a bygone days mechanic who knows nothing about computerized engines you are out of the job race! If you are a contractor who can’t follow digitally designed plans you will soon be out of the job market and again, if you are tendering for a contract, you will find that inability to prepare and submit estimates electronically is a major setback. Undoubtedly, certification in computer skills will enhance your academic qualifications and make you more marketable/successful.

In a competitive, technologically advanced world there is no place for lack of ambition. Young people should therefore equip themselves with computer skills and the requisite certification to compete on the job market since the better opportunities go to those who possess these additional requirements.

Get on Board With Computers!


4. Go for the Positive!

  1. Young people need to understand how important it is to stay away from negative influences; how not to be dazzled by the temporary glitter and glamour of easy money; of wealth acquired through dishonest or unscrupulous means such as drugs, immorality and crime. Rather, they should be prepared to work hard and to live with a conscience which is clean and free.
  2. Discipline and commitment are also key factors in the quest for success. These are what make you hang in there against all odds. Lack of self discipline and a low level of commitment will sooner or later cause a loss of focus and put you on the road to failure.
  3. The need for a positive attitude cannot be over emphasized for no matter how educated you are, an undesirable attitude will get you nowhere. Humility, team spirit and a desire for self improvement help make life a pleasant experience for you and those with whom you interact. On the other hand, selfishness and arrogance only help you to build a castle which will eventually crumble around you for, as the saying goes, “pride cometh before a fall”. Also, just as you look for example from your seniors, you should strive to be the type of example/role model that others would want to emulate.

5. Pray!

Finally, young people are wont to ignore the importance of prayer in bringing about the fulfillment of dreams. Prayer is powerful and it is necessary . Constant connection with the Almighty Father sets you on track and keeps you on course. If you slip and fall it is easier to pick yourself up and start again when there is strong connection with the Lord.

Formula for Success

So here’s the formula for success in today's world:


© 2012 Joyette Helen Fabien


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