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Fun & Free SAT Words Starting with “F”

Updated on March 12, 2019


Frasier observes as his fastidious brother cleans a cafe chair.
Frasier observes as his fastidious brother cleans a cafe chair. | Source

F is for Frasier

This mini-SAT vocabulary lesson teaches "F" words by recalling moments in the life of Dr. Frasier Crane and other characters from Frasier and Cheers. You'll get definitions for some potential SAT words along with sample sentences and sample SAT questions.

The main words explored are fallacious, fastidious, florid and fecund. Additional words are defined in the answers to the sample questions.

If you come up with your own great sentence examples, please add them to the end of this lesson. Enjoy!

FASTIDIOUS Niles Crane Cleans a Chair

FASTIDIOUS - adj. - excessively particular or requiring excessive care

Sample Sentences Using Fastidious

  • The fastidious Niles Crane often cleans chairs with a handkerchief before sitting.
  • Maris Crane is perhaps even more fastidious; Niles mentions her rigid spine, numerous allergies, abnormally tight quadriceps and frequent plastic surgeries.

Sample SAT Question Using Fastidious

Fill in the blank.

Carefully matching his cuff links to his tie, Frasier is ________ about maintaining a professional appearance.

(A) capricious

(B) cogent

(C) insidious

(D) fastidious

The best answer is D, fastidious, because Frasier takes great care in putting together an upscale outfit. As for the other choices:

  • Capricious means "fickle" or "subject to whims." Frasier is hardly capricious; he weighs most decisions carefully.
  • Cogent means "intellectually convincing." For example, Frasier might make a cogent argument about psychology.
  • Something that's insidious is deceptively harmful. A subtly insulting remark might be called insidious. So might a fatty chocolate cake.

FALLACIOUS - adj. - logically unsound, deceptive, misleading

Sample Sentences Using Fallacious

  • Sam Malone, a dedicated bachelor, had no qualms about telling fallacious stories to impress women.
  • The claim that Frasier had reached peace with Diane was fallacious; his blood pressure still spiked in anger whenever he remembered being left at the altar.

Sample SAT Question Using Fallacious

Fill in the blank.

Harry, the con man on Cheers, made his living by telling _________ stories and using sleight of hand.

(A) loquacious

(B) fallacious

(C) laconic

(D) primeval

The best answer is B, fallacious. You can expect a con man to tell stories that are deceptive. As for the other options:

  • Loquacious means "very talkative" or "garrulous." Martin's girlfriend Sherry is very friendly and tends to be loquacious. You might make the argument that this answer would fit, but the SAT people want the best answer. Always read all of your choices.
  • Something laconic is terse or brief; it lacks wordiness. The longer this definition goes on, the less laconic it becomes.
  • Primeval means "ancient, original." Diane Chambers was more interested in the Renaissance than in primeval history.

FLORID - adj. - rosy or reddish, flowery or ornate

Sample Sentences Using Florid

  • Frasier, a great orator, is known for his florid speech.
  • Daphne's normally porcelain complexion became florid in the heat.

FLORID: Frasier is Eloquent Even in Klingon

Sample SAT Question Using Florid

Fill in the blanks.

Frasier chose tropical Bora Bora for its _____ landscape and ________ luxury resort.

(A) florid, timorous

(B) desolate, contemptible

(C) florid, opulent

(D) opulent, obstreperous

The best answer is C. Frasier chose Bora Bora for its florid landscape and opulent luxury resort. It's logical that Frasier would choose a destination for its flowery landscape and borderline ostentatious accommodations. As for the other word choices:

  • Timorous means "timid" or "fearful."
  • Desolate connotes barren emptiness in a depressing sense, not a tropical island teeming with life.
  • Contemptible means "despicable" or "shameful."
  • Obstreperous means "noisy or unruly."

The FECUND Carla Tortelli

The very fertile Carla Maria Victoria Angelina Teresa Apollonia Lozupone Tortelli LeBec has more names than children, but just barely.
The very fertile Carla Maria Victoria Angelina Teresa Apollonia Lozupone Tortelli LeBec has more names than children, but just barely. | Source


Sam: Do you think guys have a biological clock? You know, like they know when it's time to have a kid?

Carla: Oh yeah, usually when they say, "Carla, do you want to go out tonight?".

FECUND - adj. - fertile, productive

Sample Sentences Using Fecund

  • Frasier and Niles enjoy highbrow literature and have been fecund writers since early childhood.
  • Carla Tortelli is fecund; she has eight children and refers to herself as a "fast breeder."
  • Carla's fecundity is a running joke on Cheers. For example:

Carla: Let me tell you something, Sammy. When you're eighty-seven, you'll still be a hunk to me. Of course, I'll be senile and blind.
Sam: And pregnant.
Carla: Yeah, probably.

Sample SAT Question Using Fecund

Diane worried that she was wasting her most intellectually _______ years as a barmaid.

(A) fecund

(B) fetid

(C) penurious

(D) egregious

The best answer is A, fecund. Diane is concerned that she's wasting her most intellectually fertile years with the likes of Norm and Cliff instead of deeper thinkers. On the other hand:

  • Something that's fetid has a foul odor.
  • Penurious means "miserly" or "stingy."
  • Egregious means "extremely bad." You can read more about the word egregious here.

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