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Goal and Planning and you360!

Updated on April 20, 2009

Are you failing to set good goals and plans?

Preview-14. We finished up in the last article with number two of the Big Three...procrastination. Number One was, lying to yourself. You can't do that because it's certain death to your business. Now let's tackle number three of the Big Three. Which is, failing to set good Goals and Plans.

Now, there's been a lot of talk out there in the marketplace about goals. About what you have to do when setting goals.

  • Some say, it's a science to set goals.
  • Some say, it's an art to set goals.
  • Thousands of books have been written about setting goals.
  • Fortunes have been made teaching people how to set goals.
  • Thousands of seminars have been put on about the right way to set goals.

They say, that if you want to become successful, you must read all of these books, complete all these programs, listen to all the tapes, watch all the videos, write down all your goals and carry them around with you in your wallet, pull them out and read them every two-three hours everyday and memorize them.

To some degree, I agree with that school of thought, because in business, you need goals and a good plan on how to reach those goals.

It's called a business plan.

I've seen business plans big enough to fill a barn, two-three inches thick with thousand of word. On the other hand, I've seen one page business plans and even one line business plans. I've seen goal sheets typed out, put in beautiful binders, note books, some hanging on the wall and some taped to the biggest mirror in the office. I've also seen the plans and goal sheets written on regular paper, hand written, on scratch paper, on napkins, paper towels and even on floors with magic markers.

And I agree, you need to have some sort of plan and set of goals.

See, the key is, do whatever works for you. You know what you need. You know what you need to do. You know you, better than anyone else knows you! What I'm saying here is, you don't need to read a book on how to set goals. Sure it helps. You don't need to go to all those seminars. You don't need to listen to all those tapes about how to make goals and plans. Sure it helps, but you already know how! You already know how to set goals and make plans. You already know how to do all that stuff!

How do you think you've accumulated all the things you already have?

  • The house you live in?
  • The car you drive?
  • The dresses you own?
  • The suits you own?
  • Men, what about all those tools?
  • Ladies, what about all those shoes?
  • All that stuff in the garage?
  • All that stuff in the basement?
  • How did you get your lady?
  • How did you get your man?

Think about that for a minute...did you read a book or go to a seminar or listen to a tape? No …it's simple …it's elementary!

First, you had to make a decision...a choice. Then, you had to make a commitment...commit to that choice. Then, you had to put together a plan of action.

Commit to action.

Choice, commitment and's that simple. You've done it thousands of times in your lifetime. A goal is nothing more than something you want and have to have. The plan is nothing more than how you're going to get it. Repeat, a goal is nothing more than something that you have to have. It's not that complicated. It's not something magical. It's not something mystical and it's really not a science and it's not an art.

But, I'll tell you what it is. It's vital, it's necessary and it's very important to understand this. Anytime you have to have'll always figure out a way. You'll always figure out a way to get what you have to have. You'll always figure out a way to get it!

Lets jog your memory.

Case in point …jog your memory …how did you get your Mom and Dad to let you go to your first dance, when they had already told you, no, you wasn't going? And when Friday night came, somehow, you found yourself at the dance? How did you pull that one off? How did you get your first date? Then jog your memory, how did you get your first kiss? …Those were goals and plans, so don't tell me that you don't know how to get want you want or have to have! It's all about how bad you want it!

That's all it is, how bad do you really want it? Again, a goal is nothing more than something you have to have!

You'll figure it out, I'm sure, because over the years I've talked to thousands of people about the impossible odds they've had to overcome. They had no idea of how they would pull it off, but they did. They did it and made it happen because they had to. They pulled off the unthinkable odds, because they had to!

Think back, you've probably had that same experience sometime in your life and yet somehow, somehow, you managed to overcome some amazing, truly incredible odds just to get something that you absolutely had to have. Make sense? Find a quite place and think about it.

Next you360-15

In the meantime, while you are making your plan ...don't forget will help you think clearer and help make a better plan as you keep you body healthier by drinking plenty of clean, fresh, filtered water with two-four ounces of the "best tasting aloe vera" everyday.

Of course, know your supplier.

We welcome your comments!

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    • gjcody profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Chaser4 are right. We definitely go after what we want if we really want it. If that were the case ...I guess neither of us would be here. Think of the fact that our parents knew what they wanted so they made it happen.

      Of course sometimes I am sure my mother looked at herself in the mirror and said ...was this what I really wanted :-))) But anyways I am!

      As for Detroit. I am making plans soon to be there. Will let you know when the plan comes together. Thanks for asking.

      Don't forget to stay in touch best to your success!

    • gjcody profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      garyjames ...I know you are a guy with a goal ...I hope you reach it! I am sure you are writing it down and getting the job done best to your success!

    • gjcody profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Feline Prophet ...I bet you have had things that you visualize ...maybe not write down. We have all wished we had the home of our dreams. Or perhaps you see a picture and wish you could take a trip to that place.

      If not ..maybe it is time to start. It is said if you put a picture of something that you want badly somewhere that you look all the time the refrigerator ...mirror in the morning or where you eat your breakfast ...It will take over your subconscious and you will eventually find a way to get what you want.

      Take the time to start today ...take charge ..I bet you can do it. I like your will to follow me on this site ..that shows me that you do have stamina.

      As always are the best and I appreciate you ...My best to your success!

    • chaser4 profile image


      9 years ago

      Hey hit it right on about the goals. Definitely not a science or an art, but some people make it out to be.

      I like the analogy about the dance and the first kiss, can relate to those big time!! Lot's of planning went into that.. Really, it go's back to how bad do you really want it!!

      See you on the next trip to Ohio and Las Vegas. When are you coming to Detroit??

    • profile image

      Gary James 

      9 years ago

      Goals are likw X marks the spot on a map. It gives you an automatic motivator to "get to where you're going NOW"! I write about modern day relationships and such at,

    • profile image

      Feline Prophet 

      9 years ago

      gj, I don't think I have ever had a tangible goal in my life...I mean the kind that one visualises and writes down and determines to achieve. I like the fact that life happens regardless. :)


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