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Father God and YouTube, Do These Really Go Together? (6/1/2016, Message#1)

Updated on December 18, 2020

Father God Sees Even Online Content!

He Sees All
He Sees All | Source

What is the Purpose of Video Interaction?

As of May 2017 I now have a YouTube Channel; however I have seen some interesting things on YouTube! Who hasn't? I think it is very cool and unique to have a video or two and have people from anywhere on the planet watches them. But what does it mean to have a channel and a following as well? I guess this is also why I myself do not wish to venture into the YouTube arena. This doesn't mean I can't give respect to those who do and those who are in those arenas. I like to write and seem to have following in this, that's enough for me.

Having a YouTube Channel is unique in the fact that the owner can control the content which is on the channel, at the same time, as the number of YouTube subscribers grow. Couldn't they begin to influence the channel's content? Much the same way a writer in a blog might start out writing about sports, then later due to content demand or Experiencing Life Changing Events, they might be writing about sci-fi or Something of Greater Value later on. So I guess this makes sense, then there are those who are not influenced by their subscribers and they create whatever their heart's desire on their YouTube Channel. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with this in my opinion. So can we ascertain whether there is Truth and the Lord God on YouTube?

The YouTube Logo!!

Come Checkout YouTube!
Come Checkout YouTube! | Source

The Lord God is Everywhere, So Why Not YouTube?

This is a very good question, one I never thought about; how about you? If God is Omnipresent, this means He is Everywhere and knows All Things. At the same time people want to hear a Word from Him, this is why Church is supposed to be popular or at the very least, used for. YouTube has all kinds of content within it. And Yes, there is plenty of content about Father God within YouTube as well. This means all perfectly well, the Lord God of Heaven can be found even on a Video Interaction website like YouTube, which is Streamed all over the Internet anywhere in the World. I guess this is also why YouTube Channels strive to create unique, up-to-date, fresh material. What's the saying: "Hit the Subscribe Button!?!" If you like what you have viewed please subscribe or comment below. It would seem to me, YouTube has become a Video Interaction website and a Social Media Site all in one, but I am no expert and I am just saying.

In a moment, we will share with you a few "Watchmen on the Wall for the Lord." This is a quote in the Old Testament in the Bible (the Book of Instruction Before Leaving Earth). The people who have YouTube Channels are folks who first off, understand the Bible. Second, have influence from the Lord God and are doing His Will. Third, under His Influence are able to relate or put forth how our daily current events relate to Bible or Biblical Prophecy. In a sense, they hear from Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty) and you can as well through them. By listening to each of them, you might just be able to ascertain the Bigger Picture... What is the Lord God of Heaven El Shaddai (God Almighty) About to Do?!?

Please Subscribe!

Don't Forget to Subscribe!!
Don't Forget to Subscribe!! | Source

Meet MillionforChrist

This is a gentleman who is a man of God and Pastor from a small town in Georgia. He loves the Lord God very much, it seems to me that all he wants to do is help people come to church and hear the good news every Sunday! That seems harmless to me, as well as a noble cause to get involved in "Reaching the Lost at Any Cost!" And yet, MillionforChrist is one example of finding Father God and the Lord Jesus on YouTube. I really admire his passion, I am not bold enough to start my own church, nor am I willing to have any kind of YouTube subscribers. So I indeed commend him Greatly in doing so!

Watch MillionforChrist

Meet Mark Hardy

Some People are chosen at birth to Prophesy or deliver Father God's Word and be living examples of the Truth about the Lord God! I strongly believe Mark Hardy is one of these Modern examples!! Mark is a very Bold and a Humble man, one who maybe struggling in his own way, but is very resilient with his Faith in the Lord Jesus!! I must also mention his channel is the Place for No Ear Tickling! If you can't stand the Truth or seeing his photo from 1977, this may not be the Channel for you! The truth will Told and it will be Bold!

Watch Mark Hardy

It's High Time, the Rapture is At Hand!!

Meet Boldsojah4Christ

Now this gentleman has a very unique channel, one which covers all kinds of information and a wide variety of Subject Matter!! If you can't handle some "Bold" information and finding out what he is hearing from Father God, I don't recommend this channel for you. The Truth is hard for some to swallow; however, it is still needed. I admire his boldness and the fact which he can also hear from God, which is why I had to mention his YouTube Channel. Many of his videos will just blow you away! Right away, you know or can discern that it's Father God and the Lord Jesus showing you what about to take place through Boldsojah4Christ. There is no hiding this very fact with his channel. What I admire is the fact that Boldsojah4Christ is straightforward with what he shares, in this day and age, this is indeed truly respectable.

Watch Boldsojah4Christ

Father God the Creator or Coincidence

Nothing Happens by Chance
Nothing Happens by Chance | Source

Meet Bob Barber

There are many Unique YouTube Channels; this one is one I have never seen. Bob Barber takes dreams and/or visions and animates them or helps them come to life graphically. In such, we and his subscribers can see the dream or vision of the person who shared it with Mr. Barber. This is actually pretty cool if you think about it, being able to see your dream in a video! That's very unique indeed, because of the very nature of dreams and visions. There are many kinds of subjects covered within this YouTube Channel, so much so that you will likely not get tired with his channel.

Watch Bob Barber

Meet Swift Passage

This YouTube Channel always starts all of his videos by announcing this is "God's Holy Channel." In most of his videos he shares a message which he has received from the Lord God, not only just this; he also shares the time and date when they are received. He usually has an encouraging word which uplifts me and more than likely will uplift you as well. Sometimes being simple or presenting simplicity is just best, which makes the viewer’s more susceptible to receiving the message. One more thing Swift Passage also does is take Prayer Request and if you need Prayer, This Channel is for You! As of Recent, there have been messages being received from the Lord Jesus about the Biblical Proof of The Pre-Tribulation Rapture, as Explained By the Lord Jesus!

Watch Swift Passage

Meet JD Farag

I really like this Channel, JD Farag relates Bible Prophecy to world events. Especially to what is going on the Middle East and Israel. Every Sunday like clockwork, there is a new Bible Prophecy Update uploaded onto his YouTube Channel. This is great news and a nice addition to add to the information of all the Watchmen on the Wall and the Information each one of them All Shares when it comes from the Lord Jesus!! There are things which are going on, that sometimes it is just nice to know than not to know. Mr. Farag uses as much love, humor and purpose when he brings forth each Prophecy Update. This is more than likely helps to keep the news from being too insane or way over the top.

Watch JD Farag

Youtube At Its Best!

My Favourite Youtube Logo
My Favourite Youtube Logo | Source

Meet Marner Campbell

This YouTube Channel is indeed very unique in the way Mrs. Campbell presents shares and then links the information which she shares to other YouTube videos. In a sense, this channel acts like a double witness to others who are also sharing what they hear and witness! As with so many of Father God's Watchers, Mrs. Campbell also hears from Father God and she freely shares this information. It is not withheld or re-worded, she simply tells it like it is; like it or not. Like the many YouTube Channels which have been already shared, Mrs. Campbell does not do this for popularity; she does this for obedience to the Lord God and His Will, as well as for Her Love for the Lord Jesus! Many of her videos are not viewed all that much, but this doesn't stop her nor slowdown from sharing the information she hears. For that, I admirer Mrs. Campbell's persistence and determination to get the word out; regardless of what the world may think!

Watch Marner Campbell

Meet Israeli News Live

This YouTube Channel exclusively follows the event which takes place in Israel and what is taking shape through Bible Prophecy. He quotes Bible scriptures and relates current Israeli events to the prophetic timeline to date. Many of his videos make you think and even may leave you in wonder by his profound insight. He even had a video of snow falling in the country he was visiting in May?!? Wow! Indeed Steven gets around from Europe to the Middle East and there are no subjects which are considered to be Too Hot to report on in this region!!

Watch Israeli News Live

Meet Rhonda Empson

In this YouTube Channel, she only uploads a video when she hears from the Lord God in her dreams. Like so many channels Rhonda has so many different topics which are covered within her channel. Most of her dreams are very detailed and you can make sense of most of them right away. I really admire her obedience to what Father God has called her to do. Not mention her Love for the Lord Jesus as she also receives messages and dreams concerning the Lord Jesus and His Soon Appearance!!

Watch Rhonda Empson

Urgent, Come to Jesus Now!

There is no Time Like the Present! Act Now!
There is no Time Like the Present! Act Now! | Source

The Lord Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life! The Only to get to Father God.

You are hearing from people who are being used by Jehovah God El Shaddai (God Almighty) and they are doing His Work to reach the Lost. People who haven't accepted Jesus yet and Now, “Today” Is The Day For Redemption. This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus.

Come to the Lord Jesus Christ, the one who defeated all those things with His very life at the cross. He died so we don't have to and this goes for anyone who comes to Him. The Lord Jesus is waiting, will you come to Him and do it today, right now. The Lord Jesus is calling you to come, let Him write your name in the Lamb's book of Life in Heaven. Come; accept Him while He can still be found! Confess with your mouth "Jesus is Lord", believe in your Heart that the Lord God Raised Him from the dead and you will be Saved!

It's so simple and Jesus will hear you wherever you are, at home, at work, in jail, in the bathroom. Wherever, whenever, we can call upon the name of the Lord Jesus; you too can become free of this worldly system and have life with Him in Heaven!

Do YouTube?

Yes You Can Find Father God Here!
Yes You Can Find Father God Here! | Source

Meet Robert Breaker

This YouTube Channel is which teaches so many messages straight out of the King James Bible. There are so many teachings, messages and even answers questions from his subscribers or other Believers in his videos. Within almost everyone of his videos, Pastor Breaker always showcases God's timeline with Calvary's Cross as the midpoint of the Timeline. Depending on what the subject matter is, He places the Old Testament or the Law on one side of the Cross and The Age of Grace or the Church Age on the other side of the Cross. I hope the teachings of these messages will bless you! There are plenty of moments and information which is made plain, if you will!!

Watch Robert Breaker

It's All About the Lord Jesus, Have You Trusted His Blood?

Meet Dockkids

This is a straightforward no nonsense YouTube channel, so much so, some of his content has been blocked or stopped. The World clearly doesn't like to hear his messages and apparently, neither does YouTube. I guess this is why I like and have subscribed to this channel and I know he is sold out to the Lord Jesus! If you want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, Then you have come to the right YouTube Channel!! Better than any current News Updates than any major news broadcasts, current and world events are all covered within this Channel! Even information which pertains to soon and fast approaching, The Tribulation Period!! If You are curious or have a feeling you might be going into The Tribulation Period. The Information he shares within this YouTube Channel may just change your Eternal Destination!!

Watch Dockkids!

Come to The Lord Jesus, He Is Your Answer!!

Your Answer to Eternal Life, Not Eternal Death!!
Your Answer to Eternal Life, Not Eternal Death!! | Source

Whether on YouTube, Reading His Word, God Wants Us All to Come to Him!!

Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty) is Love and He is Always Watching everything we do, say and even act. Nothing is hid from Him. God Never Sleeps or Slumbers, which means we can Always Go To Him, any time of day or night! Whether we are angry, upset; happy, in love, hungry, stressed or any other form of emotion you can think of. It doesn't matter how we come to Father God. In fact, He greatly desires that we do come to Him for all our needs, desires, wants and even complaints. When we complain to people, what happens..., nothing, except maybe, people begin to stay away from complainers. Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am) does not care, complain to Him all of your problems and/or issues. He has the ability to do something about them, not only this, you are actually spending time with Him and this is extremely important.

Some might even want to know just How Great is Father God, El Shaddai? The fact which Father God hears all prayers and can answer them, for the prayers to be the most effective, you must know His Son Jesus and have acknowledged the free gift of salvation He has brought to this world. This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus. He is the one who gave us the free gift which cost you nothing, takes no time to accept and is the best decision anyone can make. Anyone and everyone can come to Jesus, this is what the Lord God wants, to have people acknowledge His Son and the Free Gift of Eternal Life with Him in Heaven.

God has done so much for Humanity and as a whole, even for those who do not see or acknowledge Him. As a whole, when anyone hears "God is Good!" They don't know what to make of this statement, for those who are in Christ; we know "God is Good!" The world as a whole needs to know Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am), Adonai (Lord), El Shaddai (God Almighty) Loves them and He greatly desires even them to come to Him. Even if they find Him on YouTube!!

God Bless and I hope all will come to Father God, through Christ Jesus. The Way, the Truth and the Life!

God Speaks Through a Willing Vessel

Father God is Always Watching.

Father God is Love and His Eyes are Upon You!
Father God is Love and His Eyes are Upon You! | Source

© 2016 TeamSTM


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