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The Age of Grace..., Is About To End!?!?

Updated on February 28, 2017

Let's Find Out!!

God the Father is the One Who Gives Out Grace!
God the Father is the One Who Gives Out Grace! | Source

First Off, What is Grace?

Putting it plainly, the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings. Jesus Christ is the reason “We,” Mankind, are favored by Father God in the Age of Grace. I still don’t get it, What is Grace? Grace is free sovereign favor to the ill-deserving. Grace is Love which cares; stoops and rescues. Grace is God's reaching downward to people who are in rebellion against Him. Grace is Unconditional Love toward a Person Who Does Not Deserve It. Grace is the opposite of karma, which is all about getting what you deserve. Grace is receiving what you don’t deserve, and not getting what you do deserve. Do you now see how much Jehovah Loves You? How Great is Father Jehovah God? This is also Why We Need Jesus! Father God gives His Grace each and everyday, and it is anew at the beginning of each passing day! Jehovah is Love, Love Unconditional and Unlimited Love!!

Do You Need Unconditional Love? Now You Know Where to Find it and Whom You Must Seek! There is Only One Way to Get it, Do You Want to Know How?

The Dawn of a New Month By Father God's Grace!!

The Beginning of a New Day in the Lord!!
The Beginning of a New Day in the Lord!! | Source

Only By the Grace of God "We" Might See the Rest of 2016!?!

Could this Sometime in 2016, Really be the Season, When Jesus is Seen in the Sky? When everyone will know, the reason Why? He is here, to Receive His Bride! As People Look Up and Down, and See the Evidence all Around. Will They Lose their mind, or will they realize, this was a “Sign!” One with two meanings of which, are going on inside. One being I have been Left Behind! The Other is, it was a Sign. That the Lord Jesus, Father God, and Heaven are Real. And without a Doubt, You Truly Know the Deal! We must not take the Mark, of the Beast, nor accept his name! For if We Do, It’s the End of The Game!

When the Age of Grace comes to an End at the Rapture of the Bride, will those who are Left Behind which somewhat know Jesus. Die for Him in The Tribulation Period or will they take the mark of the antichrist and totally turn their backs on God the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ?

Which Will You Choose? You don't have to wait for the Rapture of the Bride to be Left Behind, to Know the Lord Jesus is Real!! You can come to Know Jesus Christ Now and go with Him in the Rapture! Do You Want to Know How?

We Are In the Age of Grace!!

Grace Still Abounds!!
Grace Still Abounds!! | Source

Where Did the Age of Grace Begin?

Believe it or not, it began when Jesus walked the Earth before He went to the Cross. I would dare say the Age of Grace began at the Birth of Jesus Christ, when the Word of God was made into flesh! The Cross is the Greatest Symbolism of God’s Grace for Humanity, when Jesus was nailed to it and died. The Age of Grace began when Jesus was upon the Earth; look at the ministry of Jesus. He healed the sick, taught at the synagogue’s, Preached in Temples, did Miracles in plain sight, fed thousands, and so much more than what the Bible even mentions. Jesus even walked on Water and Calmed the storm with His Voice!! In each one of these situations, Jesus displayed the Love, Mercy and Grace of Jehovah to His created, cherished children, All Humanity!

The Church Age or Age of the Gentiles began after Jesus died on the Cross, even then, this was still within the Age of Grace! Even today, We are still under the Age of Grace, however we are just very close to the end of it. So How Long is the Age of Grace or How Long Has it Been?

What Will Trigger the End of the Age of Grace and When?!

The Age of Grace Has Lasted How Long!?!

2000 Years and Counting...
2000 Years and Counting... | Source

It’s Been 2000 Years or Has It?

Jesus was born around 0 A.D., and around the Autumn Solstice. This would be September 21st – 23rd, for those who would like to know. So the Age of Grace began over 2000 Years ago, what is the Year this year… That’s right, 2016! So the Age of Grace has been about 2015 or 2016 Years so far. Meaning, the Appearance of Christ Jesus in the Clouds could have been 1999 or 2000 to meet the exact 2000 year time frame. Do you now see we are indeed on borrowed time, and only by the Grace of Jehovah, the Lord Jesus hasn’t Appeared yet!?!

What could Father God be waiting on, why has He given Humanity 15 or 16 additional years from the Time of the Lord Jesus' Birth? Could there be people the Lord God Jehovah is waiting for, to Meet Him before His Trumpet sounds?

For the Moment, We Have Been Given More Time!

Don't Waste It, Get Ready to Meet Jesus!
Don't Waste It, Get Ready to Meet Jesus! | Source

What, We Have Been Given More Time!? Only Very Little!!

It would appear Father Jehovah God has given Humanity more time, nearly 16 years to be precise. So What is Father God waiting for, who’s attention is He trying to get? Since this is the Age of the Gentiles within the Age of Grace, Jehovah is waiting for the last Gentile to call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and accept Him as Lord and Savior. With this being stated, each New Month in which we see on our current calendar, is indeed a blessing, especially for those who don’t know God the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ! Right now, we are nearing the End of 2016.

People have been coming to Jesus Christ by the Millions all around the globe. This is a sure sign time is short, for those same people, their Names are now Written in the Lamb’s Book of Life! This means they can enter Heaven, when they die or are taken at the Rapture! However, there will come a time when the Age of Grace will End and the enemy of Father God will rule instead! This is Why We Need Jesus!!

The proof is in the pudding, the correlation with the Age of Grace and the Lifting of The Veil is this, both will take place at the same time!! Are you Ready to meet Jesus? You need to be and the Time is Now!! Please get your heart ready, "Time" is short! Are You That Last Gentile? Don't Wait Any Longer!!

Is There a Surprise Looming on the Horizon?!?

The Worldwide Warnings From the Lord God, Fires and Floods!!

Jehovah Has Been Warning mankind for a While Now!!
Jehovah Has Been Warning mankind for a While Now!! | Source

What are the “Signs” of the Incoming Rapture!?

From 2014 to the present, Jehovah has been warning us and trying to get our attention. He has been using Fires and Floods to get mankind to wake up and Know What Time It Is!! And I don’t Mean “Hump Day” either. As of recent, 2016 that is, the Fires and Floods have been extreme and are occurring all over the World. Flooding's from China, Texas, France, Africa, West Virginia, you name it. The Fires in Canada, California, Malaysia, Parts of Africa and South America; What do these have in common, besides being warnings from Jehovah? Many of these are in the same countries where both Floods and Fires are occurring. They may not be in the same exact area but in the same regions, nonetheless, this is interesting or maybe puzzling for some.

In any case, Father God has been trying to get our attention, are you listening, are you paying attention? Can You See the "Signs" of the Times? Are you ready to meet Jesus, one way or another?

Are You Ready For What Is Coming!?!

The Days of Biblical Prophecy!!
The Days of Biblical Prophecy!! | Source

The End of the Age of Grace!!!!

The Rapture of the Bride of Christ is the end of the Age of Grace, the end of the Church Age and the end of the Age of the Gentiles. This one Event will be the end of the Age and yes, We Are Indeed the "Final" Generation!!” There are no More Signs of things which need to take place before the Rapture of the Bride. Meaning, everything we are watching unfold around us is a bonus, from the Brexit, to the Earthquakes in Yellowstone, the Current UN decisions, Israel and the decision their Prime Minister is making, to Russia and Turkey’s interactions and so many others.

The Bride, the ones who are ready to meet Jesus are watching current world events with great wonder. For “We” know Our Lord is about to Appear and will do so Very Soon!! How Much Time Is Left to Prepare? What happens after the Rapture of the Bride, is it the End of the World? No, The Tribulation Period is About to Begin and the Lifting of The Veil will have taken place!!

The "World" Will Love the antichrist!?!

Unleash The Four Horsemen!!!!!

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse!!!
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse!!! | Source

The Beginning of the Tribulation Period!?!

The Tribulation Period will be the end of the Grace and Mercy of God and we will have to deal with a world without His Presence. Not to say Father God will not be aware of what’s going on. At present, the Holy Spirit is what's restraining the devil, the demons or the fallen, the antichrist and the false prophet. Once this restraint is lifted, which is at the Rapture of the Bride. The devil, demons (the Fallen Angels), the antichrist and the false prophet will run this world as they see fit!! Darkness will befall the Entire Earth, for the devil (Lucifer, Satan) will be the antichrist and will be in full control; he will deceive people into thinking he is Christ. Not mention many people may even ask themselves, Could This World Have Been Preparing Humanity For The Tribulation Period This Whole Time, during this fast approaching timeframe in Human History!!!

We are not very far from this time period, the End of the Age of Grace and the Beginning of The Tribulation Period. Reference The Tribulation Period is About to Begin. Be prepared today, and you can be counted “Worthy” to escape the End of the Age of Grace, through God the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ!

The World After the Rapture of the Bride? The Earth During the Tribulation Period!

Red is the Color of Rebellion!!
Red is the Color of Rebellion!! | Source

Above All, We Are the Generation Who Gets to Witness…

"We" Are Indeed the Final Generation, There is No More Doubt!! We are literally about to walk into Eternity, prepared for one of Two Destinations!! Where Will You Call Home, You Really Need to Know!?! In either case, whether you made your bed with Lucifer, Satan, the devil or you chose Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life. Either Hell will be your home by choosing to live by default and never come to Jesus. Or you chose God the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, where by Him we have been Pulled Out of the Fire! When you die or are Raptured, you will spend Eternity with Jesus Christ and Dwell in Heaven with God the Father!

Whichever is the case, “We” this current Generation, will witness all which is about to occur. What an exciting time in which we are living in! Jesus will soon be seen in the Clouds; those Who Are Ready to Meet Him will go With Him!! Hallelujah!!!

The Christians who are still sleep now and are Lukewarm with their Love for Jesus, half on things of God and half on things of this world. Also those, whose love for Jesus is waxed cold, have turned their backs on God. These are the Christian who will go through The Tribulation Period Which is About to Begin!

What... The New World Order!?!?

The "Sign" for the Lukewarm and the Cold Christians to Wake Up!

Seeing is Too Late, Start Believing Today and Be Caught Up!!
Seeing is Too Late, Start Believing Today and Be Caught Up!! | Source

What Caused these Believers to Wake Up and Live for Jesus!?

The event which woke up the now sleeping Believers and the ones who turned their backs to Jesus Christ, is the Fast Approaching Rapture of the Bride! They saw God the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ in the Clouds with their own eyes, along with the disappearance of the people who were ready and prepared for the Lord Jesus, going on all around them. One second the Bride is here, the next we’re not!

Because the Lukewarm and the Cold Believers witness the Rapture, and realize the Lord Jesus, Father God and Heaven are Real. During The Tribulation Period, they refuse to deny the name of Jesus, refuse to worship the antichrist and disregard his mark as well. For they know, it is better to die for God the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, than to remain like the World in The Tribulation Period. What awoke was their Faith in Jesus because they saw Him.

Faith In Action!

God the Son, Jesus Christ is the Reason!
God the Son, Jesus Christ is the Reason! | Source

Having Faith During the Age of Grace!

Why is Faith So Important? To meet Jesus at present, we need Faith to believe He is Real and as we grow closer to Him. Jesus does make His Presence known to us, which confirms our Faith in Jesus during the Age of Grace. The Bride or those who are ready to meet Jesus now, at present, "We" Walk By Faith, Not By Sight. We don’t need a “Sign” by sight to know He is Real. We Know simply because we Believe, which is Faith in those thing which are unseen (Jesus)!! Right now, you can come to Jesus and acknowledge Him in Faith! Confess with Your Mouth “Jesus is Lord” and Believe in Your Heart, that Jehovah God Raised Jesus from the Dead and You Will Be Saved by Grace!!

Won’t you Come, Jesus is Waiting, He Wants to Write Your Name in the Lamb’s Book of Life! This means you now Have the Right to Enter into the Kingdom of Heaven by Grace and Faith in what the Lord Jesus did for You at the Cross!

Come to Know Jehovah God, He Is Love!!

You Do Actually Have a Choice! Which One Will You Make?

In Addition to Having the Power to Change Your Own Eternal Destination!!
In Addition to Having the Power to Change Your Own Eternal Destination!! | Source

The Choice is Freely Yours to Make.

God the Son, Jesus Christ will not force anyone to come to Him, even though this is His Will and the Will of Father God Jehovah. The plan of Salvation is for Not One to Perish, which means no one should end up in Hell!! This is the default path if you never come to or acknowledge the free gift of Salvation. Jesus is the “Only” Way to come to Father God Jehovah, there is no other way, person or entity by which people can be redeemed.

Make the Best Choice of Your Eternity and Choose Life, while Grace still Abounds!!

Let's do this together:

"Father, I know my sins have separated me from you. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life towards you. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. I believe that your son, Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead, is alive, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Please send your Holy Spirit to help me obey You, and to do Your will for the rest of my life. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen."

The Age of Father God's Grace Will Not Last Forever!

Choose Jesus Today, While Grace Still Abounds!
Choose Jesus Today, While Grace Still Abounds! | Source

We Are About to Witness the End of The Age!!! What Do You Think?

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