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Has Man Outlived God's Plan?

Updated on February 22, 2012

Adam and Eve

For What Purpose?
For What Purpose? | Source


It is said that God created everything on Earth.

All things on Earth whether it is plant, insect or animal fit uniquely into its own ecosystem and become part of that ecosystem, except for man.

Each ecosystem comprises plants and animals that have evolved in such a way as to ensure the survival of the whole system.

Man however, lives across many of these ecosystems and is not intrinsically attached to any. In fact man often breaks up these unique self supporting systems.


Lost Ecosystems
Lost Ecosystems | Source


At first man was a hunter gatherer and would have been a part of the original ecosystem within the area where he lived. He would have hunted and been hunted. He would have reaped from nature without sowing, but that all changed.

Man began to breed animals for his own food and also began to plant crops. These were both in fairly small groups widely separated and so still had little effect on the rest of the ecosystem.

Then though came technology and with this came change.

Man began to congregate in the same place. These towns had devastating effects on the fragile ecosystem of the area. Man started to grow crops in large tracts across the lands, again to devastating effects.


Inevitable? | Source


Today we have the capability to irrigate the deserts, yet we continue to create more desertification of areas.

Today we have the capability to plant trees, yet we continue to create deforestation.

Today we have the capability to clean up our rivers and oceans, yet we continue to pollute them.

Is it really conceivable, that considering the millions of years that it took to build these self sustaining systems, that man was put on this Earth to destroy them?

Is it not more conceivable that man was put on this Earth as a hunter, gatherer to enhance and become part of these systems?

Is it possible that God gave man his intellect, in order that he may recognize the importance of self sufficient ecosystems and thereby use his advanced intellect to help protect the systems?

Would God be pleased with what man has become?

Is it possible that God foresaw this outcome and so that is why he blessed some people with the prophecies of an Armageddon, an eventual extermination of mankind in order to save the rest of the planet, with its interwoven evolution for self sufficiency?

When will we learn that just because we can do something, doesn’t mean that we have to do it?

When will we unselfishly realize that our God given intellect perhaps was not given to us for our own personal egomaniacal gratification but for the protection of the whole planet?

Have our own advances in technology brought us into conflict with God’s original plan?

Is it already too late for man to change and avoid his own inevitable demise?


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    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago from UK and Mexico

      Good luck with trying to fit a Supreme Being into the chaos and random behaviour of the universe.

      Face it, there is no REASON for it all, it just is. Because our tiny affairs on earth always have a beginning and end and some sort of reason, we expect the universe to have the same strictures. It doesn't. It obeys "Star Law," if you like, the vast destruction and reforming of stars and any life that becomes incidental to the gradual entropy of the whole.

      One day on a time scale too huge to perceive, the universe and all the matter will finally be still; man will be long forgotten by then: meanwhile we're all subject to nature at its cataclysmic best.