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Homo Sapiens Revisited

Updated on November 19, 2011


Ancient alien theorists believe that during the time of our ancient ancestors, our planet was visited by aliens.

They base this belief on several factors.

Firstly, there are drawings that have been discovered depicting what they say resemble spacecraft, airplanes, submarines and other advanced forms of transportation.

Drawings have also been found of what appears to be humanoids in spacesuits and some of the people flying or coming out of the sea, even some appearing God like.

Also they speak of perhaps advanced technology needed in order to build ancient monuments such as pyramids.

These theorists believe that alien visitors are the logical solution.

Hairy Apes



Of 173 known species of ape on our planet, 172 have bodies covered in hair. The only exception is the self named homo sapiens.

People say that this is due to humans having technology and the ability to make clothes. However, as far as we can tell, our oldest ancestors did not have a body covered in hair either nor were they particular proficient in tailored products, so in order for evolution to have created this lack of hair, mankind must be millions upon millions of years older than we think and long, long ago had these abilities.

Is it possible that humans advance to a certain point in technology and then all but wipe themselves out before starting over again?




The reason we think we recognize the things in these ancient drawings, is because we now have them again.

Ancient writings also tell of the ancestors witnessing awesome weapons, the descriptions of these weapons are remarkably similar to those of nuclear or laser devices.

Today, it is speculated that in the event of a global nuclear war, most of mankind would perish. It is estimated that the only survivors would perhaps be isolated communities in the Himalayas, the vast expanses of Australia, Siberia, Africa and the mountainous and jungle covered areas of South America.

What would these communities record in history?

They may not have knowledge of the advanced technologies in existence but they may well have seen most of them.

Has this happened in our past, perhaps time and time again?

Is the inevitable recurrence the Armageddon referred to in the bible?

Have ancient civilizations foretold of this?

Is the 2012 doomsday prediction of the Maya, really a sophisticated calculation of how long it would take mankind to re-establish its forgotten technology, capable of self destruction?

You may well ask: why have we not found any proof of this?

Where would we look?

If a global nuclear war was to take place, the first thing places to be totally annihilated would be the centers of technology, followed by all the major cities. All that we have found today are perhaps the low technologically isolated communities of the past.

Is it possible that the ancient drawings are not depicting aliens, only a civilization that is alien to them?


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    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago from UK and Mexico

      Interesting. All shaky science (we do and did have body hair and we continue to have such luxuriantly on exposed parts like head and beard). No concrete evidence of early aliens but quite possible...perhaps they thought the citizens were the dinosaurs and buzzed off quickly! Interesting points...Bob