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How To Spend Your Lonely Times Positively

Updated on January 19, 2012

Overcoming Loneliness

Loneliness is no doubt a devastating situation no human being wants to experience, and yet, we cannot escape from it as living beings. Are you lonely and bored, and maybe feeling that the whole world is against you? No, no…no, no one is against you, it is just part of our daily lives as human beings to be lonely at certain periods in our lives. What matters is how you spend your lonely times; do you allow your loneliness to overwhelm you, and hence lead you into negative behaviors? Then you haven’t gotten it right because loneliness can be converted to creativity, please read on…

No living human being can run away from loneliness, but not all human beings allow their loneliness to turn to disaster. Loneliness has been my best friend as well as my closest neighbor, starting from my childhood I have been a loner. Contrary, my lonely times has proven to be my most creative moments in life, both in writing solid short stories, thinking positively and in meditation. Remember, if you are a living person, and you do not at any time withdraw yourself from the activities of everyday life to stay alone and meditate on life, you may end getting overwhelmed with life challenges. After a day’s activities, it is advisable for you to make out time for personal meditation and brainstorming. This will not only help you to deal with issues of life, but it will also help you to think creatively and most times come up with new excellent ideas.

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How to Spend Your Lonely Moments

Loneliness is not a problem, but how you spend it is the problem, that is number one fact. Firstly, if you want to spend your lonely times constructively, you must strive to avoid being overwhelmed with being lonely. See your loneliness as a period of personal retreat and meditation. See it as a moment of personal brainstorming to unveil new solutions to global problems. Remember, history has it that the most creative people and inventors that invented almost all of the things you and I are enjoying today- from the cars, airplanes, electricity, telephones, internet, etc, etc, were lonely people who utilized their loneliness positively.

Secondly, you must gladly accept loneliness as a vital aspect of human life, and also incorporate it into your life timetable; like this, you wouldn’t be overwhelmed with loneliness whenever it comes knocking on your door.

Thirdly, focus on personal development whenever you are lonely. What do I mean by this? All I am trying to say is that whenever you are lonely, you should focus on the things you can create at that moment, instead of focusing on why you are lonely. Focusing on why you are lonely will only weigh your thinking spirit down and hence, deter your creative instinct from functioning well.

Lonely people have been known to be great poets, so what stops you from challenging your creative instincts towards crafting heartwarming poems? What stops you from writing a story or an article on how others can spend their lonely times creatively? What stops you from using that period to finish up a new novel or inspirational book to add to your existing knowledge? What stops you from using that lonely period to brainstorm on certain global problems and how to proffer a solution to them? What stops you from using that period to render a free social service to your community or maybe develop a new idea entirely?

Personally, whenever I am lonely, I see it as an extra time for me to achieve extra things that I was unable to achieve at my busy times. In order words, whenever I am lonely, I write; short stories, articles, poem, songs or even start a new novel manuscript. And that’s why I have more than ten different unpublished novel manuscripts, and I don’t care if they are published or not because I know some of them will be published someday somehow. Besides writing, I read a lot whenever I am lonely, especially constructive books like Bible, novels, inspirational books, journals, and thank God for the internet that made it easy for me to read different things written by different people from all works of life. Honestly, anyone crying because of loneliness nowadays is only mocking himself because there are a lot of things present in our world today to engage one positively during loneliness than in the past.

Sadly, I do hear that some persons took their own life because they were tired of being lonely, that’s absolutely insane for one in his right senses to do, ask me why? Because there are a lot of things that person ought to have engaged himself with. Okay, okay, let’s assume the person isn’t interested in all of the things I mentioned above, he or she still has several other options to engage himself positively and to engage in suicide. Take for instance the different kinds of games we have today, both the ones one can play alone and the ones that requires multi players. That aside, we also have varied forms of sporting activities in the world today, aside other forms of leisure that anyone can afford, why suicide? Don’t you know that suicide on its own is a big taboo and shame? Thinking of it alone should make one ashamed of himself to talk of carrying it out in the first place. I am not trying to be harsh, personal or selfish, but for Christ’s sake, why must one take his or her own life, why? What about the pain of knowing that you are going to die and never to exist again? What about the physical pain? What about the people you would cause even more pains for taking your own life? Don’t you know that so many people care about you even though you might not know?

To you, you might think that you’re a parasite, a nuisance, a nobody (or whatever you may think of) to your family, friends, colleagues, mates, etc, but I tell you today that you are not! If you are well convinced that no one cares about you, then the entire population of dedicated Christians care so much about you, we do! I personally care about you okay? It might be that the distance is separating us for now, but honestly, I care so much about you and can’t stand to hear that you are dead. So please and please don’t ever think of taking your own life again, I beg of you please. Whenever you feel this way, go down on your kneels and talk to God, God truly exist don’t mind the fools deceiving themselves that there’s no God. God sees your pains, and He is compelled to help you out okay? Better still, if you are a Christian, a pagan, atheist, Muslim, Buddhist, etc and you feel this pressure of taking your own life, please walk into any Church that is nearest to you and ask for the priest, pastor or man of God. I am assuring you that you will never regret going there. Meanwhile, I shall be leaving you for now till we meet again in the next edition of ‘spending your loneliness constructively,’ good luck and be happy always!

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    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from L Island

      Where does your uncle live? Does your uncle live far away? Is he old or young? Isn't he on social media like: facebook, plus, etc? Communication shouldn't be a problem nowadays that we now have numerous channels of communicating with people irrespective of where they are. Answer my questions and let me know what next to do. Thanks for stopping by

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      i am single lonely and spending my time on internet and finding the job search but i need your help in my free time i always think of my uncle and i am eager to talk with him but i am afraid of my aunt and some time i cant communicate with him in a nice manners so please help me in these process that how can i go closer to my uncle as soon as possible

    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from L Island

      @Eliminate Cancer, glad you found the hub useful...and thanks for stopping by to read and to add a wonderful word of wisdom for other readers to learn from....thanks.

    • Eliminate Cancer profile image

      Eliminate Cancer 

      6 years ago from Massachusetts

      Loved your Hub, I know it will be helpful to many people. That said, I have ALWAYS loved my time alone. Yes, there's a weird period of transition. A period where bottled up emotions I had been carrying finally get released, and I do need that time to shift. But once I get to the other side, I truly love my time, when I can explore and dream and do anything... of course, sometimes that's cleaning the kitchen, but there is no better freedom. Everyone should embrace their time alone in this hectic world where we are subject to the whims of everyone else... it's ME time :)


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