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How To Study Better And Get Good Grades

Updated on October 22, 2011

In today’s world of tough competition every one needs to work hard to his limits in order to survive. It is extremely important for students at most to perform best in their schools and colleges in order to get better results and grades to get admission into better colleges and universities. My advices here are for more of these young students of schools and colleges because those who reach the university level by then have well learnt the way to study.

There is no perfect plan or strategy or tool that one can have to get better grades or to study better. All you need to do is to work out a little on your routine. Change a few of your habits that may be hurting or harming your studies. You can not be successful by just learning things. You actually need to study effectively in order to actually achieve your target of studying better.

You need to do some efforts and work over the advices that I will give you right here in order to get good class performance analysis as well as grades.

Be Prepared Prior To Class

If you want to appear as a bright student in your class and want to beat your class mates, first thing you need to do is that prepare yourself in prior to class for the topic.

Whatever topic is planned for the coming up class, read about it be a little prepared so that you may be able to answer any of the teacher’s question and appear as a brighter and hard working student.

If you would have studied the topic in prior you will feel comfortable and confident while answering to the questions. While prior preparation will also make you give your opinions confidently in class and this class performance will bring a great change in your results.

Take Notes

Make this habit like your nature that you have to take class notes. Good class notes plays vital role in success of any student.

Teachers often use there lectures while making papers and when you are going to narrate anything, told by your teacher in class, in your paper this is going to make your teacher feel that you concentrate well on lectures.

Don’t try to write everything word to word. Jot down all important things in form of points, so that when you sit to study for your tests, you are well aware that how to prepare for it.

Do Home Work Quickly

Do not wait for yourself to reach home do other things and then sit to do your home work. It is best for you to do your home work as soon as possible or as soon as you get time. That time can be any free time at school too even.

The sooner you are going to do your home work after attending your class; you will have more fresh data on your mind and would be able to do it at your best. This will allow you to complete your work in less time too as you wont need to spend time in thinking and reminding whatever your teacher explained you in class.

When you will be done with your home work earlier you would have spare time in afternoons and so you can spend that in any other activity that you like. Or you may also spend that time in preparing for any upcoming big project or assignment. This will be of great help for you when the submission date would be near as you won’t need to panic and work in hurry with less perfection.

Study Groups

Try to find out other students like you in class who wants to study better. If you people form a group and try to study together helping each other, you will be able to get each and everything done in the class even that which you have missed.

This will allow all of you to share your ideas, information and knowledge about whatever topic you are discussing. This will provide a broader vision for everything to each of you. You will benefit from the help of each other. This works most when your exams or tests are coming up. In this way you easily revise everything that has been done throughout the course period.

You can succeed well by adopting just these little things. All you need to do is that just keep your studies as your first priority. Take advantage of all the resources surely that are available to you every where around either at school or by accessing any library. Just work a little, make a schedule for yourself, make studies your top priorities and I guarantee you that no one can beat you.

Good luck!

How To Get Good Grades


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    • profile image

      Cristi - 

      7 years ago

      I have to say those are some really good study tips, thanks for the help.

      But I also think you've missed something important, and that's called ... distractions.

      You need to keep that in mind in order to study hard, you need to turn of the cell phone, sing out facebook and what not.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      It's a cliched sort of hub but good job anyway


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