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KINDERGARTEN TUTORIAL LESSONS: Different Fun Activities for Letter Gg

Updated on March 4, 2016
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I am a certified teacher and had been teaching for more than 30 years. I also write fiction and non-fiction stories.

Guide When Teaching Letters of the Alphabet:

1. Sing or recite the alphabet every day.

2. Emphasize the sound of each letter.

3. Always review the past lessons.

4. Let each child recite the letters.

5. Give lots of activities.

6. Vary activities to avoid boredom.

7. Use games, arts and crafts to make the lesson more fun and interesting.

8. Allow each child to participate in class activities.

Fun Activities for Gg:

Before teaching the next letter to the kids; review the past lessons A, E, I, O, U, M and F.

  1. Let the children recite all the letters in group.
  2. Let each child recite the letter for enhancement.
  3. Say the sound of the letters with the kids. It is important to accompany recitation with hand action.

Letting everybody participate in class recitation will help the children memorize the letters easier. It is therefore important to always review the letters every day before presenting any new lesson. Teaching the young kids is a repeat process. You do things all the time so that the kids will have better assimilation of the lessons.

Introduce the sound of Gg:

You can now introduce the new letter which is letter G. Let the children say the letter first then demonstrate how G is pronounced. It is important that the kids will try themselves and feel the vibration made when you say G. This activity will further teach the kids how G is sounded and pronounced.

When G is sounded, the next activity is to show the children some objects that begin with letter Gg.

Here is a list of things that begin with Gg

  1. gate – a picture may be used for this
  2. gold
  3. gum
  4. goose
  5. gift
  6. grapes
  7. garden
  8. graduation
  9. groom
  10. grow- you can use picture of a plant growing
  11. gun
  12. gazelle
  13. gosling
  14. group
  15. grass
  16. guava

Limit the objects that you present to the kids to have more time for the other activities and at the same time avoid boredom among the kids.

In addition to the objects, you can also mention names that begin with G, especially if there are pupils with names that begin with G. The kids will enjoy listening to their names being mentioned.

Play Acting

Playacting can also be done with a short story. Here’s an example: Pick two girls from the class. Make a name tag with a name that you choose. It must begin with letter G. In my example the name of the girl is Glenda and the name of grandmother is Guada so you write Glenda in one name tag and write Grandma Guada in another name tag. You have to have a gift prepared and wrapped. Let Glenda sit on a chair. She will act as the birthday celebrant while the other girl who is the grandmother will stay in a corner until you tell the story and she will go and knock.

Now, you can tell the story to the kids.

Start by saying, “Today children, I have a short story to tell you. It is about a girl named Glenda who is going to have a birthday party. Glenda is wishing for her Grandmother Guada to come and give her a nice gift. She wanted to have a toy giraffe but her mother cannot buy the toy. So she thought of her Grandmother Guada who was always nice to her.”

Tell the girl acting as Grandmother Guada to go and knock on the board. Continue the story. “Glenda suddenly heard a knock on the door.”

Tell Glenda to act like she is opening the door. Continue the story again. “When she opened the door, who would she see but Grandmother Guada. Her Fairy Godmother heard her prayer. Glenda looked at Grandmother Guada and saw the box she was carrying. It was a big gift. Grandmother Guada said, “Glenda my dear, I have come to give you my gift.”

Tell Grandmother Guada to give the gift to Glenda.

Glenda’s eyes widened. She said, “Thank you Grandmother.” When Glenda opened her gift, what can she see but a big toy Giraffe smiling at her. Glenda is very happy. She gave Grandmother Guada a big hug and a kiss.”

After the story, you can clap your hands and praise those who took part in the acting. Then you can proceed to ask the kids a few questions.

Suggested questions:

  1. Who has a birthday?
  2. Who gave Glenda a gift?
  3. What was the gift?
  4. Was Glenda happy?

Eating Time

Get a big guava fruit and show it to the kids. Ask them if they have seen a guava fruit. You can also ask if they like to eat guava. You can tell the kids that guava is a fruit and therefore it is a healthy food. Slice the fruit into small pieces then let each kid have a taste of the fruit.

This is a great activity since you are not only teaching the kids about G for guava but you are also teaching the kids to eat healthy food.

More Activities for Gg:

The younger kids can trace letter G and color some objects that begin with letter G. Simple projects are also recommended for younger kids.

The older kids can do some activities that are more advance and complicated such as writing letter Gg. Older kids can write both the lowercase and uppercase letters.

The Syllables:

Before introducing the new lesson about syllables, always let the kids read the past lessons that you have already taken. It is important to make reading the syllables a daily routine, this way the children will be able to recognize the syllables better.

When the kids have read the syllables already you can now introduce ga, ge, gi, go, gu. Make sure that the kids are not only memorizing how to recite the syllables. It is important to test the kids by letting them read the syllables in random.

Copying the syllable will enhance reading skills too so it is important to let the older kids copy the syllables. This activity will help them be able to recognize the syllables too.

More Activities to do with the kids:

To make learning more effective more activities must be provided to the kids. There are various ways to do these, one is by letting the kids copy on the board. But copying would take too long and the kids will have a hard time copying pictures and syllables. So the best thing to do is give them worksheets instead.

  • Writing the beginning syllable on the blank

The pictures are provided and the kids will write the beginning syllable for each picture.

  • Box the correct beginning syllable of the picture

The picture is provided and the kids will choose the correct beginning syllable of the picture and box it.

  • Color the picture that goes with the given syllable

The children will color the picture that begins with the given syllable.

  • Matching the same syllables
  • Matching pictures with the correct beginning syllable

Here are some worksheet instructions that you can use for letter Gg.

  1. Trace the correct beginning letter.
  2. Trace letter G
  3. Color the pictures that begin with G
  4. Put a ring around the correct beginning letter
  5. Box the correct beginning letter of the picture
  6. Color the picture that goes with the beginning letter.
  7. Write letter Gg in the blank
  8. Copy letter Gg
  9. Copy the syllables
  10. Write the beginning syllable of the picture
  11. Encircle the picture that go with the syllable

Young children need a lot of fun activities in order to learn better.

© 2013 Felisa Daskeo


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