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KINDERGARTEN TUTORIAL LESSONS (Letter Pp): Activities for Young Kids

Updated on March 10, 2015
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I am a certified teacher and had been teaching for more than 30 years. My hubs sum up all my knowledge about education. See you around.

P for Puppet:

Teaching the letters of the alphabet to young kids requires different activities for the children to do. The teacher also needs different teaching aids that will enhance learning.

If you teach the letters; you need flash cards, pictures, real objects, three dimensional objects, books, paper works, video and many more. If you use only one kind of teaching materials, the kids will get tired looking at those teaching materials. Little kids need new things around them from time to time that is why there is a bulletin board where you can post pictures and other visual aids. There are also flip charts, picture charts and others.

If you are teaching letter Pp which is the lesson for today; don’t forget to use a puppet for a change. It is always wise for the teacher to think of ideas that will not only teach the kids more effectively but also keep the children motivated to participate in class activities.

Maximize on the things that make your teaching more effective so that learning will be enhanced.

Of course, the first thing that you do every day is review the past lessons. But unlike in the previous review, the class this time is already very active when reciting the letters of the alphabet and you will find the kids actively participating in the class recitation.

Activities for letter Pp:

Puppet Show;

Puppet show is an enjoyable experience especially to young kids who love everything fun and funny. This is an activity that will pep up the kids and keep them interested in the class activities.

When doing your puppet show, be sure to keep it interesting for the kids so that they will listen to you to the end. It is also advisable to change the tone of your voice according to what you are portraying. If your puppet is a lion then you can make your voice big and low. If your puppet is a bird then you can make your voice small and high. Or you can use both as you talk.

Here's something you can use for your puppet show:

First wear the puppet on your hand. Wear the dog puppet on one hand and the pig puppet on the other hand. Talk and move your puppet as you tell the story to make the puppet show more fun for the kids. Your voice should change as piggy and puppy.

The Piggy and the Puppy

After the puppet show, ask the kids about the puppet story. If they understood what you just presented to them they will be able to answer some questions. Otherwise, just ask them questions then lead them to understand the puppet show. It is important that the kids understand whatever activities you are doing.

The puppet show will not only entertain the kids and let them have fun. They will also learn words that begin with letter Pp, so try to emphasize on those aspects.

More Activities for the Kids:

For younger kids:

  • Tracing letter P
  • Coloring pictures that begin with P
  • Matching the same letters
  • Matching beginning letter to the picture

For older kids:

  • Writing letter Pp in the blank
  • Coloring pictures that begin with Pp
  • Matching pictures to the beginning letter
  • Matching beginning letter to the picture

There are many activities that you can use to enhance learning letter Pp. Do not depend on the book you are using or your lesson plan. Make some changes if you can to make teaching more effective for the young kids.


Review all the past syllables you have taken:

ma me mi mo mu

fa fe fi fo fu

ga ge gi go gu

sa se si so su

da de di do du

Introduce pa pe pi po pu and let the kids copy the syllables. It is important to let the kids read the syllables in group and individually before the other activities. I’m sure some kids already know how to read the syllables even without looking and some can even write the syllables on their own if you dictate the syllables to them. But don’t be in a hurry, all the kids will soon learn to read the syllables and you can teach them to read three letter words.

For now, just concentrate in letting the kids learn how to read the syllables and it is important to find out if they are really reading or they are just imitating the others.

Give the kids more activities and exercises for enhancement. The more paper works you give the kids, the better they will learn.


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