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KINDERGARTEN TUTORIAL LESSONS (Letter Tt): Fun Activities for the Kids

Updated on March 4, 2016
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I am a certified teacher and had been teaching for more than 30 years. I also write fiction and non-fiction stories.

Fun Activities for Letter Tt:

This is the 10th article about the letters of the alphabet that I wrote and I am hoping that it has helped you with some alphabet teaching ideas. There are no correct and wrong ways of teaching the letters of the alphabet. Just follow your lesson plan to organize the activities.

Letter Tt is the next letter that I am going to discuss. After 5 vowels and 4 consonants in a row, the lesson is now becoming easier for the kids to understand and they are getting more used to various types of activities. This is good because the kids are not anymore in the dark when it comes to the letters of the alphabet and the activities that go with each letter.

Before starting with the new letter, review the past lessons. First, let the kids recite all the past lessons. Pay attention to the kids who do not know yet the letters that you have already taken so that you will make some adjustments.

Singing and reciting poems is very good for the kids:

Introduce Letter Tt:

After the review lesson, you can now introduce letter Tt. This is of course with the use of a flash card. Say also the sound of Tt which is done by biting your tongue and saying tuh, tuh, tuh. It is important for the kids to follow how you sound of the letter.

Show some real objects to the kids, pictures or three dimensional objects. It depends on the availability of the objects. What is important is that the kids are able to see the real objects.

Here is a list of things that begin with letter Tt:

  • tomato
  • tong
  • thimble
  • toaster
  • tag
  • tassel
  • tambourine
  • thorn
  • top
  • telephone
  • television
  • tub
  • toes
  • tail
  • thunder
  • tack
  • t-shirt
  • taxi
  • ticket
  • tree
  • trash

Mention names of kids that begin with T and tell the kids also that the word teacher begins with letter T. You can ask the kids if they know other things that begin with T. Class participation is very important. Make sure that each child is participating when you are discussing something. Give each child also a chance to recite. Very shy children often do not want to talk even if they know the answer. Encourage them and praise them if they have answered or done something no matter how small the task is.

More Activities for Kids:

Poems or Rhymes:

You can recite short poems or rhymes, with words beginning with T, with the kids. This activity will help the kids recognize words beginning with T, plus they will get used to the beginning sound. If you recite the poem every day for 5 school days; the kids will better understand about letter T.

Here’s an example:

by: Felisa Daskeo
by: Felisa Daskeo

After reciting the poem; you can now let the children tell the words that begin with T, in the poem. Kids’ participation is very important in this activity. The kids must understand your purpose in letting them recite the poem.

The Syllables:

Let the kids read the syllables:

  • ma me mi mo mu
  • fa fe fi fo fu
  • ga ge gi go gu
  • sa se si so su

The kids should read the syllables one by one so that they will all learn how to read. Group reading is fine but some kids are just following the others. As much as possible give each child a time to read the syllables on their own because that is how they are going to really learn how to read.

Introduce the t syllables:

You can now introduce the next lesson which is ta the ti to tu. Guide the kids to read the syllables correctly. They must pronounce the syllables properly so that when you decide to give dictation to the kids; they will know how to recognize each syllable.

After introducing the syllables; let the kids copy.

Provide more activities:

Give more exercises and activities about ta the ti to tu. You can provide the worksheets or let the kids copy the blackboard then they will provide the answer. Whatever is convenient for the kids and if they are able to tackle the task it is up for you to gauge their abilities and apply what is best. Teaching is adapting to the best method that fits the needs of the kids for better learning results.

Teaching the syllables to the kids is very important. Once the kids know their syllables; it is easier for them to follow the next lessons in reading. The basic reading skills are crucial and the teacher should provide the kids with these necessary skills.

Here are easy to follow tips when teaching syllables to kids.

  • Provide teaching aids that will keep the kids busy; like flash cards of syllables in flip charts that you can let kids read every day.
  • Keep your room organized and well equipped with reading materials that the kids can see and read even while they are playing.
  • Let the kids copy the syllables every day so that they will memorize the syllables easier.
  • Give more exercises to train them to write and read.
  • Keep encouraging the kids to read more.

© 2013 Felisa Daskeo


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