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Law of Average

Updated on April 14, 2016

We are all different in our unique ways. We have different interests, aspirations, and ways of looking at the same world. We all strive to find our own path through a maze that is life. Yet, as a whole, there are common characteristics that most of us share and lead to an uneventful life of having a normal family, routine job, and familiar social gathering. They are the results of Nature’s Law of Average to ensure the survival of us, the human species.


It is a measure of a person’s ability to cope and react to the changing environment. A test called the IQ test has been designed to give a score of the person’s intelligence. The IQ test is normally taken at a person’s young age when this innate power has not been tampered by nurture. Since the design of the test in early 1900s, it is found that 90% of the population on Earth has a score close to 100. The number of distribution can best be demonstrated by the famous bell-shaped curve. About 10% of the population has abnormally high or low intelligence. This 10% exerts more changes and influences than the rest of the 90%.

This 10% includes the highly intelligent as well as the mentally challenged individuals. The highly intelligent people like Newton, Darwin, Einstein, Edison, etc., expanded our understandings of life as well as improved our living conditions. The mentally challenged people make us appreciate what we have and bring out the kindness in us to look after their disadvantages and tolerate our differences. If the intelligence distribution is slightly different, Nature may not be able to sustain the quick-paced changes brought on by us and life on Earth will grind to a halt and cease to exist.


Human species needs a male and female to reproduce to satisfy the basic criterion of survival. Our genes make sure that the human population is evenly divided between the numbers of male and female. If one is outnumbered, over time, the other will become dominant and the human species will self-terminate. However, it has also been known that about 90% of the population on Earth has a clear sexual orientation. About 10% of the population has abnormally high or ambiguous sexuality. The highly sexual people like the fictitious James Bond or the idolized Marilyn Monroe attract a large number of the opposite sex and could produce off-springs with limited gene pools to fight off diseases and environmental changes. The ambiguous sexual people like the homosexuals attract only members of the same sex and could produce no off-spring. So, if the sexuality distribution is slightly different, human species will breed itself out of extinction one day.

On a separate perspective, most people admire and dream to be a highly sexual person while despise and wish not to be a homosexual. The hard reality is that none of us has a choice to what we are but we all have a choice to embrace, appreciate, and tolerate the difference.


We are a product of Nature and have inherited the animal instinct to fight for our survival even among ourselves at any cost. In our short time on Earth, there have been two world wars we waged against one another. The main reason that we have not annihilated ourselves is the conscience that is inside most of us. Conscience is a primal feeling as powerful as the sex drive or hunger. It kicks in when we did something wrong; things like cheating, telling a lie, taking advantage of the others, destroying innocent lives, etc. This feeling affects our daily life in a negative way till we try to undo the damage. Since there is no scientific method of measuring conscience, all we know is that majority of the population possesses this characteristic. However, there are people who do not either have or bother by the conscience and we can see the destructive damages this minority has inflicted upon our world.


Life began on Earth around 4.5 billion years ago. Despite earthquakes, ice ages, asteroids, etc., life marches on till the emergence of the human species. It can multiply, consumes energy, and alters environment like no other living things before. As time goes by, it begins to threaten the extinction of the lives of other species and even itself. To ensure that never happens, Nature implemented the Law of Average.


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