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Learning English Tenses Through Stories (Part 1)

Updated on October 11, 2017

Do you find that learning English tenses can be difficult and tedious? Perhaps you have memorized all the structures of each tense, but still find it difficult to recall what you need in conversation or writing. It's normal to forget English tenses: there are many English learners who have the same problem.

Learning English tenses through stories, however, can help you keep them in your mind forever. We learn to think by using connections: this is hard to do when studying charts or small sentences. But, when we learn to pick out English tenses from stories in paragraph form, we can make connections that will stick with us no matter what. Read the following stories several times, and you will be able to see the magic first hand. You will be able to learn the tenses subconsciously, without pouring over charts for hours. Are you ready to learn English tenses naturally? Then let's get started!

Simple Present Story 1

Tony lives on a farm. He rides horses every day. He likes riding horse, but he does not like doing chores. Tony does chores every day. He dislikes feeding the pigs most of all. Pigs are dirty, and Tony thinks they smell. Tony's sister Raina never helps him. Raina is five. She plays in her room and doesn't do chores. Tony thinks it is unfair. Tony finishes his chores quickly so that he can ride the horse every day. He rides with a saddle and bridle. He cleans the horse before he rides. He brushes its hair out and picks its hooves. He saddles the horse, and then he rides. He rides through the woods and he rides over hilly pastures. The horse eats grass, and drinks from the stream in the woods. Tony explores the woods. When he gets home, he sleeps because he is exhausted from his day. Tony loves living on a farm.

Simple Present Story 2

Alan rides his bike every day. He rides in the park. The park resides next to his house. Sometimes, his parents ride their bikes with him. Alan likes when his parents come along. They race around the park: Alan usually wins. Alan always wears his helmet when he rides. He knows that it is important because the helmet protects his head. Alan falls on his bike sometimes, but he gets back up and keeps going. He doesn't let falling stop him from having fun: he still enjoys riding his bike.

Simple Present Story 3

Karl loves his dog. He walks his dog every morning and every evening. When he walks his dog, he also plays with it. His dog plays fetch and loves to catch a Frisbee. Karl likes his dog more than other dogs. He feeds his dog every day. He gives it water too. Tony brushes his dog's hair and makes it feel loved. Sometimes he worries that his dog will run away. He ties it up with a leash on the walks so that it can't run. He lets it sleep next to him at night too. They keep each other warm.

Simple Present Story 4

Hannah likes having a brother. She plays with him every day, even though he is younger than she is. When she gets home from school, they play tag. Sometimes, they play a board game. They also watch tv. Hannah sometimes wishes she had more brothers and sisters. She loves the brother she has, and she knows she would love any more she had. Then her parents tell her that they are having another baby. She is a big sister again! She is excited to have another baby in the house.

Simple Present Story 5

William likes to play video games. He plays video games every night. He excels at playing Mario Kart. He lets other people play with him too. He knows that sharing is good, so he tries to share a lot. His favorite game to play is a football game. He wants to play football for real someday, but he is too little right now. He plays the football game against his brother and his dad. He usually wins, too. He loves winning, but he also knows that it's okay to lose. Either way, he enjoys it and has fun while he plays with his friends and his family.

Present Progressive Story 1

Emerson enjoys living in the city. He is found playing basketball with his friends after school every day. The court is small, and the basketball hoop is high. Emerson is always dreaming of playing in the NBA someday. He likes playing basketball, and he is good at it. Emerson is improving his basketball skills every day. Emerson doesn't like doing his homework. He is procrastinating and putting off his work. When he is done working on his homework, he will go play more basketball. Basketball is Emerson's favorite sport. He is thinking about it all the time.

Present Progressive Story 2

Emma is enjoying her ice cream. She is eating ice cream on her birthday. She is getting a lot of presents because it is her birthday. Her parents are showing her they love her by giving her presents. Emma is loving all the presents but knows that her parents love her even if she stops getting presents. Emma is never wondering if her parents love her because they are always reminding her. She is thinking of telling them that they don't need to get her presents because she knows they love her.

Present Progressive Story 3

Daniel is trying out soccer. He likes playing basketball, and he is good at playing football. Now he is attempting to get good at soccer. His parents keep telling him to work hard. But Daniel is thinking of quitting. His coach tells him not to quit and says that he should keep working at it. Daniel agrees and continues practicing. He keeps getting better every day and hopes one day to be playing professionally.

Present Progressive Story 4

Lucy is walking outside, and enjoying the beautiful weather. The sun is shining, and the rain is not falling down. Soon, she sees that the clouds are moving in. She starts wondering if it will rain. It is not long before she doesn't have to wonder anymore: it begins raining while she is walking. Running to her house, she gets out of the rain as fast as she can. She changes into dry clothes and decides to watch television while her wet clothes are drying.

Present Progressive Story 5

Kevin is looking for his favorite comic book. He is not able to find it. He is tired of his things getting lost, but he doesn't know how to make it stop. His mom suggests cleaning his room. Kevin doesn't like cleaning, but he admits that she has a point. He starts cleaning and finds the comic book. It is lying under a pair of pants.

Present Perfect Story 1

Jeremy has loved eating cake as long as he can remember. He has also loved eating candy. He has grown up being able to eat anything he wants to. Sometimes, he has even been allowed to eat cake and candy for breakfast. His friends have always been jealous of his life: they have wished many times to have parents who let them eat candy for breakfast. Jeremy has been sick only once in his life because of a stomach ache. When he was sick, he wished that he never ate the candy. But when he got better, he wanted to eat even more. He has watched how much candy he eats since then.

Present Perfect Story 2

Maria has never been to another country. She has been fascinated by other countries her entire life, but she has never traveled to any of them. She has seen movies about her favorite countries: France, Germany, and Switzerland. Her teacher has suggested that she should try and save up money to travel. She talked to her parents, and they figured they would take a family trip. They have now been saving up for the trip for a long time. They are planning on leaving tomorrow. Maria has been waiting for this moment, and now it is finally here.

Present Perfect Progressive Story 1

Sam has been talking about his new bike a lot. He likes to ride it all over the neighborhood. While he has been riding, he has also been craving ice cream. He loves ice cream. He has always loved eating ice cream. He has also been finding that his favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate. Sam has been testing out multiple flavors of ice cream. He liked vanilla, and strawberry, but when he has been eating chocolate he finds the most enjoyment. Sam hopes that he someday he can ride bike while eating ice cream so that he can do both of his favorite things at the same time.

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