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Learning English Tenses Through Stories (Part 3)

Updated on October 11, 2017

Simple Future Story 1

Amanda will be going into sixth grade next year. She is very excited about it, but also a little scared. She will be going to a brand new school building because sixth grade is in the junior high building. She is scared that she might not make any friends, but her mom says not to worry: she will make a lot of friends. Amanda hopes that her mom is right because she doesn't want to go to school without knowing anybody. She decided that she will just have to wait and see.

Simple Future Story 2

Jeremy is practicing very hard to be on the basketball team. His plan is that he will make the best team. He will practice every day for hours on end. When he makes the team, he will be very excited. Soon, tryouts will be held. He will have to show the coaches that he is a good player, but he knows that he can do it. He is looking forward to tryouts, where he will prove his skills on the basketball court.

Future Progressive Story 1

Sam will be entering high school soon. He knows that it will be very different than the school he is used to, but he is not afraid. He is ready to take on the hard classes and make new friends. He will be studying every night. He has to get good grades if he wants scholarships to the best colleges. He will be working hard, but in the end, it will all be worth it. He can see a bright future ahead of him.

Future Perfect Story 1

Jimmy is practicing his German because he is traveling to Germany in the fall. He will have mastered the language by the time his trip comes. He has been studying hard to learn for years, and now he is excited to try his new language skills out. He will have studied for a total of 1,000 hours by the time the trip comes. He knows that he will not be as good as native speakers, but that is okay. He will continue to learn by speaking to them in German. When he can converse with native speakers, it will make it all worth the effort.

Future Perfect Progressive Story 1

When the clock strikes three in the afternoon, Jenny will have been waiting for her test results for a total of 24 hours. She took her math test yesterday, and now she will find out the grade. The teacher will have been using the same test for five years, but Jenny doesn't care about that. She simply wants to know how well she did on the test. If she got a good grade, she will have been receiving straight A's for her entire school year. If she didn't do well, however, her straight A's will be ruined by a bad grade. She hopes that she did well so that she can keep her good grades going.

Future Perfect Progressive Story 2

Luke is on a trip with his family to Florida. He lives in Minnesota, and the trip has been very long. By the time they get to Florida, they will have been driving for over three days. The entire family was tired of driving, and they were glad to finally arrive at their destination. They went straight to the ocean to swim. After a long time had passed, Luke's mom told everyone to get out of the water because they had been swimming too long. She told them that in a few minutes, they will have been swimming for three and a half hours straight. They dried off and went to get ice cream, and Luke enjoyed the rest of the vacation.

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